The push to normalize pedophilia

Organized, systematic child abuse is a part of the lifestyle of the elites in the higher circles of our societies. As this is being exposed, they are at risk of being prosecuted, which is why they are now trying to normalize it. Check the videos below for shocking eye-witness testimonies - and check out our in-depth evidence report about child trafficking and abuse by top officials of our world.

Top officials torture, rape
and murder young children

Attorney Anne Marie van Blijenburgh testifies how she was present three times during the ritual abuse and murder of children by members of the Dutch royal family, top politicians, the judiciary and other dignitaries. This happens in every country - it is the basic practice of the criminal financial elites who run the world.

"Sacrifice children and be rich!"

Ronald Bernard was a high level bankster who moved massive amounts of money for governments, industrials, banks, etc. He was invited into the upper echelons of society to participate in the ritual abuse and murder of children, and told this would open all doors to wealth and power for him.


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