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The World Health Organization is a One World Government

world health organization one world government

Did you know the World Health Organization has been literally set up to operate as a one world government?

The World Health Organization is a One World Government

Did you know that when the WHO declares a pandemic, the laws of all the nations are nullified, and the entire world is submitted to the so-called ‘constitution’ of the WHO?

The World Health Organization is a One World Government

Did you know the WHO can at any time declare a pandemic, based on any fraudulent diagnostic tool?

The World Health Organization is a One World Government

Did you know the WHO declared the current pandemic based on the severely flawed PCR test, which produces up to 94% false positives?

The World Health Organization is a One World Government

Did you know that all the nations of the world are now bound to unquestioning submission to whatever guidelines the WHO issues?

The World Health Organization is a One World Government

Did you know the WHO is owned and controlled by private individuals who are not democratically elected by anyone?

The World Health Organization is a One World Government

Did you know this makes the WHO effectively a private entity that rules the entire world - outside any form of democracy?

The World Health Organization is a One World Government

Did you know the entire health system of our world is owned by financial oligarchs who use it to dominate all of humanity? 

Experts from WHO and UN
warn humanity

Dr. Silvia Behrendt and Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger held leading positions in the World Health Organization and the United Nations. They reveal how the WHO has strategically infiltrated all the nations of the world with the purpose of abolishing democracy and imposing its own tyranny on all of humanity.

Virtually every nation of the world signed the Pandemic Treaty which essentially nullifies the laws and constitutions of the nations, during a pandemic. As a result the World Health Organization becomes an effective one world government.

The WHO has its own "constitution", a word carefully chosen with the purpose of replacing the constitutions of the nations.

The nations of the world are bound to unquestioning obedience to whatever the WHO says, effectively making it a one world government, operating entirely outside of national constitutions and any kind of democracy.

All this is done under the guise of "healthcare". The WHO's 'International Health Regulations' (referred to as IHR) were created in order to pave the way for this worldwide tyranny. All they need to submit the world to their fingertips of control is a method to declare a "public health emergency of international concern", which can easily be done with any fraudulent test. Dr. Behrendt has revealed that there was no covid pandemic until the flawed PCR test was introduced, which suddenly increased the so-called "cases" 14-fold. This PCR test, however, cannot detect any kind of infection or illness. It is pure fraud.

The WHO banned every
treatment for C0VID

We witnessed this world dictatorship of the WHO during the 2020 pandemic. The WHO claimed there is no treatment for C0VID, and banned every effective treatment.

Thousands of physicians, who were saving lives with treatment protocols, were fired, censored, threatened, arrested and some murdered.

The nations of the world obeyed the instruction of the WHO to prevent early treatment. Pharmacies were told not to fill doctors prescriptions. Nobody was even allowed to mention treatments for C0VID on social media. As a result millions died needlessly.

The World Health Organization had to ban all treatments, as they would have ended the pandemic, causing the WHO to lose power.

A fraudulent test
tricked the whole world

Dr. Silvia Behrendt, who worked at top level in the World Health Organization, reveals how there was no C0VID pandemic until a flawed PCR test was introduced. This PCR test suddenly increased the so-called "cases" 14-fold. 

But the PCR test is not able to detect an infection.

The inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, specifically warned against the use of his invention to determine infections, since it is not suited for that purpose. It will produce a large number of false positives. Mullis died right before the pandemic, and his invention was used in the exact way he had warned against. The PCR test indeed produced hundreds of millions of false positives, which created the impression of a pandemic.

The vast majority of people (99,99%) who tested positive, were not ill, had no symptoms, and were in fact healthy. They were simply labeled "cases" because of an unreliable PCR test.

Financial entities own
the world's health system

bill gates who

The worldwide health system is controlled by private individuals, who use the excuse of "health emergencies" to impose tyranny on humanity. For example, in 2012, at the World Health Assembly, Bill Gates was declared as the leader of the global vaccine plan 2012-2020. Gates however has no medical qualifications whatsoever, and according to his own words, is into vaccines because of the astronomical monetary gains.

As its main financier Gates owns the World Health Organization. He personally positioned the WHO director Tedros, a former communist terrorist, who also never treated a single sick person.

The WHO is set up as a one world government, and is controlled by Bill Gates, which means the entire world is ruled by one man.

Gates is of course an extension of more powerful entities, who are in turn controlling him. More about who these entities are, will be revealed in the next emails. 

All evidence for this information is revealed by the experts from the United Nations, WHO, military, etc. during the Grand Jury sessions.

The above statements are exposed by the top experts from the World Health Organization and United Nations in the GRAND JURY EVIDENCE 1. Their information is also confirmed by experts from the British Navy, the US Marine Corps, the UK government, the CDC, British Intelligence Services, etc. 


Grand Jury Evidence 1

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