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An overview of cruel crimes against humanity, committed by the globalist financial elites, who run the WEF, WHO, UN, IMF, BIS, and other organizations. Ranging from organized pandemics and wars, to climate warfare and mass mind control. 


Evidence how pandemics are not a natural occurrence, but meticulously orchestrated operations, unleashed on humanity with the purpose of reducing the world population, and increase control over those who survive. 

vaccine death report injection


Scientific data reveals how vaccines are greatly reducing the world population. They also start the process of transhumanism, by injecting substances that modify the human DNA and spread nanotechnology throughout the human body.


Evidence how important elections worldwide are strategically stolen, in order to position politicians who serve the agenda of world domination, by the globalist financial elites.


Government documents, and expert testimonies reveal how climate change is a hoax, to install tyranny on humanity. In reality the weather is heavily manipulated by governments. 


Expert testimonies reveal the plan to submit the world to the rule of a new species of genetically edited, and technologically enhanced super-elites, who will be more different from us, than we are from chimpansees.

Digital Currency

A Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) gives tyrants full control over your finances, as they can monitor every transaction, limit what you can spend, and even delete your funds. What happens already with PayPal, would become commonplace.


Award winning docuseries reveals the "cabal": an international network of astronomically wealthy super-criminals, who use their unlimited financial resources to control the world, and cause human suffering. Their downfall is however near.


Shocking revelations from insiders of the biggest news media worldwide, who confess how the news is used to manipulate humanity, and steer the public towards the agenda of the superrich criminals who own the major news networks. 


The following report about Ukraine contains critical information that all of us should be aware of, however these important facts are hidden from us by the news media. There have been attempts to take down this website, because of this report!


Testimonies from eye witnesses and survivors about how children worldwide are abused by high ranking officials. Children are used as a commodity to "pay your way" to high positions in governments, law enforcement, finance, media and business. 

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