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How the pandemic is being used to implement worldwide tyranny

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Humanity was awakened to her worst nightmare: an incurable disease that struck the world and threatened to kill many of us. Fear and terror reigned supreme, and hope was hard to find. In the midst of this intense darkness, a blazing light suddenly shone forth: 

"There is healing for COVID-19! There is hope after all. Nobody needs to die, nobody needs to be hospitalized or vented. This is the end of the pandemic!"

This outcry of hope was uttered by the world’s leading expert on infectious diseases: the French professor Didier Raoult. He is considered one of the best scientists alive today, directing hundreds of other scientists, who publish more peer-reviewed papers per year than any other scientific group.  Accordingly, professor Raoult is called ‘the Rockstar of Science’. He is directly in touch with top government officials around the world, and his name inspires awe in the worldwide scientific community. This hero of science declared to the world: 

professeur didier raoult
"I treated over 4,000 covid patients, and they virtually all recovered."

The main component of his treatment was the world-famous medicine hydroxychloroquine, one of the most commonly used and safest drugs in the world, combined with azithromycin, an antibiotic. (1)

His message resounded like a powerful clarion call of deliverance: "This is the end of the pandemic!"

dr vladimir zelenko

In his footsteps followed medical doctors like Dr. Vladimir Zelenko from New York (2) who successfully treated over 1,000 COVID-19 patients, and Dr. Stella Immanuel from Texas who saw 350 patients recover (78). There were no deaths; nobody needed ventilation or hospitalization. As time progressed, the number of recovered patients increased respectively to 6,000 (Dr. Zelenko) and 20,000 (Dr. Emmanuel). (78B)

Dr. Zelenko successfully treated U.S. president Trump, Brazilian president Bolsenaro, the health minister of Israel, and other political leaders worldwide. 

He developed the world famous Zelenko Protocol, which is now used by thousands of physicians worldwide, saving millions of lives. In April of 2020, Dr. Zelenko was contacted by President Hernandez and the minister of health Leonardo Sanchez from Honduras, who then implemented HCQ + AZ nationwide. This virtually eradicated COVID-19 from the country.

Indeed hope had broken through in the darkest night of humanity. There was a treatment that had incredible success. 

The strong antiviral effect of chloroquine on SARS-CoV had already been proven by an extensive scientific study by the NIH (which is directed by Dr. Anthony Fauci) in 2005. The conclusion of this study was:

'Chloroquine has strong antiviral effects on SARS-CoV infection of primate cells. Chloroquine is effective in preventing the spread of SARS CoV in cell culture.' (79)
fauci chloroquine

Hundreds of scientific studies have confirmed how powerful HCQ is in defeating the coronavirus, especially in combination with zinc and azithromycin. (3)

As the ‘Rockstar of Science’, professor Raoult exclaimed, this should indeed have been the end of the pandemic, right there! No more people needed to die, as treatment had been found to end this nightmare. So why was the world kept in the suffocating death grip of fear and terror for another two years? Why did millions die during that time, after some of the world's top scientists had revealed a life-saving solution?

Because something happened that nobody in his right mind could have ever imagined… The World Health Organization, The Lancet and other entities suddenly went out of their way to tell the world that HCQ is a very dangerous drug that should not be used to treat COVID-19!

This amazed thousands of medical experts worldwide, because HCQ is one of the safest drugs in the history of medicine. It has been around for 65 years and has been used billions of times with great success.

The Lancet published a paper that 'proved' how harmful HCQ is in the treatment of COVID-19. Consequently, this drug was banned in countries around the world, resulting in millions of deaths because there was 'no treatment'.

However, shortly after the release of this study, several scientists exposed it as a shameful scam. The Lancet was forced to retract their fraudulent paper. (83)

Another trial was done by the World Health Organization, who tested HCQ on 3,500 patients in 400 hospitals worldwide. To everyone's horror, as many as one third of all the patients died! As a result, hydroxychloroquine was even more widely banned across the world.

One intelligent medical expert, Dr. Meryl Nass, thought to herself:

'How strange... in the hands of real medical practitioners, HCQ heals tens of thousands of patients, with virtually no deaths, and in the hands of the WHO it kills a thousand people...'

She took a good look at this study and discovered something horrendous: the World Health Organization had given their patients lethal doses of HCQ. Dr. Nass revealed: (4)

The WHO tests use excessive, dangerous HCQ doses. These tests are not testing the benefits of HCQ on COVID-19, but rather testing whether patients survive toxic, non-therapeutic doses.
dr meryl nass

"WHO and other organizations have conspired to administer excessive doses of HCQ in order to increase the number of deaths. By doing this, they rob billions of people of a safe and cheap medicine."

Dr. Meryl Nass

A group of leading physicians called 'America's Frontline Doctors' gave a national press conference, in which they openly declared:

"The media have been lying to you about COVID-19. We are here to tell you there is a cure. Nobody needs to die. Nobody needs to go to the hospital. Most people who are treated with HCQ+AZ+zinc recover quickly!"

The video of their press conference was viewed over 20 million times in one day... and was then removed by Facebook and YouTube. Their entire website was even taken down from the internet! 

Americas Frontline Doctors were massively censored because they informed the world that there are cures for covid. (5B)

In the Netherlands, family practitioner Dr. Rob Elens was treating his own dying patients with HCQ+Zinc. They recovered in a matter of days. (6) The government commanded him to stop healing his patients with HCQ, or his license would be removed. Dr. Elens had to let his patients die! This physician made several videos in which he informed the people about what was going on... but the videos were removed right away. In one video, he explained several effective treatments for COVID-19. In less than a day, YouTube got rid of it. He was not allowed to inform the public about cures for covid.


"The governments say there's no treatment for COVID-19. It's a lie. It's deception. They don't want to cure COVID-19 because everyone has to get the vaccines."


The silencing of this physician, however, came too late. Hundreds of thousands of people had seen his messages and a storm of red alert was raging through their minds. In the Netherlands, more than 3,500 medical professionals and over 45,000 supporting citizens sent a letter to the government, expressing their deep concern about the suppression of effective treatments for COVID-19. (7) 


"The shaming, blaming and censorship of doctors who use effective treatments is extremely concerning."

Dr. Dick Bijl

The internationally respected biophysicist Andreas Kalcker treated policemen, military members and politicians in Bolivia with chlorine dioxide, a substance he has been studying for 13 years. Because there was a 100% recovery rate from covid, his treatment was made available to the Bolivian population. As a result, the daily death rate went from 100 to 0! His treatment was successfully used by 5,000 physicians in twenty countries. Once again, a powerful solution to the pandemic was found. However, this scientist was banned from Facebook, Twitter and PayPal; his books were removed from Amazon, and even his scientific account on ResearchGate was deleted. 


The daily death rate in Bolivia went from 100 to virtually 0, thanks to the treatment of Andreas Kalcker. Immediately he was censored on all platforms.

Dr. David Brownstein from Michigan successfully treated over 120 covid patients (now several hundreds) using intravenous vitamin C and nebulized hydrogen peroxide, along with oral administration of vitamins A and D. (7B)

We've treated over a hundred patients and they're all better. No one has been hospitalized or ventilated. We've had a 100% success rate with this. We treated patients who were very old and very sick and we thought they were dying. But these patients are getting better with these therapies.

Dr. Brownstein healed 120 covid patients. He was rebuked by the FTC and his entire medical blog was removed.

Dr. Richard Bartlett had been appointed by the Texas governor to help establish quality health care throughout the state of Texas. He served in this capacity for four consecutive years, and is considered one of the leading physicians in Texas. At the beginning of the pandemic, Dr. Bartlett successfully treated over 500 COVID-19 patients with a 100% success rate, using the well-known asthma medicine Budesonide. This has also been used in Taiwan, Japan and Iceland, where only a handful of people have died from COVID-19, in populations of tens of millions of people! Dr. Bartlett said he had found the 'silver bullet' for covid. 

In an interview with ‘America, Can We Talk’ (7E), Dr. Bartlett shared the story of a lady who was already suffering from two cancers and whose body was weak from the chemotherapies, who then got COVID-19 on top of that. She was dying... he treated her with Budesonide and a few days later she was working eight hour shifts again. 

Any sane person would expect governments worldwide to applaud this success and make Budesonide available to their population. The opposite happened: while Budesonide had previously always been easy to obtain, in several countries it suddenly disappeared from many pharmacies, and became hard to get. An asthma patient wrote me personally:

"For the past twenty years I have always used Budesonide, but when the pandemic started, it suddenly was no longer available."

Meanwhile the internet was filled with articles mocking Dr. Bartlett, attempting to disqualify his successful treatment.


Dr. Bartlett uses a medicine that has saved millions in Taiwan, Japan and Iceland. It is, however, denounced by the authorities.

Dr. Pierre Kory

Dr. Pierre Kory treated more covid patients than anyone else, as he traveled across the United States. Dr. Kory is the president of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, former associate professor in chief for the Critical Care Service and medical director of the Trauma and Life Support Center at the University of Wisconsin. A true national and international medical authority.

Dr. Kory directs a team of medical experts who have published over 2,000 peer-reviewed studies. This team did nine months of research to find the most effective treatment for COVID-19. They found Ivermectin to be a miraculous solution. It was called 'the Wonder Drug'.  

Ivermectin is a well-known, FDA-approved anti-parasite drug that has been used successfully for more than four decades to treat parasitic diseases. It is one of the safest drugs known. It is on the WHO’s list of essential medicines, has been given 3.7 billion times around the globe, and has won the Nobel prize for its global and historic impacts in eradicating endemic parasitic infections in many parts of the world. (80)

During a Senate hearing Dr. Kory testified (see video below):

‘Ivermectin basically obliterates transmission of this virus. If you take it, you will not get sick. It has immense and potent antiviral activity. We now have four large randomized, controlled trials totaling over 1500 patients, each trial showing that as a prophylaxis agent it is immensely effective. You will not get sick, you will be protected from getting ill if you take it.’  (81)

78 studies from 736 scientists and 85,767 patients in 27 countries showed a significant improvement for mortality, ventilation, ICU, hospitalization, recovery, cases and viral clearance. (82)

Despite the overwhelming scientific evidence for Ivermectin, authorities continue advising against it, and pharmacies across the USA were ordered not to fill doctors' prescriptions for Ivermectin.

Dr. Peter McCullough

Professor Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH is the most published physician in the world on cardiovascular illness and renal disease with over 1,000 publications and over 600 citations in the National Library of Medicine. Dr. McCullough was also the Vice Chief of Internal Medicine at Baylor University Medical Center
Dallas, TX, and is the founder and current president of the Cardiorenal Society of America.

Professor McCullough helped provide early treatment to millions of covid patients in America. Yet he faced tremendous opposition on all sides. 

In a talk show from the world's largest Christian television network, DayStar, Professor McCullough said the following: (84)

“I’ve noticed throughout the year that there was a suppression of any treatment for COVID-19, almost by design, to promote as much fear, suffering, hospitalization and death as possible, keep the entire world in fear, and prepare them for the vaccine.”

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is a world-renowned trial lawyer, with 26 years of successful experience in bringing suit against large criminal corporations like Deutsche Bank, Shell, Volkswagen, etc.  Dr. Fuellmich has interviewed over 150 experts from all fields of science and gathered undeniable evidence that this pandemic is a criminal operation on an international scale. 

Dr. Fuellmich is currently preparing the first large international tribunal, to begin prosecuting those who are responsible for these crimes against humanity.

Professor Dr. McCullough was invited by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich to share his insights into what is going on with the suppression of early treatment for COVID-19. These are some of his statements: (86)

"As I propagated early treatment, I started to meet resistance at all levels in terms of actually treating patients. We did the best we could, without any funding and without any government support, and we demonstrated that it results in about 85% reduction of hospitalization and death." 
"What we discovered, is that the suppression of early treatment was tightly linked to the development of a vaccine. And the entire program of this bioterrorism phase one that was rolled out, was really all about keeping the population in fear and isolation, and preparing them to accept the vaccine - which appears to be phase two of a bioterrorism operation."

Listen to the devastating testimony of this scientific world leader:

How HCQ was destroyed

In a talk show with Joe Rogan, who has the largest audience in the world, professor Dr. McCullough revealed the following facts about how hydroxychloroquine was kept from the public: (85)

✔︎ Right before the pandemic, the U.S. government had stockpiled large amounts of HCQ and then refused to release it to the public.

✔︎ In France, HCQ was always over the counter. Once it proved to be effective in treating COVID-19, it became a prescription drug and was hard to get.

✔︎ In Australia, doctors prescribing HCQ for covid risk being arrested.

✔︎ In the Netherlands (and other countries), physicians can lose their medical license when they use this life-saving medicine to treat covid.

✔︎ The facility of the second largest producer of HCQ in the world was mysteriously burned down.

✔︎ In Africa, pharmacies were raided and all HCQ was burned.


The world's leading medical authority in his field of expertise noticed how treatments for COVID-19 have been suppressed, to create as much fear, suffering, hospitalization and death as possible, to prepare people to accept the vaccines.

All these examples are just the tiny tip of an enormous iceberg, of innumerous similar events, where every attempt has been made to hide covid cures from humanity. In countries all around the world, physicians have been fired, some were arrested, others were locked in psychiatric wards, one doctor was beaten to death by the police, and a young professor working on a powerful solution was found dead in his home. When you sign up to our emails, more of this information will be revealed.

It is crystal clear that - as Dr. Meryl Nass stated - an internationally coordinated effort took place to withhold covid cures from humanity. 

News media and social media were massively engaged, and anyone mentioning cures for covid was falsely accused of spreading ‘misinformation’. So called ‘fact-checkers’ - anonymous individuals without any scientific or medical training - were activated to ‘debunk’ medical doctors and scientists. Nothing like this has ever happened in our world, and it is highly disturbing.

But so much more is going on. If we want to know what is really happening, we need to dive a little deeper and look at more facts. Let’s continue our reporting…

Vaccines are pushed
as the only answer

It is clear that there is a coordinated effort across the board to prevent the world population from learning about effective treatments for COVID-19. The question we have is therefore ‘WHY?’. The answer can be heard loud and clear throughout the media all over the world: humanity must be vaccinated against COVID-19. Many governments are forcing every single person to accept this injection that has been hastily developed without proper safety testing.

The main voice calling for this is the world's leading vaccine promoter, Bill Gates. He became a billionaire through his company Microsoft, but increased his fortune to over one hundred billion dollars through his vaccine ventures. He said:

'Investing in the vaccine industry is the best business investment I have ever made'. (29)

Right before the outbreak of the pandemic Gates tweeted:

'I am particularly excited about what the coming year could mean for one of the best buys in global health: vaccines.'

A new level of global control

Bill Gates now wants to make sure the entire world population will buy his vaccines, by calling for a control system that will blackmail humanity into being inoculated. 

According to this vaccine dealer, only people who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 should be allowed to travel, go to school, or attend meetings and work. (32)

Digital vaccine ID's are already being developed (34) and Gates has a patent on the technology that makes it possible to trace an individual's body anywhere. This technology is called WO2020-060606 (33). In addition, Gates wants to set up a global monitoring network, which will track everyone who came into contact with COVID-19 (34B).


Covid-19 is being used to introduce a new level of authoritarian control.

The forced Covid-19 vaccines are very dangerous for many reasons. First of all, they have been developed without safety testing. Usually it takes 5-10 years to have a working vaccine, but now they are rushing it out in a matter of months! In the documentary, 'Battle for Humanity', you hear Bill Gates talk about how side effects only show up after two years. He says they don't want to wait so long, and therefore they skip the usual safety procedures. 

This means they are injecting a very dangerous, unsafe vaccine into all of humanity!

In this same documentary, you also hear how Gates discouraged President Trump from looking into ill effects of vaccines.  Known vaccine side effects include cancers, paralysis, auto immune disease, autism, brain damage and death.


The leading vaccine dealer in the world tells president Trump NOT to investigate the ill effects of vaccines... meanwhile he rushes an untested vaccine for all of humanity, and wants to set up control systems to ensure the whole world will get these untested, dangerous vaccines, with side effects that only show up after two years.

The rush for a Covid-19 vaccine baffles scientists all over the world, because they all know SARS-CoV-2 is an RNA virus, and that RNA viruses are famous for their rapid and numerous mutations. Every vaccine is always multiple generations behind, and therefore, per definition, outdated. Dr. Mark Schleiss, a pediatric infectious disease specialist and investigator with the Institute for Molecular Virology at the University of Minnesota, says: (70)

‘In the world of RNA viruses, change is the norm. We expect RNA viruses to change frequently. That’s just their nature.’

This graph shows the dozens of mutations of the virus SARS-CoV-2 and more variations appear as we speak. (71)

Practicing for the pandemic?

Vaccine promoters like Bill Gates plan to earn trillions of dollars with this pandemic, making this the single greatest business endeavor in all of history. Could it be that this dazzlingly profitable project wasn’t a ‘surprise’ to them? Might they even have been involved in… creating it?  Before we jump to conclusions, let’s have a look at what preceded the pandemic…

A few months before the outbreak, Bill Gates organized an event in New York City. Guess what the event was all about? It was a ‘coronavirus pandemic exercise’. Yes, you read that right: 

Bill Gates organized a coronavirus pandemic exercise! 

This ‘pandemic exercise’ was called Event201 and happened in October 2019 - literally right before the outbreak.


The purpose of Event201 was to prepare the world for a coronavirus pandemic… which happened right after the event.   

Also in September 2019 the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board released a report titled ‘A World At Risk’.

It stressed the need to be prepared for… a coronavirus outbreak!

On the cover of the report is the picture of a coronavirus and people wearing face masks.

In the report, we read the following paragraph:

‘The United Nations (including WHO) conducts at least two system-wide training and simulation exercises, including one for covering the deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen.’

Did you catch that?

In 2018, The Institute for Disease Modeling made a short video in which they show a flu virus originating in China and spreading all over the world, killing millions. They called it ‘A Simulation For A Global Flu Pandemic.’ (64)

During that same year, Bill Gates publicly announced that a disease was on its way (!) that could wipe out 30 million people. He said this would probably be a flu-like virus. Melinda Gates added that a natural or ‘engineered’ virus is humanity's greatest threat. (65)

How did they know this so certainly?

During a preparedness event at Georgetown University in 2017, Anthony Fauci announced that during the first term of President Trump, a pandemic would hit the world. He literally said:

'There will be a surprise outbreak!' (66)

How did Fauci know?

There were even movies made to prepare the world for this. The film ‘Dead Plague’ visualized a global pandemic with a coronavirus and… even mentions hydroxychloroquine as the only medicine that can defeat this disease. Another film called ’Contagion’ shows how a coronavirus spread globally, with social distancing, face masks, lockdowns, washing of hands, etc. as a result. (74)

Literally everything we see now, was predicted in detail in these movies. 

Experts call this ‘predictive programming’ which means preparing the minds of people for what is about to happen...

Journalists predicted the pandemic

In 2014, an investigative journalist called Harry Vox literally predicted a planned global pandemic and stated why the ‘ruling class’ would do such thing:

'They will stop at nothing to complete their toolkit of control. One of the things that had been missing from their toolkit is quarantines and curfews. The plan is to get hundreds of thousands of people infected with it and create the next phase of control.' (67)

Another investigative journalist, Anthony Patch, said the exact same thing, and more, during the same year:

‘They will create a pandemic with a man-made coronavirus. As a result, the people will demand a vaccine to protect them against this virus. This vaccine will contain material that changes the DNA of humans.' (68)

'The plan is to get hundreds of thousands of people infected with it and create the next phase of control.'

Harry Vox,
RenowNED Investigative Journalist

A little known rapper with the obscure name of Dr. Creep wrote a song in 2013 called PANDEMIC. It's a song about a global coronavirus pandemic, in which he describes in detail what is going on today. Seven years later, in 2020, his song suddenly became world famous, because one of the lyrics literally says:

‘2020 combined with Corona Virus, bodies stacking.

How is it possible that a rapper in 2013 predicted a coronavirus pandemic that would happen in 2020? The musician says:

‘It is because I did research back in 2012 and read the so-called “conspiracy theories”. You know, those investigations the media doesn’t want us to look into. According to those theories, pandemics were bound to happen in the decade of 2020 - 2030. So I wrote the song Pandemic about it. I have used my music for over ten years now to warn people and help them see what's going on in the world.’

In 2013 a musician who studied ‘conspiracy theories’ wrote a song called ‘PANDEMIC’ in which he literally predicted that in 2020, a coronavirus would kill many and cause global economic collapse.

Depopulate the earth by means of organized epidemics

Dr. John Coleman is an Intelligence Officer from the CIA. This CIA officer wrote a book called 'Committee of 300' in which he explains how secret societies manipulate governments, health care, every industry, the media and so on. This book can be found on the website of the CIA. (75) One of their goals is to depopulate the earth. Dr. Coleman says the following about their strategy:


‘At least 4 billion 'useless eaters' shall be eliminated by the year 2050 by means of limited wars, organized epidemics of fatal, rapid-acting diseases and starvation.’

Dr. John Coleman,
CIA Intelligence Officer

In 1980, a granite monument was erected in Georgia, USA, and called the Guidestones. (76) A set of 10 guidelines is inscribed on the structure in eight modern languages and a shorter message is inscribed at the top of the structure in four ancient language scripts. The first guideline goes as follows:

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

This is rock solid evidence that powerful but hidden entities focus on eliminating most of the global population. The CIA officer who spent his life studying these groups revealed that one of their methods to ‘maintain humanity’ is to cause pandemics.

During a TED talk, Bill Gates echoed this goal, when he literally said that vaccines can be used to reduce the world's population by 10 - 15%! (39)


'There are now 6.7 billion people on earth and soon there will be 9 billion. However, we can reduce that number by ten to fifteen percent if we do a good job with vaccinations, health care and birth control'.

bill gates, vaccine dealer

Aside from reducing humanity, there is another motivation for creating global pandemics. According to the aforementioned investigative journalist Harry Vox, they also serve to implement higher levels of authoritarian control in our society. This renowned researcher refers to a famous document by the Rockefeller Foundation, in which everything we see happening now is literally predicted in great detail: the global pandemic, the lockdowns, the collapse of the economy and the imposing of authoritarian control.

It's all described with terrifying accuracy... ten years before it happened!

The document is titled 'Scenario for the Future of Technology and International Development'. (77) That says it all: a scenario for the future. It has a chapter called 'LockStep', in which a global pandemic is reported as if it happened in the past, but which is clearly intended as a rehearsal for the future. Here are a few quotes:

The pandemic also had a deadly effect on economies: international mobility of both people and goods screeched to a halt, debilitating industries like tourism and breaking global supply chains.
Even locally, normally bustling shops and office buildings sat empty for months, devoid of both employees and customers.

That is literally what we have seen all over the world, and here we see how it was described in this 'Scenario for the Future' by the Rockefeller Foundation in 2010.

The 'Scenario for the Future' continues by comparing two different responses to their predicted pandemic: the USA only ‘strongly discouraged’ people from flying, while China enforced mandatory quarantine for all citizens. The first response is accused of spreading the virus even more, while the imposition of a suffocating lockdown is praised.

Then it goes on to describe the implementation of totalitarian control:

During the pandemic, national leaders around the world flexed their authority and imposed airtight rules and restrictions, from the mandatory wearing of face masks to body-temperature checks at the entries to communal spaces like train stations and supermarkets. 

Clearly the flexing of authority is the desired response. But it gets worse…

Even after the pandemic faded, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck and even intensified.
In developed countries, this heightened oversight took many forms: biometric IDs for all citizens, for example, and tighter regulation of key industries whose stability was deemed vital to national interests.

According to this 'Scenario for the Future' written in 2010, a global pandemic must result in increased control, where people gladly surrender their freedom in order to feel safe again. 
Ten years later, that is exactly what happens. A virus spreads across the world, a total lockdown is imposed, and governments apply unprecedented tyranny.

Handbook for global control

Now that the announced pandemic is indeed here, the same Rockefeller Foundation came forward with step two: a handbook on how to implement new control systems during this pandemic. (55) Only when all the required control networks are in place, can the world open up again.

When you combine the two Rockefeller documents, you see the plan:

1) First they announce a global pandemic with a coronavirus and say what it should lead to: a whole new level of authoritarian control. 

2) Secondly they give practical steps on how to apply this control system.

These are illustrations and quotes from their guide:

'Digital apps and privacy-protected tracking software should be widely used to enable more complete contact tracking.'

'In order to fully control the Covid-19 epidemic, we need to test the majority of the population on a weekly basis.'

According to their 'Scenario of the future' written in 2010, the entire world population should get a digital ID that indicates who has received all the vaccines. Without sufficient vaccinations, access to schools, concerts, churches, public transport, etc., will be denied.  And now, since 2020, this is exactly what Bill Gates and many governments have been calling for.


'Even after the pandemic faded, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck and even intensified.'


Everyone's contacts must be checked

In a leaked government video (52C), we see a conversation between former American president Bill Clinton and Andrew Cuomo, the governor of the state of New York. They discuss how to set up a large control system to test the entire population and check all their contacts. They discuss how to build an army to carry out this control system. 


'Hundreds and hundreds of control agents must be appointed. They test everyone and then check all their contacts. This has never been done before on this scale. This is an army of interrogators who will check everyone's contacts.'

Andrew cuomo,

Death by vaccine...

The strategy is now clear: cause a global pandemic in order to enforce unprecedented levels of authoritarian control. This means people lose their most basic freedoms and rights and become slaves at the merciless hands of power hungry billionaires who will pull the strings on vaccines, digital ID’s, contact tracing, etc. 

The keyword here is 'vaccines'. These will be the golden key to lock the global prison doors: 'Everybody must get our vaccines or they will be excluded from normal life.'

What most of us don't know, however, is the heart wrenching devastation that vaccines have caused to millions around the world. The US government recently paid out over 4 billion USD in damages to people whose lives were destroyed by vaccines.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is a relative of the late president John F. Kennedy, who was murdered because he exposed the corruption of the CIA. Robert Kennedy, Jr. obviously inherited the passion for truth and freedom, as he did an in-depth investigation into the vaccine business of Bill Gates. In a devastating report, he exposes many worldwide dramas caused by Gates' vaccines. Below are some facts from this shocking report. (37)

While polio (poliomyelitis) was decreasing worldwide, Gates began massively treating children in India with a vaccine.

Suddenly almost half a million cases of severe poliomyelitis occurred!

Over 500,000 children were crippled and deformed for life! The World Health Organization eventually admitted that Gates' vaccine program was guilty of this. In Congo, the Philippines and Afghanistan, similar epidemics were caused by Bill Gates' vaccines.

In 2014, an experimental vaccine was tested on 23,000 girls in India. One thousand suffered serious damage, including autoimmune diseases and infertility. Seven girls died.

In 2010, Gates funded an experimental malaria vaccine in Africa, causing the death of 151 children. Of the 5,049 children tested, 1,048 suffered serious side effects such as paralysis, epileptic seizures and convulsions.

In South Africa, thousands of children were vaccinated against their will. Hundreds were paralysed!  South African newspapers wrote:

'We're guinea pigs for drug manufacturers.'

In 2014, Gates claimed to have a safe vaccine against tetanus. In reality, it was a poison that made women infertile. Millions of women lost any chance of having children. Similar accusations come from Tanzania, Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines.

In 'The Battle for Humanity', you can see Bill Gates talking about injecting genetically modified organisms in the arms of little kids. He laughs about it!

Then he says: ‘maybe we should have a safety system…’ which means he doesn’t have one!

WHO specialists concerned
about vaccine damage

A secret meeting of vaccine specialists of the World Health Organization shows how dangerous vaccines are. The specialists met to express their concern about the deaths caused by vaccines and its long-term harmful effects. This information was not meant to leak out, but an honest person who had access to the footage of the secret meeting made it public. Here's what they were saying among themselves: (38)


'We cannot overemphasize the fact that we really
don't have very good safety monitoring systems in many countries... we're not able to give clear cut answers when people ask questions about
the deaths that have occurred due to a particular vaccine.'

Dr. Soumya Swaminathan,
Chief Scientist, WHO

'The major health concerns which we are seeing are accusations of long-term, long-term effects.'

Dr. Martin Howell Friede, COORDINATOR,

'Our healthcare professionals are beginning to question the safety of vaccines.'

Professor Heidi Larson,
Director of Vaccine Confidence Project

Bill Gates controls the W.H.O.

Since the World Health Organization is all too aware of the deaths and long-term health damage caused by their vaccines, one would expect them to be very careful with vaccines, right?  On the contrary - the WHO is the main force pushing for a mandatory vaccine. Why would they do this?

The answer is that their main financial supporter is Bill Gates, who happens to also be the world’s no. 1 vaccine dealer. 

All this becomes even more disturbing when we realize that this same WHO murdered over a thousand people worldwide, by giving them lethal doses of hydroxychloroquine, in order to put this safe medicine in a bad light. As Dr. Meryl Nash said earlier:

By doing this, they rob billions of people of a safe and cheap medicine. 
This may contribute to the prolongation of the pandemic, massive economic losses and many more deaths.

The millions of lives severely damaged by his vaccines, coupled with his plan to reduce mankind by 15%, have prompted half a million people to take action.

A petition has been submitted to the White House with 600,000 signatures, demanding that Bill Gates be investigated for 'crimes against humanity' (40).

Facebook censors vaccine information

What is the main reason most of us are not aware of how dangerous vaccines are? Because information about vaccine damage is censored by big media, who are either owned or bribed by vaccine dealers. During an official interrogation by the U.S. government, the owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, was questioned about this.

The congressman began the interrogation by referring to the billions of dollars being paid to compensate people who were severely damaged by vaccines.

He then asked Mark Zuckerberg why Facebook keeps people away from information that warns them of these dangers. Zuckerberg replied that they do because everyone should get all vaccinations (42). Zuckerberg remained visibly unmoved by the far-reaching devastation that vaccinations cause to many people.


'Facebook censors information about the dangers of vaccines because we want everyone to be vaccinated.'


A few years ago, research was done into a possible link between vaccines and autism. The research was carried out by the American Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The results were astonishing: there indeed appeared to be a direct connection. So what did they do? All the researchers came together and a large dustbin was placed in the middle of the room.

Into the bin were thrown all the documents that showed the link between autism and vaccinations. Thus, the evidence was destroyed.

Subsequently, a so-called 'scientific' article was published in the authoritative medical magazine Pediatric, stating that vaccinations do not cause autism. However, a leading scientist within the CDC exposed this crime (44).


'I was involved in misleading millions of people about the possible negative side effects of vaccines. We lied about the scientific findings.'

William W. Thompson, PhD.,
Senior Scientist, CDC

In almost every nation of the world, there are organizations that inform the general public about vaccine dangers. Many documentaries have been produced to reveal the devastation caused by vaccines, like the renowned movie VAXXED. In this historic film, people across America testify as to how their children are suffering severely from vaccine damage. 

Many children become autistic, lose their mental abilities, their voice and even their ability to walk. 

I posted a link to the documentary VAXXED on this page, but a few days later it was removed by YouTube. The way information about vaccine damage is being censored is extremely concerning and should alarm every person on this planet. It reveals how aggressively the agenda to vaccinate humanity is being pushed.

Meanwhile respected medical experts keep raising their voices...


'Many vaccines are infected with gamma-retroviruses, because they use viruses grown in infected animal cell lines. This leads to diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, cancer, leukaemias and lymphomas.'


'The vaccination process, by its very nature, entails significant risks of illness, injury and death, which are persistently denied and covered up by the manufacturers, the CDC and the doctors who speak out in favour.' (47)


One of the reasons that vaccines can be fatal or cause serious disabilities is the fact that they contain material from monkeys, pigs and calves. In addition, tissue from aborted babies is used. During an official interrogation, the godfather of vaccinations, Dr. Stanley Plotkin, was questioned.

He confirmed that material from monkeys, pigs, calves and murdered babies is used in vaccines. (48)

The tragedy is that most government leaders know nothing about vaccine damage. An interview with the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, illustrates this well. A journalist asked him what he thought about the dangers of vaccines. The answer of this prime minister is shocking:  (49)


'I don't know anything about that. I've never thought about the dangers of vaccinations.'

Mark Rutte,

Nelleke Bakker worked for 25 years at the Dutch government Department of Health, in the vaccination department. She continued to discover more and more about how much deception there is. Eventually, she quit. Nelleke says: (51)


'The RIVM website is full of unsubstantiated assumptions and outright lies. And the vast majority of employees appear to know as little about the risks of vaccination as the average citizen.'

Nelleke Bakker,

'At least 700,000 will suffer'

In an interview with CNBC, Bill Gates made a disturbing statement concerning the covid19 vaccine. (36) First, he declared that flu vaccines do not work with elderly people. Isn't that interesting?  Billions of dollars are made every year by selling flu vaccines to elderly people all around the world, and here we have the world's no.1 vaccine dealer openly admitting they don't work! Gates added that because of this, the covid19 vaccine will have to be boosted to make it extra potent, in the hopes that it might also have some effect on the elderly. But he of course doesn't mention the severe risk involved. As vaccines become more aggressive, the long-term, destructive side effects also increase dramatically. 

Gates literally said that at least 700,000 (!!!) people will suffer from this, and therefore governments will have to be involved to pay damages. (36)


'At least 700,000 people will suffer from the side effects. That's why governments will have to be involved to pay damages'.

Bill Gates, Vaccine Dealer

Bill Gates even stated in an interview with CBS (69): "we don't know if these vaccines will work" and therefore "multiple doses will be required". But then he says something that reveals his true nature and motivation:

'None of the vaccines at this point appear like they'll work with a single dose. That was the hope at the very beginning.'

That was the HOPE at the very beginning? Are you kidding? Let that statement get through to you...

Not only will every vaccine for COVID-19 always be outdated (as is also the case with flu vaccines!), but they are already proving to be very dangerous. 

During a trial of a covid vaccine by Moderna, half of the trial participants had immediate adverse reactions. (73)

What the long-term health damage to these people will be is not yet clear. But real-life experience with vaccines shows that the worst health damage always occurs months and even years later.

Bribed by billionaires

As we saw previously, major health organizations in many countries blatantly lie to the people they are paid to protect. Why is that? The answer is as terrible as it is vulgar: they are funded by the vaccine dealers. For example, the Dutch National Institute of Public Health openly acknowledges that Bill Gates is their financial sponsor. (52) 

The Italian politician Sara Cunial vigorously raised this issue in the Italian Government. This courageous lady accused the heads of government of Italy of bribery by Bill Gates. She said to the Italian president: (52B)

'Dear President Conte, tell us how to define you: the lawyer's friend who takes orders from a criminal?'
'Next time you get a call from the philanthropist Bill Gates, forward it directly to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.'

The fact that many leaders in our society are bribed to play dirty games was publicly confirmed by the well-known British politician Nigel Farage. In a frank interview with the Dutch reporter Robert Jensen, Farage stated:


'For years, they've been trying to bribe me with luxury and wealth. As a successful businessman, however, I was already living like this, so it didn't work with me. The other politicians within the EU do fall for it. They get an astronomical amount of money and don't want to miss this luxury anymore. That's why they play the game.'

Nigel Farage,

The reality of large-scale bribery was exposed by German Journalist Udo Ulfkotte, who was an editor for one of Europe's largest newspapers, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ). He wrote the book 'Bought Journalists', in which he confesses how he and his colleagues were bribed for decades by American billionaires, the CIA, the German secret service and various shadow governments to write nothing but lies. In the video below he makes the following confession:

‘I've been a journalist for 25 years. I was taught to lie, to betray and to never tell the truth to the public. ... I was bribed by American billionaires to report... not exactly the truth.’ (26)

Journalist Udo Ulfkotte