How the WHO grooms children for pedophiles in public schools worldwide

Today we bring you a bombshell interview that's not for the faint of heart. It covers the truth about the globalist cabal and its aims to exploit, mutilate and traffic children for purposes of control and world domination. Even the WHO is now demanding that young children be groomed in public schools. Under the banner of "health," the WHO is trying to roll out global pedophilia, trafficking and child abuse.

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We are revealing a lot more than just this video. For example how one single corporation virtually owns the entire world, who the obscured entities are that control most governments, how our elections are being rigged to position puppets of criminals, how our weather is being manipulated to create "climate change", and even how pandemics are orchestrated to impose tyranny on humanity. Everything is 100% evidence based, and can be extensively fact checked through hundreds of references. 

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