Meet the real Bill Gates: a master criminal who controls the world

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Bill Gates is all over the place: every major news media gives him a platform to tell the whole world what we can and cannot do, concerning our health. While he has no medical education whatsoever, he is dictating the health policies in virtually every nation. Because he owns half of the mainstream media, and pays the other half to work for him, he is able to effectively silence voices of millions of medical doctors and scientists who oppose his policies. 

Bill Gates is also the main sponsor of the World Health Organization and many other health institutes worldwide, as well as the main shareholder of most vaccine companies. Gates is the world’s #1 vaccine dealer, which made him the richest man in the whole world. Selling vaccines doubled his fortune to over 100 billion USD. He bribes or blackmails governments to propagate his vaccination agenda, and demands that all of humanity must be injected with an untested, experimental DNA-altering experimental agent, that is falsely marketed as a ‘vaccine for COVID-19’.

Bill Gates is not a computer genius

Thirty years ago the internet was buzzing with news articles about how Bill Gates was convicted for illegally suppressing all Microsoft competitors, in order to gain a world monopoly in the computer industry. After his conviction Gates launched a campaign to regain popularity, by donating billions of dollars to ‘help’ humanity. His new image was that of a generous philanthropist who uses his wealth to build a better world. The truth is, he was buying his way into the world’s health industry, in order to gain a world monopoly in that area as well. Now he is effectively dictating the health policies for nations around the world, without having any kind of medical degree. His money speaks louder than his lack of medical expertise.

Bill Gates wants to control the weather

bill gates globe

Gates’ next goal is to become the world’s leading voice when it comes to the environment, climate change, the weather, agriculture and the food industry. Based on 100% false claims he warns how the earth is about to experience catastrophic climate change. It is his excuse to impose insane 'solutions': humanity must stop eating meat and switch to consuming artificial steaks. Of course he is the one cooking up these plastic patties in his ’fake flesh factories’. He is also buying up most of the farmland in the USA, in order to become the largest producer of plant based protein, which must replace the meat industry. 

That will ‘save the world’ Bill Gates says, because ‘cows emit too much CO2’.

Bill Gates is also involved in spraying our skies with toxins in order to ‘cool down the earth’ by blocking the sun from humanity. His diabolical desire to play god over the whole earth, is leading him to increasingly psychopathic ideas, like filming every square inch of the earth from countless satellites. Of course, all this is only for the ‘well being’ of humanity.

Bill Gates is backed up by the elite

Never before in the history of humanity did one man have so much power over the whole earth. How is this possible? Because Bill Gates is backed up by a dangerous group of super wealthy criminals, called the elite or the 1% (in reality this group is about 0,000001% of the world population) who use him to gain control over every aspect of our world. This small group of trillionnaires provided all the support he needed to wipe out his opponents, get a firm grip on the worlds mainstream media, become the single most influential voice to governments, and control the majority of the pharmaceutical industry. 

Does all this sound too insane to be true? Absolutely. No way can this ridiculous scenario be even remotely close to reality. Or… could it? 

The following documentaires have been produced by the world’s leading investigative journalists who spent decades gathering information about Bill Gates and his parters in crime, like Anthony Fauci. They made these high quality documentaires to open the eyes of humanity, before it is too late. Make sure to watch them, to understand what is going on in oru world...

Bill Gates Documentaries

Who is Bill Gates?

Very impressive full lenght documentary by the world's nr 1 'Bill Gates expert', the renown investigative journalist James Corbet. He built one of the largest databases of information to expose the criminal elite who run the world:
 The Corbet Report - Open Source Intelligence News.

The Bill Gates Agenda

From the makers of the world's most viewed documentary PLANDEMIC comes an equally impressive short documentary about Bill Gates. According to legend Bill Gates built his computer empire out of his garage. Reality tells another story: Bill Gates stole inventions from others, lied and cheated, and took all the credit.... plus of course the billions of dollars.


For years this revealing short documentary was removed from the internet, nowhere to be found. Censorship seemed to have destroyed it entirely... untill it suddenly resurfaced in 2021! Immediately it went viral and is now present on all the free speech platforms.

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