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dr reiner fuellmich crimes against humanity

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is a world-renowned international trial lawyer with decades of experience in successfully suing large fraudulent corporations like Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank. His worldwide network of lawyers has interviewed more than two hundred experts from every field of science. They collected undeniable evidence that the covid pandemic is a planned criminal operation. 


Scientific evidence that covid is a crime

60 page report by the World Doctors Alliance and the Extra Parliamentary Corona Investigation Committee explains why there is no pandemic.  

Dr. David Martin, PhD, was featured in the most viewed documentary of all time: Plandemic.  Professor Martin compiled irrefutable evidence in the COVID-19 dossier, that the pandemic is nothing less than a terrorist attack on humanity. 

Dr. Peter R. Breggin, MD, outlines the scientific and legal evidence that COVID-19 is being used to implement medical totalitarianism.

This investigative report by French army officers exposes Covid as an assault on humanity.

COVID-19: pandemic. Profit. Fallout.
A 229 page report with research compiled by Harrison Publications to prove that the pandemic measures are an unjustified and illegal act against the people. 

Concerned Lawyers Network
The Australian Concerned Lawyers Network has released a zip file with a wealth of information about the crimes of the pandemic.  Also included are their open letters to the government.

Scientific studies about 5G

A highly censored, yet widely spread scientific study reveals how 5G radiation effectively causes coronaviruses to be created inside the human body.

5G relation to COVID-19
Expert Report on Fifth Generation (5G) Directed Energy Radiation Emissions in the Context of Nanometal-contaminated Vaccines that include Covid-19 with Graphite Ferrous Oxide Antennas

Bio Initiative Report
The Bio Initiative Report is an analysis prepared by 14 scientists, public health and public policy experts, of more than 2,000 available scientific studies that provide evidence of adverse health effects from low strength electromagnetic radiation - below current allowable limits. 

Scientific studies on masks

Scientific evidence supporting the efficacy of face masks is lacking. Adverse physiological, psychological and health effects are established. 

Dennis Rancourt, PhD, has studied all existing scientific literature concerning face masks and reveals how science declares that masks offer no protection against viruses. Like many other scientists speaking truth about Covid, Dr Rancourt has been censored, and his profile was removed from

Dennis Rancourt, PhD, reviews scientific literature that shows how masks are causing physical harm.

A revealing review by John Hardie, BDS, MSc, PhD, FRCDC, showing that face masks actually increase the risk of infection. For years this renowned study was the international standard for scientific insight on masks. Once the pandemic was unleashed against humanity, this report was suddenly discredited and censored. 

During the Spanish Flu in 1918-1919, most people died of bacterial pneumonia. It is known that this is caused by extensive wearing of masks.

Scientific studies on lockdowns

Lockdowns Do Not Control the Coronavirus
Study by the American Institute for Economic Research provides evidence that lockdowns do not stop the spread of the coronavirus. 

Four scientists from the University of Stanford, California, reveal that lockdowns have no effect on limiting the spread of a virus. 

America's Frontline Doctors created this overview of proven harmful effects of lockdowns on the population. 

More than 500 medical doctors wrote to President Trump, warning him that lockdowns destroy the lives of millions of people. 

20+ scientists expose
PCR test as fraud

Over twenty highly esteemed scientists reveal how the PCR test by Christian Drosten has no ability to detect an infection, and produces a high percentage of false positives. 

point-of-care serology tests
A study by the Dutch National Testing Capacity Coordination Structure shows that none of the tests currently in use meet the required criteria for determining if a person is infected. 

Scientific evidence for covid cures

Used by tens of thousands of physicians worldwide, and FDA approved for over 65 years, hydroxychloroquine is considered a safe and virtually 100% effective medicine for COVID-19.

Discovered as a 100% effective cure for COVID-19 by Dr. Richard Bartlett, who saw over 500 covid patients recover after treating them with this asthma medicine. This randomised controlled trial proves it works indeed.


Pierre Kory, MD, MPA, has treated more corona patients than anyone. He discovered that Ivermectin is a true miracle drug for COVID-19. This study by ten medical experts reviews the evidence that Ivermectin both prevents and cures COVID-19. 


Biophysicist Andreas Kalcker brought the covid daily death rate in Bolovia down from 100 deaths a day, to almost zero, with a substance he has researched for over 13 years: chlorine dioxide. This paper proves its effectiveness. 

Scientific information about vaccines


COVID-19 vaccines designed to elicit neutralizing antibodies may sensitise vaccine recipients to more severe disease than if they were not vaccinated. 


A first publication of thousands of deaths and life threatening adverse events to the COVID-19 vaccines in the US.  Released by the CDC January 27, 2021, it serves only as an illustration, since the number of deaths is rapidly increasing daily, and is much higher worldwide.

Non-Consent to Coerced COVID-19 Vaccines

In-depth compilation of medical and legal reasons why vaccines may never be mandated. This can be used as a letter of non-consent. 


Quite simply, by international law, no person can ever be coerced to take an experimental treatment.

Overview of criminal acts

Suppression of treatments

Although the world was told that we faced the greatest health threat in all of time, every single successful treatment protocol for C0VID was banned. Medical doctors saving the lives of C0VID patients were silenced, fired, slandered, arrested and some murdered. Pharmacies were ordered to refuse prescriptions for working C0VID treatments.

Unprecedented scientific fraud

Major leading scientific organizations, like The Lancet, and World Health Organization were caught committing fraud, and mass murder, in order to hide these successful treatments from humanity.

Unprecedented censorship

Nobody - not even Noble prize winning scientists - was allowed to speak out about the real science related to this pandemic. Unprecedented mass censorship was applied worldwide. Only one narrative was allowed, which contradicted every aspect of reality and science.

False covid labeling

Hospitals and physicians worldwide were ordered, or paid, to register every patient and death as C0VID. Innumerable people testified online how they went to the hospital for conditions unrelated to C0VID, yet they were registered as C0VID patients. Heart attacks, broken limbs, strokes, falls from horses, car accidents, everything was registered as C0VID.

Financial incentives to commit murder

Hospitals received thousands of dollars for every patient they labeled as C0VID. No evidence was required. When they ventilated them or administered the toxic drug Remdesivir, they again received thousands of dollars. For each death registered as C0VID, they once again received tens of thousands of dollars. One patient, falsely registered, mistreated and led to his or her death, earned health practitioners over a hundred thousand dollars. Nothing like this ever happened before in the history of medicine, yet it was mainstream practice around the world. Mislabeling, mistreating and murdering patients created thousands of medical millionaires, almost overnight.

Mass murder of elderly

Physicians, nurses and funeral directors testified how they witnessed the murder of countless elderly in care homes, by overdosing them on drugs. They were labeled as C0VID deaths, which formed the excuse for the lockdowns.

Mass destruction through lockdowns

Millions of people lost their business, job, health, sanity, family, and even their life, during the lockdowns. The lockdowns proved to be vastly more destructive to humanity than the disease itself, which has a survival rate of 99,7%.

Small businesses destroyed

Countless small businesses were destroyed by the lockdowns, while the mega corporations - that gather thousands more people every day - were allowed to remain open. As a result humanity became more dependent on these mega corporations. This impoverished the middle class, and further enriched the wealthy who made billions of dollars during the lockdowns.

Anti-scientific mask mandates

Masks were mandated worldwide, although every single scientific study about masks proves they offer no protection against a virus. Masks in fact increase the risk of infection, due to moisture retention, collecting of bacteria, the obstruction of exhaling toxic air, while drastically reducing oxygen intake, plus the increasing of stress which lowers the immune system.

Pandemic based on false cases

The main tool used to tell the world there was a pandemic is the PCR test. The inventor of PCR, Kary Mullis, had however warned that PCR cannot be used to determine infection or illness. The PCR test produces up to 94% false positives! Millions of perfectly healthy people were labeled “cases”, which was the real foundation to say there is a “pandemic”.

Media fear mongering

The news media was deployed worldwide to create unprecedented fear and hysteria in the world population. Actors posing as patients, the use of dummies, and bodybags filled with paper were filmed in intensive care centers, hospitals and mortuaries to incite horror in the minds of the population. This prepared them to demand mass vaccinations to “save” them from this projected nightmare.

Experimental injection

An untested, experimental DNA altering cocktail of undisclosed toxins was imposed on the world population, as the only answer, while every effective, harmless treatment was suppressed.

False marketing

These injections are no vaccines at all, because they don’t do what a vaccine does: they don’t prevent infection nor transmission. Yet they are falsely marketed as a vaccine.

Self assembling nanotech

Several of the world’s top medical researches revealed microscopic images that show how these injections contain self assembling nano technology, along with highly toxic, 5G conducting graphene oxide. This nanotech digitizes humans, making them potential receptors and transmitters of 5G signals.

Vaccine experts silenced

World leading vaccine experts warning against these experimental injections were forcefully silenced. Many were fired, some arrested and others put in mental hospitals, because they warned the world about these dangerous DNA altering cocktails, that even contain nanobots.

Vaccine adverse events suppressed

Nurses and physicians testified how they were pressured to not report adverse events from these injections. Even when reported, the vast majority of adverse events were ignored by the health institutions. Only about 10% of adverse event reports are registered. People dying after two weeks within the injection, are dismissed as “unrelated to the vaccine”. A German physician jumped to his death off the hospital roof, because he could no longer handle the crimes he was forced to commit.

Millions of vaccine deaths

Despite the mass suppression of vaccine adverse events, the worldwide data shows that millions have died and hundreds of millions are severely injured by these toxic cocktails. Paralysis, blindness, stroke, heart disease, are just a few of the hundreds of side effects. During the pandemic there was no exces mortality anywhere in most countries. Once mass injections began, excess death rates exploded worldwide. Yet, no correlation between this mass die off of humanity and the mass vaccinations is acknowledged. Media and governments simply say there is no explanation for this tsunami of sudden deaths.

Orchestrated to increase control

Evidence mounted that this was not a natural pandemic, but an orchestrated crisis, with the purpose of increasing control over the worldwide population. Indeed, since the pandemic unprecedented systems of social control, surveillance and tyranny have been put in place. Many nations are preparing to only allow people to participate in society, who constantly get their umpteenth booster injection, several times a year.

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