Dr. Simone Gold exposes dangerous lies about pandemic

dr simone gold americas frontline doctors

Dr. Simone Gold is the founder of America's Frontline Doctors, a group of physicians and lawyers who expose the life threatening misinformation campaign that is sweeping across the world since the pandemic. Dr. Simone Gold exposes 'incredible lies of incredible proportions'. Dr. Gold also gives critical information about the untested, experimental biological agents that are deceptively marketed as vaccines for COVID-19.


spokesperson for 600 physicians

Dr. Simone Gold is a board certified emergency physician and an attorney, with decades of expertise. She was the spokesperson for over 600 physicians, who informed the U.S. President about the devastation the lockdowns cause in the lives of millions of people. These 600 medical experts showed that the damage from lockdowns is far worse than it would have been from the virus.

Incredible Lies

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fired for saving lives

Dr. Simone Gold treated Covid patients with a medicine that has been used for 65 years by billions of people: hydroxychloroquine. Every patient so treated recovered from COVID-19 in a few days. Her hospital was, however, pressured by its biggest financer to prevent physicians from using this life saving drug. Dr. Gold refused to submit to this criminal influence, and continued saving lives with HCQ. As a result she was fired from both of her associated hospitals.

forbidden to cure covid

All over the world, physicians who are saving lives with effective medicines for COVID-19 and its variations are fired, threatened and censored. Dr. David Brownstein successfully treated hundreds of Covid patients in the U.S. with nebulized hydrogen peroxide. Even dying people recovered in a few days. The government forced Dr. Brownstein to stop writing about his successful treatment, and his entire medical blog was removed from the internet. In the Netherlands, Dr. Rob Elens was curing all of his Covid patients in four days with HCQ and zinc. The government threatened to pull his medical license, if he didn't stop right away. He was actually commanded to let the people die. Dr. Elens then made several videos to inform people about cures for covid, which were immediately removed from the internet.

The medical blog of Dr Brownstein was removed from the internet because he wrote about a life saving treatment for COVID-19.

hiding every cure for covid

The misinformation campaign by the government and media is sending millions to their death, by hiding every cure for covid from humanity. For example: the world renowned biophysicist Andreas Kalcker developed a 100% effective treatment for COVID-19 and its variations, using chlorine dioxide. His solution slashed the death rates in several Latin American countries, and is used by 5,000 physicians in 25 nations. A clinical trial confirmed its effectiveness.  Andreas Kalcker, however, was removed from all social media platforms; he is slandered in mainstream media and on the internet, his life saving book was removed from Amazon, and his scientific account was deleted from ResearchGate.net.

Andreas Kalcker

Workshop: how to fool a nation

Shocking examples of how governments and media lie to the public are disclosed in the video below. It starts with the Belgian virologist Mark Van Ranst teaching an international audience of leaders how to use media to fool a country into believing there is a pandemic...

fear controls people

Government whistleblowers in Germany, England, and the Netherlands all confessed the same thing:

'We deliberately created fear in the population to justify the lockdowns, and to control people's behavior. Our approach was tantamount to psychological warfare. For example, it was suggested to create a shock effect by showing relatives at a hospital bedside, with a loved one dying a slow, painful death. (source)

deceptive reporting

An example of how fear is instilled by the media can be found below. Belgium's national broadcaster published a dramatic story about how the intensive care unit of a specific hospital was full, and they feared the announced easing measures. 

'In Hospital Geel, there are barely any beds left in the intensive care unit. ... We are totally desperate.'

What they did not expect, of course, was that the hospital would publish a counter message to correct this scandalous deception.

'In the media we read that the situation in Hospital Geel is extremely dire and that the hospital has no more beds available in intensive care. This is not true and we would like to correct it. We are even below the average for the province of Antwerp.'

false death reports

A photo of a boy was distributed by news agencies all over the world, but with conflicting coverage. The Daily Mail claimed: 'A Portuguese boy of 14 is Europe's youngest patient to die of Corona.' The same photo was distributed by the Daily Express with the text: 'A 12 year old girl from Belgium dies of corona'. Another agency used the same photo and stated: 'A 13 year old boy from England died of corona'.

The same happened to another picture of a boy who actually died in 2017 due to a dangerous 'suicide' game. Three years later, his photo is used in the mainstream media to claim that he was the youngest victim of COVID-19 in England.

A girl cried on the internet with a broken heart that her father had died of health problems he had had for a long time. To her astonishment she saw shortly afterwards how the media claimed that her father died of COVID-19.  She was furious:

'My papa never died of this virus! And the media and the lying ass government is fraud! He had health issues way before this even happened. They did NOT confirm with our family that he had this shit! And the media won't clout off his name. This is going tooooo far!'

make it look busy for the news

The Canadian news agency CBC held a program about a Covid testing center. However, few people appeared to report for the test, indicating a low number of infections. CBC then instructed the medical staff to stand in line themselves and pretend they were all infected people who wanted to be tested. Other staff members were told to drive their cars around the testing center continually to create the illusion of great crowds. Project Veritas has video recordings and testimonials from insiders unmasking this deception. These are some of their statements, which are on film.

We knew the CBC was coming, but we had no idea we'd have to play fake patients. - Medical staff member
I think they just wanted it to look busy. - Medical staff member

The deceptive footage was then shown by the CBC to their millions of viewers, who were thereby imprinted with the message that there were 'many infections', and people wanted to get tested en masse. 

same footage, different locations

The CBS showed alarming news stories about refrigeration trucks used in San Antonio, Texas, to transport large numbers of dead bodies. A viewer, however, noted that this same footage had been used to tell the same story about New York City and New Jersey.

The same news agency showed footage of a supposed New York hospital full of dying corona patients, but that same footage had been broadcast earlier in Italy by Sky News, showing that it was an Italian hospital.

this is a media epidemic

That we are dealing with massive brainwashing by the media is confirmed by the world's leading virologist and flu specialist, Professor John Oxford of Queen Mary University in London:

'Personally, I would say that the best advice is to watch less news on television that is sensational and not good. I consider this Covid outbreak to be a serious winter flu epidemic. Last year we had eight thousand deaths (in the UK) in this category, of which 65% had heart disease and so on. I believe Covid will not exceed that number. We're suffering from a media epidemic!' (Source)

'We're suffering from a media epidemic.'

Dr. John Oxford,

Tanzania exposes deception

President John Magufuli of Tanzania questioned the COVID-19 numbers of his country. There were more than 400 cases and 16 deaths. He accused the National Medical Laboratory of lying. To substantiate his suspicions, he sent two samples that supposedly came from people, to have them tested. The samples, however, came from a papaya fruit and a goat. They came back - as he suspected - with positive results: 'These people are infected with covid-19.' This is how he unmasked the deception (source). The same year the Tanzanian president was found dead, along with several other African presidents who stood up against the Covid corruption. 

fake covid hospitals

Reports came from several countries, including Brazil, of hospitals being built, supposedly to accommodate the surge of sick people. A member of the Brazilian government wanted to visit such a campaign hospital, but was denied access. Together with a security team, they broke in anyway, filmed everything and showed that the hospital was a scam, with hardly anyone present. There were coffins supposedly containing dead Covid patients, but when opened, they were found to be empty. However, this hospital touted alarming Covid figures: 5,000 covid patients and 200 deaths. It turned out to be 100% fraud. (Source)

funeral directors expose fraud

Journalists from Project Veritas phoned several undertakers. They revealed that all death certificates state that covid-19 is the cause of death, even when it is not. These are some statements from undertakers (source):

‘They put covid-19 on her death certificate. Then a judge called the hospital, and there came an independent investigation. And bingo, not covid-19.’ - Josephine Dimiceli, President, Dimiceli & Sons Funeral Home

'In my opinion, all they do is fill in the stats. People who didn't have Covid-19 are added. That's how you're making New York's mortality rate much higher than it should be.’

Joseph Antioco,
 DIRECTOR Schaeffer Funeral Home

97% false covid deaths

A prominent newspaper in Belgium, De Tijd (The Times), discussed how the government announced that some three thousand elderly people had died of COVID-19. Partly because of these figures, the entire country was placed in an extreme lockdown, with horrifying destruction as a result. However, further research showed that only 3% of the deceased had been tested. This meant that not 3,000, but only 90 of the deceased had COVID-19.

Big money for covid registrations

Dr. Scott Jensen, a physician and Senator of the state of Minnesota, stated in an interview with Fox News: "Hospitals receive as much as $13,900 for every patient they register as COVID-19. For every death resulting from COVID-19, that amount is tripled: $30,900 USD! Testing is not necessary." The result is absurdly incorrect COVID-19 numbers, which are spread nationwide by the media (Source).


'Hospitals get big money for every covid-19 registration. No testing required. The result is massive fraud with covid-numbers.'


worldwide awakening of medics

Dr. Simone Gold founded America's Frontline Doctors with other physicians who want to combat what is happening. They organized a 'White Coat Summit' in Washington DC to inform the public about the real facts concerning COVID-19, cures, masks, lockdowns, social distancing, etc. This broadcast was viewed twenty million times in just a few hours. Then Big Tech removed it simultaneously from all social media platforms. Even AFD's own website was taken offline! This kind of censorship is alerting the medical community, who fully understand that when sincere scientists are silenced, something sinister is at work. All over the world, groups of medical experts are rising up to fight for the truth.

world doctors alliance

world doctors alliance

The World Doctors Alliance connects thousands of physicians and hundreds of thousands of nurses around the world. They work with national organizations like Doctors for Truth in The Netherlands, Doctors for Freedom in Belgium, Doctors for Enlightenment in Germany, Doctors for Truth (Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador, etc.), the Global Health and Life Coalition that links more than 5,000 medical doctors and lawyers, and many other similar organizations in the UK, Australia, France, Italy, and basically every nation around the world. This is a historic awakening in the international medical and scientific community. 


The international trial lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich has 30 years experience of suing large fraudulent corporations. Because of this expertise, he quickly discerned the criminal characteristics of the pandemic and started an investigation.  Working together with a vast network of lawyers around the world, and a hundred experts from every field of science, the evidence was collected that confirmed their observations.  Dr Reiner Fuellmich says:

'We have all the evidence that these are the worst crimes against humanity ever committed. This is worse than the previous world wars.' 
dr reiner fuellmich crimes against humanity

covid is new world order

In Australia, the Minister for Health and Medical Research, Brad Hazzard, had a very revealing slip of tongue, that shows what is really behind all of this. He literally said, during a public broadcast:

"We must treat this New World Order, uh... this New World of Covid, even in our own homes, with a high level of care and caution."

So the pandemic is in fact no less than the beginning of the New World Order? Listen to this corrupt politician, giving himself away, in this short clip:

we must inform the people

It is time for humanity to wake up to the dangerous madness of what is going on in our world. More scientists must speak out, and medical doctors must become courageous like Dr. Simone Gold, America's Frontline Doctors and their colleagues around the world. Lawyers need to confront this in the courts, while judges must choose the side of the people, instead of being puppets of this criminal elite. 

Most of all, we need to inform the people. It's their ignorance that is allowing all of this. Once people are informed, they stop submitting to the madness that is ruling our world. 

If you want to help us spread the truth and inform humanity, so this criminal agenda can be stopped, then please support Stop World Control. We cannot do this alone. We need your help. Only when we stand as one, can we say ‘NO!’ to the plans of the wicked who don’t hesitate to murder millions of people.

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