Evidence that governments use fear to manipulate the public


"Governments use applied psychology and hypnosis to create fear and anxiety in the population, with the goal of changing their behavior."

Brian Gerrish
Senior Editor, UK Column

"We frighten the pants off of everyone. When do we deploy the new variant?"

matt hancock
Secretary of State for Health, UK

"Talking about fatalities is important, even if there aren’t more deaths than normal."

Marc van Ranst
virologist, belgian government

"Fear sells. That's why we constantly put deaths on the screen."

Charlie chester 
former technical director, cnn

simon case

"We must ramp up messaging with the fear and guilt factor."

simon case
UK Cabinet Secretary

"We need to find a way of ramping this up."

cyril ramaphosa
president, south africa

Changing human behavior through fear

Former UK Royal Navy officer Brian Gerrish is currently an investigative journalist and senior editor of the UK Column. On February 5, 2022 he testified before a Grand Jury, along with one of his expert researchers, Debbie Evans, who was a government advisor at the Department of Health in the UK. They revealed documents evidencing something of grave concern: governments are using applied psychology and hypnosis to create fear and anxiety in the population, with the goal of changing their behavior. During the Grand Jury they presented a government document called "SAGE / SPI_B Covid Team Minutes". We highlight the following paragraph:

2. Perceived threat: A substantial number of people still do not feel personally threatened; (...) The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent, using hard-hitting emotional messaging. 

In other words, the fear-mongering needs to be ramped up, in order to convince the population to comply with government tyranny. This was confirmed in a leaked video recording of a Zoom meeting of South African president Cyril Ramaphosa, who told his staff:

"We want to find a way of ramping this up, even beyond the end of the lockdown, and I don't know when the lockdown will end. Some people are saying the 16th of April - but when I announced it, I didn't say what year it will end... hahahahaha."

This leaked footage can be seen in the below documentary "BUSTED - Media Crimes Exposed". In this video, you can also see technical director of CNN Charlie Chester admit to an undercover journalist that they deliberately display covid deaths to create fear in the population.

Media Crimes Exposed

The editor of one of Europe's largest newspapers confessed that journalists worldwide are paid to "always lie to the public, and never tell the truth". He reveals how news media is used to manipulate the people. 

"We frighten the pants off of everyone!"

matt hancock fear mongering

The ways that governments use fear to control the public were further revealed when the British newspaper The Telegraph obtained more than 100,000 WhatsApp messages sent between ministers, officials and others. They have been released to the public as The Lockdown Files. These messages reveal such comments as:

We frighten the pants off of everyone ... When do we deploy the new variant?

Those are the exact words of former Secretary of State for Health and Social Care of the United Kingdom, Matt Hancock. He was communicating with Damon Poole, Department of Health Media Special Advisor.  Here are screenshots of their WhatsApp messages:

The Lockdown Files - Matt Hancock

In summary, Hancock said to Poole that they would “frighten the pants off of everyone with the new strain”, to which Poole replied: “Yep that’s what will get proper behavior change”. “When do we deploy the new variant?” asked Hancock. But Poole was careful: “Been thinking more about this and think we need to be more cautious”. “Worth doing a bit about no leaking at the top I think”.

One week after this communication within the UK government, the new variant was indeed deployed.

Mandating masks to inflict fear

Simon Case, the UK Cabinet Secretary, wrote to Matt Hancock that “the fear/ guilt factor” was “vital” in “ramping up the messaging” during the third national lockdown in January of 2021. Here are his words in response to Hancock's text message:

“I agree - I think that is exactly right. Small stuff looks ridiculous.  Ramping up messaging - the fear/guilt factor - vital.”

The Cabinet Secretary then suggested that the reopening of a Nightingale hospital in London – used as an overflow facility for non-Covid patients – would be a “big public moment”.  Though it was reopened, in reality, only a handful of patients were ever admitted. Case also suggested imposing more masks to further increase fear among the public. 

"More mask-wearing might be the only thing to consider. Effectively free and has a very visible impact? Wear masks in all settings outside home and in more workplaces?"
Hancock messages - 1-10_21

Teaching politicians how to manipulate the public

Alex Thomson, former British Intelligence Services officer and insider of the British financial elites, explained during a Grand Jury how mind control is applied in many different ways to manipulate the population into accepting vaccines as the only answer to created pandemics.

This is confirmed by a video that shows the Belgian government virologist Marc van Ranst teaching political leaders how to manipulate the public so they will be willing to be injected. During a lecture at the Chatham House (The Royal Institute of International Affairs), where political leaders come for training, van Ranst said the following: 

"I used Sir Donaldson's quote where he said that in the UK, by the peak of the epidemic, 40 people would die per day at the end of the summer. I worked that out for Belgium, that would be 7 deaths a day at the peak of the epidemic. I used that in the media. 7 Belgian flu deaths per day at the peak of the epidemic would be realistic.
That is true every year, even without a pandemic (audience laughing), that is very, very conservative. However, talking about fatalities is important, because when you say that, people say, “Wow! What do you mean? People die because of influenza?” And that was a necessary step to take. And then, of course, a couple of days later, you had the first H1N1 death in the country and the scene was set and it was already talked about.
Then you are gong to pick who is going to be vaccinated first. Women and children first, whatever. And then I misused the fact that the top football soccer clubs in Belgium inappropriately and against all agreements made their soccer players priority people. So I said, “I can use that!” Because if the population really believes that this vaccine is so desirable that even the soccer players would be dishonest to get their vaccine, I said, “I can play with that.” So I made a big fuss about this in the media. (Audience laughing) But it worked…”

The strategic fear mongering for convincing humanity to accept a new vaccine is further confirmed in a 2018 video recording of a panel discussion with Anthony Fauci and others, who publicly discuss how to manipulate the public into accepting an untested, experimental, dangerous RNA injection. They talk about the need of a worldwide "crisis event" that would influence public opinion. One of the panel members states that such an event could include "a virus originating in China and spreading worldwide", in order to coerce humanity into receiving an untested, DNA-altering injection.

You can hear these government officials talk about manipulating the public with fear in the below documentary, THE PLAN.


A virologist from the World Health Organization revealed on Dutch television that the WHO has a plan for 10 years of infectious diseases between 2020 and 2030. 

Inflicting worldwide psychosis through the news

Governments closely work with mainstream news media to control exactly what the public thinks and believes. A good synonym for news media is mind control.  It's essentially the same.  News media effectively controls the minds of the people, since most people unquestioningly believe anything they hear on the news.

The secret to convincing people to go along with insanity is fear. Once you are able to make them afraid enough, they will do anything to find safety. 

Take covid, for example: a disease with a survival rate of 99.7%, similar to the seasonal flu. It is essentially the same type of pathogen: a coronavirus. There have been several coronaviruses in the world for many decades, and previously nobody cared. Every year, millions worldwide die from the flu. It's a part of life. People with weak immune systems and bad overall health are vulnerable to all kinds of illnesses. About 50 million people die annually from a variety of diseases. Here are just a few examples: 


1.5 million die of Alzheimer's
1.6 million die of diabetes
6.2 million die of stroke
8.8 million die of heart disease
3.1 million die of lung disease
1.7 million die of lung cancer
1.4 million die of diarrhea
1.3 million die of tuberculosis
1.2 million die of liver damage

And so on.

Let this sink in: approximately 136,000 people die every singe day! But nobody is wearing masks, or staying in their homes, or closing their businesses because they are so afraid of dying that they refuse to live. Covid is one of the lesser lethal diseases known to man. Yet the news media inflicted such terror on the minds of the masses, that many allowed their most basic rights and freedoms to be taken from them, and their lives to be destroyed.

It's all a mind game, nothing else. 

great reset lockdown

The effect of this worldwide mind control operation was that: 

  • the entire world population was locked up in their homes for months,
  • millions of small businesses were destroyed,
  • no one was allowed to visit their elderly parents,
  • everyone had to distance themselves from their fellow humans, 
  • millions weren't even allowed in their own garden or on the beach,
  • everyone was forced to wear suffocating masks, and
  • ultimately, we stood in line to be injected with an experimental cocktail of undisclosed substances which had no essential safety testing.

If that wasn't enough, the public agreed to the installation of far-reaching systems of surveillance and control. All because the news media had convinced the world to be terrified of a disease with a 99.79% survival rate.

The news media is capable of inflicting a worldwide psychosis that will cause humanity to do even the most absurd things.

For example, driving around in their car, all by themselves - with a mask on. Or running in nature, with not a soul around - with a mask on. Or entering a restaurant with a mask, taking it off at the table, and putting it back on when going to the restroom.  And even swimming in the ocean with a mask on...

swimming ocean face mask

In normal situations, people consider this kind of irrational behavior an expression of insanity. But when the news media tells us we should do this to "stay safe", most people follow suit unquestioningly. News media can push the masses into a full-blown psychosis, where people shut off all common sense and unthinkingly comply with even the most absurd dictates. Even as far as injecting their children with untested cocktails of undisclosed substances, when children are essentially at zero risk for covid.

The US wages endless wars -
but nobody cares

Another example of how humanity is being played by the news is the worldwide outrage about the war in Ukraine. Never mind that, for decades, the United States has been invading dozens of countries in far more horrendous ways than what Russia is doing. Just take a look at the above map showing all the nations where the US has waged war. The US has dropped more than 300,000 bombs, mostly on civilians, and destroyed the lives of millions worldwide. Did anybody care?  No. Nobody hung flags of the invaded nations on their porches or put the colors of those nations on their website or social media pages.

Nobody cared - not in the least.

So why is there such a worldwide outrage about Ukraine? Because the news media is telling us to be angry. They play our emotions, direct our opinions, and control our actions, without anyone being aware of it. This is how easy it has become to seize control over the world: simply broadcast something on the news and humanity will fall at your feet, granting your every wish.

Billionaires own all
mainstream news media

Because news media has the incredible ability to manipulate the mind, emotions, and behavior of the masses, criminal billionaires have made it a priority to become the sole owners of all news media worldwide. This allows them to fully control the majority of the world population, who have no clue that all day, every day, they are being played. The brilliant documentary MONOPOLY (below) reveals how almost everything on earth is owned by one small group of astronomically wealthy criminals. Be sure to watch this film, as it is an incredible eye-opener. 

Who owns the world?

"MONOPOLY" reveals how all news media worldwide is owned by a handful of people, who also own virtually everything else in the world: social media, technology,  health care, the food industry, etc. This gives them the power to control almost of all humanity. 

Medical experts say
the pandemic was planned

Simone Gold - americas frontline doctors

When we see how governments and mainstream news media worldwide collaborated on an international level to inflict mass psychosis on the population, we have to wonder what the purpose of this unprecedented global partnership was. The answer is given by literally hundreds of medical and scientific organizations listed in the World Freedom Directory. Tens of thousands of medical experts have been warning humanity that the pandemic is an orchestrated operation, with the purpose of establishing extreme systems of surveillance and control over the world population. 

Whenever a pandemic is declared by the World Health Organization, it literally becomes a one world government, issuing binding guidelines to every country in the world. Yet the WHO is a private organization owned by private entities such as Bill Gates. As the primary financial benefactor of the WHO, Gates has the power to strictly dictate their policies.

This effectively makes Bill Gates a world dictator during any pandemic - which the WHO can declare at will. 

Of course, Gates is but a public puppet of even more powerful entities who operate behind the scenes. The identity of these concealed puppet masters is revealed in this report.

See the evidence for yourself

Is there conclusive evidence that indeed the pandemic was an orchestrated criminal operation? Yes, there is. We invite you to see the evidence for yourself in the below linked reports. This is an enormous amount of solid information for your own research. The world's #1 source of evidence, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt how the pandemic was planned, is the film, THE PLAN.

Please have the courage and willingness to see the abundance of profound evidence.

And please don't hesitate to share this with others. We must wake up the world, because the same culprits are busy implementing suffocating tyranny on all of humanity through the excuse of 'climate change'.  Don't be afraid to take a stand. Rise up to defend our world, our rights, our freedoms, our families and our businesses. Share this far and wide.

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