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How vaccine mandates have destroyed millions of lives around the world

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This is the world's most comprehensive overview of the indescribable devastation caused to billions of people, by the so called "vaccines" for covid. Please don't disregard this, as your very life depends on it. 

Unvaccinated are being terrorized

We will start by showing how billions of intelligent people, who chose common sense over unquestioning compliance, have been terrorized by their governments. They refused to be injected with untested, experimental DNA- altering cocktails of undisclosed toxins, created by companies that are known for putting profit over people, while also having a track record of fraud. These people did their own research and found that this injection doesn't prevent infection or transmission, and has a long list of permanent and even lethal side effects. Because they chose to protect their health and life, instead of becoming lab rats in an international uncontrolled experiment run by convicted criminals, they have been terrorized by the authorities. Here is a list of some examples of inhumane vaccine tyranny... 

The unvaccinated are excluded from accessing their bank account  🔗

The unvaccinated are excluded from government support 🔗

The unvaccinated are excluded from the economy 🔗

The unvaccinated are excluded from entering supermarkets 🔗

The unvaccinated are excluded from health care 🔗

︎ The unvaccinated are excluded from elections 🔗

The unvaccinated are excluded from having a job 🔗

The unvaccinated are excluded from school 🔗

The unvaccinated are denied basic rights 🔗

The unvaccinated are being punished

Unvaccinated pilots are fined 200 USD monthly 🔗

Unvaccinated parents can't see their children in hospitals 🔗

Unvaccinated army soldiers lose their pay 🔗

Unvaccinated soldiers are discharged from the army 🔗

The unvaccinated are being reported to the FBI 🔗

The unvaccinated are being fined and arrested 🔗

The unvaccinated are locked up in camps 🔗

Senator warns they will shoot unvaccinated 🔗

Mentioning adverse events is forbidden

Doctor who warns of vaccine adverse events is locked up in psychic ward 🔗

Doctor who reveals contents of vaccines is arrested and beaten to death 🔗

Doctors and scientists who inform the public about vaccine adverse events are censored 🔗

Informing people about vaccine adverse events is considered terrorism 🔗

Cry for help from Australia

The following video is a cry for help from Australia. It illustrates the extreme tyranny imposed on the people through vaccine mandates. Australia has been the world's most severe testing ground, to see how the public responds to this kind of cruel oppression. But similar horrors have been experienced all around the world - in Israel, The Netherlands, Canada, and so on. 

Tyranny will increase worldwide

Some of these mandates have temporarily been paused, but the official agenda is to make vaccine mandates a basic requirement to participate in society. WHO virologist Marion Koopmans has stated that there is plan for ten years of ongoing pandemics. Bill Gates has already announced the next pandemic. The first pandemic was a "live exercise", said US Secretary Pompeo, and the vaccines an "uncontrolled experiment" said Dutch health minister Kuipers. The official plan, after the initial test phase of the first pandemic, is to make all this vaccine tyranny permanent during the second and third pandemic. 

Here are some examples of how the rulers are pushing to make vaccine mandates permanent:

1, 2 and even 3 injections is not enough  🔗

Government keeps database of unvaccinated children 🔗

G20 leaders agree to install worldwide vaccine mandates 🔗

 Vaccine cards are being implemented all over the world 🔗

Vaccination status is being linked to banking apps 🔗

The unvaccinated will increasingly lose their jobs 🔗

Children are injected at schools without parental consent 🔗

The injections are causing mass destruction

The injections have killed at least 13 million and counting 🔗

The injections have permanently damaged hundreds of millions 🔗

The injections are causing acute psychosis 🔗

The injections are causing innumerable sudden deaths 🔗

The injections are causing acute blindness and deafness 🔗

The injections are damaging the central nervous system 🔗

The injections are dramatically accelerating cancer 🔗

The injections are damaging the organs 🔗

The injections are causing acute paralysis 🔗

The injections are causing mass heart disease 🔗

The injections are destroying the immune system 🔗

The injections are causing strokes 🔗

The injections damage the vascular system 🔗

The injections cause inflammation of the heart muscle 🔗

World-renowned scientists show why covid vaccines cannot work 🔗

750+ studies show the dangers of covid injections 🔗

Self-assembling nanobots in the vaccines

Covid vaccines contain nano and micro graphene, causing bloodclots 🔗

Immortal hydra parasite found in covid vaccines 🔗

Covid vaccines contain parasites 🔗

Patent for using graphene oxide as carrier for coronavirus vaccine 🔗

Nanotubes and nanoworms are found in the vaccines 🔗

Metal-like objects found in mRNA vaccines 🔗

Self-replicating and self-assembling nanobots in vaccines 🔗

Are the vaccines "safe & effective"?

US government admits efficacy claims were based on hope, not science 🔗

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