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CURES FOR COVID-19 – Revealed By World Leading Medical Experts

covid cures

COVID-19 is not a death sentence, because there are cures for covid. Coronaviruses have existed for many decades and SARS-CoV-2 is just one of them. The term ‘novel’ coronavirus doesn’t mean it’s a brand new pathogen, but it simply means that this is the next coronavirus in a series of many coronaviruses that have been around for a very long time. They are all categorized as influenza or flu viruses, which can be treated successfully.

This report shows an overview of scientifically proven cures or treatments for COVID-19. Everyone of these treatments is used by many thousands of medical doctors worldwide, and is backed by extensive scientific research. They are advised by some of the world’s leading scientific minds. 

There is for example professor Didier Raoult, the world’s leading expert on infectious diseases, whose protocol is used by countless physicians worldwide, saving millions of lives. There is also the biophysicist Andreas Kalcker, the world’s authority on chlorine dioxide, a substance which is used by over five thousand physicians to cure covid patients. Then there is Professor McCullough who is the most published scientist in his field of expertise, who provided early treatment for COVID-19 to about 25% of all covid patients in the United States. We also have Dr Pierre Kory whose group of scientists have published over 2,000 peer reviewed scientific papers and who succesfully treated innumerous covid patients. 

Why don't most people know about cures for COVID-19?

covid cures treatment unknown

We have to ask ourselves the important question why the cures for covid are not massively promoted by the news media, or by the so called ‘health organizations’. 

99,99% of all covid deaths could easily have been prevented, if only the people were allowed treatment with one of these drugs.

At the end of this report you can read stories of medical doctors all over the world who were literally forbidden by the government to treat covid patients. These physicians were censored, slandered and even threatened, simply because they used their medical expertise to save the lives of patients. Also the above mentioned world leaders in medicine are being slandered all over the internet. Why is this happening? Shouldn't scientists who have solutions for a world health crisis be allowed to share their answer to humanity?

Make sure to read this report to the end, so you see what is going on, and you learn how to protect yourself.

World Leading Scientists
Who Succesfully Treat COVID-19

It's not just unknown doctors who are touting unproven treatments, but rather the leading medical minds of our world who succesfully treat covid patients with proven cures. Here's just a few of them, but remember there are thousands more worldwide. 

cure covid Didier Raoult

Professor Didier Raoult, MD, PhD

✔︎ Director of one of the largest research groups in infectious diseases and microbiology

✔︎ Most cited microbiologist in Europe according to ISI and was cited more the 5000 times in 2012

✔︎ Has trained more than 457 foreign scientists in his lab since 1998 with more than 1950 articles referred in ISI or Pubmed.

✔︎ Is considered the world's foremost expert on infectious diseases

covid cures peter mccullough

Professor Peter McCullough, MD, MPH

✔︎ Most published physician in the world on cardiovascular illness and renal disease with over 1,000 publications and over 600 citations in the National Library of Medicine.

✔︎ Academic, physician, professor of medicine, editor of several scientific publications, including ‘Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine’ and ‘American Journal of Cardiology and Cardiorenal Medicine’.

✔︎ Vice Chief of Internal Medicine Baylor University Medical Center Dallas, TX

✔︎ Founder and current president of the Cardiorenal Society of America

✔︎ Principal Faculty in internal medicine for the Texas A & M University Health Sciences Center

✔︎ Testified at the U.S. Senate regarding early treatment for COVID-19

covid cures treatments pierre kory

Dr. Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

✔︎ Former Chief of the Critical Care Service and Medical Director of the Trauma and Life Support Center at the University of Wisconsin.

✔︎ Board-Certified Specialist in Critical Care Medicine, Pulmonary Diseases, and Internal Medicine

✔︎ International pioneer in the development and teaching of Critical Care Ultrasonography

✔︎ Senior editor of the most popular and award-winning textbook in that field and the 2nd edition of his book has now been published in 7 languages

✔︎ President of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance

✔︎ Testified twice at the U.S. Senate regarding early treatment for COVID-19

Dr. Simone Gold, MD, JD, FABEM

✔︎ Board Certified Emergency Medicine Specialist in Los Angeles, CA with over 32 years of experience in the medical field

✔︎ Founder of America's Frontline Doctors, a national network of leading medical experts

✔︎ Spokesperson for 600 Medical Doctors who informed the President about damage caused by lockdowns

✔︎ Worked in Washington D.C. for the Surgeon General, as well as for the Chairman of the Labor & Human Resources Committee

✔︎ Stanford educated lawyer

Dr. Rob Elens, MD

✔︎ Owner of Peel Medical Center in the Netherlands

✔︎ Directs thousands of medical doctors who advocate early treatment for COVID-19

✔︎ Founder of national selfcare platform to overcome COVID-19 in the Netherlands

Dr. David Brownstein, MD

✔︎ One of the foremost practitioners of holistic medicine

✔︎ Developed holistic treatment for COVID-19 with 100% recovery rate

✔︎ Medical Director of the Center for Holistic Medicine in West Bloomfield, MI

✔︎ Has lectured internationally to physicians and others about his success in using natural hormones and nutritional therapies in his practice

✔︎ Board Member of International College of Integrative Medicine

✔︎ Recipient of two prestigious awards: The first was given by the American College for the Advancement in Medicine at the 2005 annual meeting. The award was the Norman E. Clarke Sr. Award for Science and Practice. The second award was given by the American Academy of Integrative Medicine at their 2005 annual meeting in Florida. This was titled, 2005 ARC Excellence Award for Distinguished Clinician for his “Advancement in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Diseases.”

Dr. Joseph Mercola, DO

✔︎ Osteopathic physician and surgeon

✔︎ Best-selling author on topics related to health and nutrition

✔︎ Recipient of multiple awards in the field of natural health

✔︎ Founder of internationally recognized health platform


Dr. Richard Bartlett, MD

✔︎ Specializes in General Practice, General Surgery and Family Medicine

✔︎ Former top medical advisor for Texas Governor Rick Perry

✔︎ Was responsible for providing quality health care to the state of Texas for 7 years

✔︎ 28 years of experience in the medical field

Dr. Jeffrey Barke, MD

✔︎ Clinical professor at University of California, and Irvine School of Medicine. 

✔︎ Founder of PersonalCare Physicians

✔︎ Family Medicine Specialist in Newport Beach, CA with thirty years of experience in the medical field


Hydroxychloroquine + Zinc


professeur didier raoult

Professor Didier Raoult is considered the world expert on infectious diseases. He has his own ‘army’ of scientific researchers and has led a hundred medical theses and university doctorates. His opinion has influenced world leaders and his voice carries great international authority.

At the beginning of the pandemic, professor Raoult started treating covid patients with a medicine that has been around for over sixty years and is famous for its safety and efficiency in defeating coronaviruses: hydroxychloroquine.



In countries where hydroxychloroquine is widely used, there is virtually no COVID-19!

Professor Didier Raoult treated over four thousand patients with hydroxychloroquine + azitromycine and virtually all of them recovered, with the exception of a handful very elderly who already had several deadly health conditions. His success rate was almost 100%. (1)

‘This is the end of the pandemic!’ exclaimed professor Raoult. 

Thousands of Dutch Medical Doctors Defend Hydroxychloroquine

dr rob elens

This incredible success inspired many other medical doctors around the world to start using the same drug. In The Netherlands Dr. Rob Elens gave all his covid patients hydroxychloroquine combined with zinc, and saw a 100% recovery rate in an average of four days. Nobody needed to be hospitalized.

Along with 2,700+ (!) other medical professionals he sent a letter to the Dutch government, to defend hydroxychloroquine and ask them to include it into the standard protocol. (2)

Dr. Elens and other Dutch medical doctors set up a 'COVID-19 Self Care' website, with information on how to prevent and overcome COVID-19, using HCQ and zinc. 

Dr. Zelenko Helped
 1000+ Covid Patients Recover

In New York the Family Practitioner Dr. Vladimir Zelenko treated over 500 covid patients with hydroxychloroquine + zinc + azitromycine. (3)  He also had a 100% recovery rate, with hardly any side effects, and no hospitalizations.

As time passed by, Dr. Zelenko helped already one thousand covid patients recover, usually in a matter of days.  

He developed a protocol to treat COVID-19 which became world famous and is saving the lives of tens of thousands of people around the world. It is called The Zelenko Protocol and consists of administering hydroxychloroquine, combined with zinc and azitromycine. 

This picture shows the doses advised by Dr. Zelenko. 

the zelenko protocol hcq

HCQ is the gun and
 ZINC is the bullet

The way this treatment works is very simple. Basically it is ZINC that kills the virus. It can however be hard for zinc to penetrate the cell wall. That's where HCQ comes in: it helps zinc break through the cell wall, so zinc can then destroy the virus. Azitromycine helps prevent additional infections. Doctor Vladimir Zelenko explains it like this:

Hydroxychloroquine is the gun that shoots the bullet (= zinc) and azitromycine is a protective vest. 

Dr. Zelenko has the following banner on his Twitter page, to illustrate this principle. You see how HCQ breaks through the door, with ZINC being ready to shoot, while AZ offers backup. 

covid cure treatment

1,700 Covid Patients Healed
with Zelenko Protocol

Dr. Brian Tyson is the owner of 'All Valley Urgent Care' in El Centro, California. He has treated over 1,700 corona patients using the Zelenko Protocol and saw a 100% recovery rate. You can hear Dr. Tyson explain this amazing treatment, in the following news video.

Dr. Immanuel Helped
 500+ Covid Patients Recover

Dr. Stella Immanuel from Texas treated over 500 covid patients, with a 100% success rate. (4) Some of them were in their nineties, eighties and seventies. Nobody died! In a broadcast of the American Frontline Doctors Dr. Immanuel explains how in Africa this medicine has been used for decades and is even given to newborns and very elderly, because it’s so safe and powerful. 

Dr. Immanuel has set up a nationwide TeleMedicine Service which you can call, to get prevention and treatment for COVID-19. 

In the video below you can hear the America's Frontline Doctors speak about HCQ as both prevention and a cure for COVID-19. 

Several scientific studies confirmed how powerful HCQ is in defeating the coronavirus, especially in combination with zinc and azithromycine. (5) The website gives a realtime overview of HCQ studies worldwide, that all reveal how HCQ dramatically lowers the death rate of COVID-19.

55+ studies show
79.1 % lower mortality rate

Dr. Simone Gold, who was the spokesperson for over 600 medical doctors in America, tweeted that countries administering HCQ have a 79.1% lower mortality rate. When HCQ is given in early stages of COVID-19, there is a 100% survival rate. (6)

tweet gold studies hcq

Study from 2005 proved
anti-viral effect of HCQ

The strong anti-viral effect of chloroquine on SARS-CoV had already been proven by an extensive scientific study by the NIH (which is directed by Dr. Anthony Fauci) in 2005. The conclusion of this study was:

'Chloroquine has strong antiviral effects on SARS-CoV infection of primate cells. Chloroquine is effective in preventing the spread of SARS CoV in cell culture.' (7)
covid cure fauci

Quercetin as alternative for hydroxychloroquine

A very good alternative to HCQ is a natural supplement called QUERCETIN, which does the same thing as HCQ: it helps zinc break through the cell wall and do it's life saving job.

Quercetin can be easily purchased in health stores like Natural Grocers, or you can find it online.


The Holistic Approach:
Hydrogen Peroxide


covid cure holistic medicine

A second proven, safe and effective cure for COVID-19 was developed by Dr. David Brownstein from Michigan. Dr. Brownstein has over thirty years of experience in holistic medicine, and has been an innovator and pioneer in this field.

Holistic means 'whole'. This medical approach goes deeper than orthodox allopathy, because it looks at an individual's overall physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing before recommending treatment. Holistic therapies tend to emphasize proper nutrition and avoidance of substances—such as chemicals—that pollute the body. Their techniques are non-invasive. 

Being an experienced holistic practitioner Dr. Brownstein started treating his covid patients with a natural and safe protocol that includes intravenous vitamin C and iodine, nebulized hydrogen peroxide, along with oral administration of vitamins A and D. In an interview with Highwire (which was censored by Youtube) Dr. Brownstein said the following:

We've treated over a hundred patients and they're all better. No one has been hospitalised or ventilated. We had a 100% success rate with this.
We treated patients who were very old and very sick and we thought they were dying. But these patients are getting better with these therapies.

You can hear Dr. Brownstein and Dr. Richard NG from the Center for Holistic Medicine explain more about their 100% successful treatment in the video below.

In collaboration with other medical experts Dr Brownstein published a scientific study about his holistic treatment for Covid-19. (8)


Dr. Brownstein saw over 120 covid patients recover, after treating them with nebulized hydrogen peroxide, intravenous iodine + vitamine C and oral vitamine A and D. 

Dr. Mercola Explains
How Hydrogen Peroxide Works

A world leader in science based education about Natural Health is Doctor Joseph Mercola. This internationally recognized pioneer has been the recipient of numerous awards and honors. In 2009, Dr. Mercola was named the top Ultimate Wellness Game Changer. To help you feel confident with the advice of this health expert I will show an overview of his awards. (9)


Excellence in Health Journalism Award
Freedom of Informed Choice Award
Emord and Associates P.C.

Pinnacle Award Lifetime Achievement Award 2019 
Mindshare Summit

Future of Medicine Award 2017

American Comprehensive Integrative Medicine

Activist Award 2011

Weston Price Foundation

Philanthropist for Justice 2011

Consumers for Dental Choice

Vision and Charity Award 2009

National Vaccine Information Center

Wellness Revolution Hall of Fame

Parker Chiropractic 2007

Dr. Mercola confirms the efficiency of hydrogen peroxide in defeating resporatory infections and summarizes how it works:

Hydrogen peroxide sits inside and outside cells of your cells in low levels, ready and waiting to be generated in greater amounts as soon as a pathogen is detected by your immune system.
Nebulizing hydrogen peroxide into your sinuses, throat and lungs is a simple, straightforward way to augment your body’s natural expression of hydrogen peroxide to combat infections.
In addition to having direct viricidal effects, iodine improves white blood cell function and thyroid hormone production. This provides a metabolic boost to white blood cells to increase hydrogen peroxide antimicrobial properties which is one way your immune system works to kill pathogens.
Vitamin C also increases hydrogen peroxide production when used at high doses, while vitamin A helps modulate your immune system.
Buy a desktop nebulizer and stock food-grade hydrogen peroxide, Lugol’s iodine and some saline. That way, you have everything you need and can begin treatment at home at the first signs of a respiratory infection.
nebulizer covid

1920 Study Shows How Hydrogen Peroxide Saved Lives

In 1920 a study was done by The Lancet to see if intravenous hydrogen peroxide could save the life of dying patients in India, who suffered from an extreme case of broncho-pneumonia of influenzal origin. The result was amazing:

more than 50% of the dying patients - who were considered hopeless by the medical staff - fully recovered. 

This is a copy of a 2007 fax that was sent about this study, and a brief transcript follows. 

intravenous hydrogen peroxide study 1920
'The first case was an Indian with broncho-pneumonia of influenzal origin and intensely toxemic. He had been delirious for two days previously, and was being selected as being the worst case in the ward and to all appearances moribund.' 

After giving him the infusion very slowly, the following result was reported:

'The change of the mental condition was remarkable. The patient who previously had to be tied in bed owing to delirium, was within six hours sitting up and asking for food; he slept well the next night and from that time improved in every way.'

Encouraged by the apparent success in this case, they tried the method on 25 other cases of influenzal pneumonia, selecting always those whose condition was apparently hopeless. Of the total of 25 cases, 13 recovered and 12 died. Of the 13 that recovered, 10 were delirious and had to be held down inbed. 3 were comatose from toxemia. They completely recovered!

intravenous hydrogen peroxide

Intravenous hydrogen peroxide saved the lives of half the patients that otherwise would have died. Ten of them were delirious and three were in a coma. Hydrogen peroxide saved their lives and they fully recovered.

How To Use 
Nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide

In this tutorial video Dr. Mercola takes you through the simple process of nebulizing hydrogen peroxide. Make sure to follow his advice carefully. There is also a written article by Dr. Mercola on treating COVID-19 here.

More information on
nebulized peroxide


Nebulized Budesonide


Richard Bartlett Covid Cure Budesonide

Dr Richard Bartlett was asked by Texas governor Perry to be part of the Health Disparity Taskforce, which advizes the governor on how to establish quality healthcare in all of Texas. Dr. Bartlett was asked year after year again, for seven years, to be on this team. He has also been the health expert for the CBS affiliate in West Texas for 20 years. Furthermore Dr. Bartlett does a weekly update on COVID-19 on the NewsTalk 550 in West Texas, which he has done since the beginning of this drama.

Since the pandemic started, Dr. Bartlett successfully treated over 500 COVID-19 patients with a 100% succes rate, using a well known asthma medicine Budesonide.

This treatment is also used in Taiwan, Japan and Iceland, where very few people have died from Covid-19, in populations of tens of millions of people! 

taiwan covid cure

In an interview with ‘America can we talk’ Dr. Bartlett shares how a lady who was already suffering from two cancers and whose body was weak from the chemo therapies, got COVID-19 on top of that. She was dying...

The lady was treated with Budesonide and a few days later she worked eight hour shifts again. 

You can hear Dr. Richard Bartlett explain more about this 100% effective treatment for COVID-19 in the following interview, with 'America can we talk'. 

Budesonide Testimonies

“For days I thought I was going to pass. Within hours of taking the budesonide treatments from home, I knew I was going to pull through. Second day I felt better. Third day I felt much better. On the eighth day I felt fabulous. On the tenth day, I tested negative. And now I have been able to help others.”
Francisco Bejarano, Covid survivor
“If I had not seen the video of Dr. Bartlett‘s success and if I had not had the wherewithal to fight, to advocate, and finally to demand that I be prescribed the budesonide, I believe that I would have been in the hospital on a ventilator and probably would not be writing this letter.”
James Lloyd, Covid survivor
prof dan nicolau

'…if we keep 60 percent of people out of hospital using budesonide, then, well, that’s the kind of thing we throw a barbecue over.'

Prof. Dan Nicolau, University of Oxford

Letter to Senator Bob Hall
About Budesonide

Dr. Bartlett wrote a letter to the Senator of Texas, Bob Hall, in which he explains how Budesonide is saving countless lives across the world. Here is a shortened version of this letter: (11)

Dear Senator Hall:
As a physician with frontline experience wrestling with COVID-19, I would like to share an effective treatment that is both intuitive and evidenced-based
I administer a common respiratory anti-inflammatory corticosteroid, Budesonide, via a nebulizer directly to the lungs at the first signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and concurrently initiate COVID-19 testing. 
My rationale for choosing Budesonide over other corticosteroids is that it appears to block most of the cytokine storm inflammatory chemicals that COVID-19 triggers.
Inhaled Budesonide is currently under study at the NIH and is also undergoing study in France. Spain and Oxford University have both, individually, announced plans to study inhaled Budesonide as a COVID-19 therapy.
Thus far, 100% of my patients appear to be symptom-free following a course of inhaled Budesonide therapy.
These successful outcomes include Texans who are at the highest risk for a very poor prognosis. For example, an elderly woman who was my patient had two types of blood cancer and was immunocompromised and undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. 
She is now COVID-19 recovered with inhaled Budesonide therapy. (Note: To be COVID-19 recovered is defined as symptom-free with two consecutive negative tests.)
Another one of my patients on the critical end of the spectrum included an elderly woman with a 50-year history of smoking, a history of high blood pressure and thyroid disease treatment, and a surgical history of four-vessel cardiac bypass surgery. 
Following a course of inhaled Budesonide therapy, she was also COVID-19 recovered.
Both Texans avoided a hospitalization, a ventilator, and a possible demise.
Inhaled Budesonide is a therapy safe for fragile Texans. It has been studied and utilized for lung-related inflammation for over 20+ years and is safe enough for 2-pound infants in the NICU.
As I reviewed the efficacy of corticosteroids in other COVID-19 settings, I found that many of the nations that initiated a variation of my treatment also found incredible success.
For example, Taiwan, a nation of 24 million, treats early with a different inhaled corticosteroid and has had only had seven deaths over the duration of this pandemic. 
Or consider Japan, who also treated with an inhaled corticosteroid. Although Japan's demographics skew towards an older population, they have had only 977 deaths in a nation of 121 million. Likewise, consider South Korea with population of 50 million who recorded only 283 deaths using an inhaled corticosteroid. (see
Finally, although the FDA does not have any approved medicines specifically for COVID-19, they have approved Budesonide nebulizer therapy to treat other respiratory inflammatory disorders. 
As such, inhaled Budesonide is an intuitive frontline defense for the COVID-19 outbreak.
Sincerely, Richard P. Bartlett, MD

Case Study Report

case study report covid cure

Dr. Bartlett wrote an in depth Case Study Report (12) with the assistance of Alexandria Watkins, DNP-APRN. In it they describe in detail how several covid patients with severe underlying conditions recovered quickly, after being treated with Bedusonide. The report also contains pratical instructions how to use this treatment, along with Supportive Therapy which includes Biaxin, Zinc and Aspirine.

Biaxin inhibits the growth of atypical pathogens and is commonly prescribed to treat bacterial infections and community-acquired pneumonia
Aspirin has the potential to inhibit viral replication, anti-inflammatory, and anti-lung injuries, as well as anti-platelet aggregation.
Zinc restores depleted immune cell function and has the potential to enhance antiviral immunity.

Full Protocol
For Using Budesonide

On the website Budesonide Works you can find the following full protocol on how to treat COVID-19 using Budesonide.

Budesonide 0.5-1mg/2ml respules
Sig:1 respule q 2 hours PRN severe symptoms
Dispense 2 boxes

Clarithromycin 500mg
Sig:1 Tab PO BID with food
Dispense 14. Refills X 1

Zinc 50mg
Sig:1 PO QD
Dispense 30 Refills X 1

For Adults
Coated Aspirin 81mg
Sig:1 PO QD
Dispense 90 Refills X 3

Find detailed information about Budesonide on the website BudesonideWorks


Why Is There Still A Pandemic?

pandemic cures

These three treatments are all amazingly effective, very safe, and super cheap. More treatments are being developed and I will update this page as new information becomes available. All by all, this is wonderful news for our world. Professor Raoult was right, when he said: 

’This is the end of the pandemic!’

But, according to the mass media and government entities, the pandemic is still in full swing, wreacking havoc across the world. How is that possible, when such powerful treatments are in existence? The answer is deeply disturbing and may be hard to believe:


Mainstream media, social media, all kinds of 'health organizations' like the WHO, Big Pharma, and governments are doing everything in their ability, to suppress these cures and hide them from the people.

Leading Medical Doctors From America Are Being Deleted 

America's Frontline Doctors is a group of medical experts with decades of experience, and positions of authority in the American medical community. Their founder, Dr. Simone Gold, is the spokesperson for over 600 medical doctors in the USA, who revealed the devastating effect of the lockdowns. The America's Frontline Doctors held a national summit in Washington D.C. where they publicly declared:

'There is no need for fear. Nobody needs to die. There is prevention for COVID-19 and... there is a cure: hydroxychloroquine! It aborts the disease process and is safe to use. We have treated large numbers of covid patients with tremendous success.'  

This national group of medical practitioners shared an amazing message of hope and healing, which is desperately needed in America and the whole world. The live broadcast had twenty millions views! Humanity was hearing the right news, at last. Not from media giants, but from actual medical doctors who know what they are talking about. 

Then something disturbing happened...


YouTube and Facebook deleted their video, their entire website was taken down from Squarespace, and posts on Twitter from these doctors were deleted. Their message was censored across the entire internet.

The founder of America's Frontline Doctors, Dr. Simone Gold, posted the following messages on Twitter:

tweet simone gold censorship


'WOW: Social media companies are now censoring the medical studies of trained physicians and medical researchers, when it goes against their narrative. 
They are labeling medical studies as 'false news'.


'Why are social media company employees with no medical degree or clinical experience censoring the perspective of practicing physicians?'
'Why are journalists claiming hydroxychloroquine is ineffective, when there are numerous studies showcasing its efficacy against COVID-19?'


'Why are state governors restricting physicians from prescribing an FDA approved medication for 65 years, and empowering pharmacies to over-rule your doctor?'
'These are actions are unprecedented and have never happened before in medicine.'

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko was also censored on Twitter, for sharing his medical experience with HCQ and testifying how hundreds of covid patients recovered:


'Hello. Twitter suspended me for 7 days for saying xxxx works for Covid. Thank G-d I'm surviving and still in the fight. Ty so much for your positive blessings and support. It really helps keep up moral.'

In another tweet Dr. Zelenko expressed his fury over the banning of life saving medical treatments:


'Day reckoning is coming for everyone who colluded anti-HCQ propaganda. If you're among the policymakers or physicians participating in this charade, you may want to dissociate yourself while you can credibly plead ignorance for tens of thousands of preventable deaths.'

Criminal Censorship

Dr. David Brownstein started writing about his holistic treatment for COVID-19, and was severely rebuked by the Federal Trading Commission. He was forced to stop reporting about his life saving protocol. (7C)


His entire medical blog was taken down from the internet. A blog with decades of medical expertise, proven treatments and tremendous hope for humanity, was completely removed.

Dr. Rob Elens who was seeing all his covid patients recover in a matter of days, was rebuked by the medical inspection of the Netherlands. He was commanded to stop saving the lives of his patients, or he would lose his medical license. He literally had to let the people die!

Dr. Elens made several videos to inform people about cures for COVID-19... which were immediately taken down by YouTube.


'The governments say there's no treatment for Covid-19. It's a lie. It's deception. They don't want to cure Covid-19 because...
everyone has to get the vaccines.'

Medical center De Peel, The Netherlands

Dr. Richard Bartlett is being smeared and slandered all over the internet in an attempt to convince humanity that his treatment is no good. The fact that he saw over five hundered patients recover, is completely ignored. That these treatments have prevented tens of thousands of deaths in Iceland, Japan and Taiwan, is also entirely neglected.

criminal journalism

The media slander every medical practitioner who succesfully treats covid-patients. There are no words to describe these media crimes. 

Reporters of mainstream media have become the frontline workforce of the most wicked criminals in the history of humanity, who murder millions of people by hiding treatments that could have saved them and their families. It's too insane for words. 

Dr. Stella Immanuel who helped over 500 covid patients recover, is also being attacked by the media mafia, who stop at nothing to suppress the truth about working treatments for Covid.

Dr. Immanuel expressed her bewilderment over this genocide on Twitter:


'200,000+ senseless deaths. Mask, lock downs, businesses destroyed, our children harassed, churches closed when we have effective treatment and prevention.'
'Someone please answer me. Is FDA, CDC, CNN, CNBC, FB, TWITTER, GOOGLE and WHO run by humans? How could they be so evil?'

The world famous health platform of Dr. Joseph Mercola used to be the go to place for independent, science based information on natural healing.

Google shadowbanned this award winning medical expert and his platform lost 99% of web traffic overnight.

I could go on and on about the criminal and unprecedented censorship that is being applied to the worldwide medical and scientific community, to suppress the information that can save the lives of millions of precious people.

Why is this happening? If you want to see the full picture, then I invite you to take some time to read through the FULL COVID-19 REPORT here. 


'If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.'

George Washington
First President of the United States of America

Fraudulent Studies Disqualify
a Safe Drug for Covid-19

Apart from censorship, something else is happening which is even worse: former respected scientific institutions, like The Lancet from the United Kingdom, commit vulgar fraud with false studies, to discredit life saving treatments. The Lancet published a paper that supposedly 'proved' how ineffective and actually harmful HCQ is. Result? The whole world started to reject this cure. 

Shortly after the release of this study, several scientists exposed this report as a shameful scam. It was full of false data and had no scientific validity at all. This sent a shockwave through the international scientific community, as this kind of apparent fraud shatters the credibility of institutions that were once considered reliable sources. 

Mass Murder by the World Health Organization

Another trial was done by the World Health Organization who tested HCQ on 3,500 patients in 400 hospitals worldwide. To everybody's horror as many as one third of all the patients died!

The World Health Organization published these horrible numbers and as a result hydroxychloroquine was banned in several nations.

One intelligent medical expert, Dr. Meryl Nass, thought to herself:

'How strange... in the hands of real medical practioners HCQ heals tens of thousands of patients, with virtually no deaths. Yet, in the hands of the WHO it kills a thousand people...'

She took a good look at this study and discovered something horrendous: the World Health Organization gave their patients absurd, lethal doses of HCQ. Dr. Nass revealed: (4)

The WHO tests use excessive, dangerous HCQ doses. These tests are not testing the benefits of HCQ on Covid-19, but rather testing whether patients survive toxic, non-therapeutic doses.
dr meryl nass

'WHO and other organisations have conspired to administer excessive doses of HCQ in order to increase the number of deaths. By doing this, they rob billions of people of a safe and cheap medicine.'

Dr. Meryl Nass

Why are cures for covid forbidden?

The question we all have, is: why on earth are they doing this? What could be their motive by sending millions to their death, by depriving them of all working cures for COVID-19? If you have paid some attention during this pandemic, you may already have noticed that a number of things stand out.

For example, the call to vaccinate the whole world as quickly as possible. 

'Well, what's wrong with that?' you may ask.' We've been vaccinating everyone for decades, haven't we? Isn't that a good thing?' Yes, in itself it is. However, there is something strange about this new vaccine, or rather the new series of vaccines that are in the pipeline.

First of all, why do governments want to vaccinate everyone at all costs, when they are well aware that there are various treatments that are a millions times cheaper, safer and more effective?

It normally takes at least ten-twenty years to develop a safe vaccine. There can be very serious side effects. Now people have already died or become paralyzed in the first trials of covid vaccines. Bill Gates has openly stated that at least 700,000 (!!!) people will suffer from the side effects of the vaccines. Think about hundred thousand vaccine victims - at least! The actual number of victims will undoubtedly be much higher. Because where it normally takes ten to twenty years to make a safe vaccine, it is now done in A FEW MONTHS! The necessary safety tests are radically skipped.

Why are they doing this? Why suppress safe, cheap and almost 100% effective drugs, in order to impose an unsafe, astronomically expensive and dangerous vaccine? 

The following documentary with Dr Carrie Madej explains in detail what is wrong with the vaccine. Dr. Madej has been studying vaccines for twenty years and has discovered that the plan is to use the upcoming covid vaccines to introduce various new technologies into the human body. She talks about nanotechnology that will bring invisible little robots into our bodies, that can do innumerable things.

Watch this revealing documentary about the upcoming vaccines:

From Vaccines to Tyranny

Dr. Madej reveals how our DNA can be permanently transformed by these vaccines, because they are made to reprogram human DNA. Moreover, the vaccines will be linked to global control systems, in which only people who will accept all the new vaccines over and over again will retain the freedom to function in society.

The face mask mandates are a preparation for this: only people wearing a face mask are allowed to shop, use public transportation, go to work, etc. Only children with face masks are allowed to go to school.

The vaccine will only be the next step: if you are not vaccinated, you will get the label of 'danger to the public'. Thus, covid-19 is being manipulated to be an excuse for establishing a whole new level of totalitarian control by the authorities.

If you want to know more about this and see all the evidence for these shocking claims, I invite you to read the full report on COVID-19.

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