We are here to explain to you what is really going on in our world, reveal what is threatening all of us today, and help you defend your health, life, freedom, and future.

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We can help you defend your life, future and freedom.

A criminal financial elite that holds all the power and wealth of our world, is planning to submit all of humanity to their tyranny. They orchestrated the covid pandemic, in order to seize the rights and freedoms of the population, mandate dangerous vaccinations, and install a totalitarian system of control. In many countries people are

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We are facing the greatest threat of all time: a worldwide dictatorship

OUR MISSION The mission of StopWorldControl.com is to conduct scholarly research to ascertain and disseminate the truth. We report news and provide teaching, commentary, criticism, and encourage open discourse and robust debate. We are a nonprofit organization established for educational purposes.  David Sorensen David Sorensen is the founder of the website StopWorldControl.com and Hope for

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Who are we and what is our mission?