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“Politicians abuse and murder children”, say FBI chief and witnesses

child abuse officials


The following comprehensive evidence report was prepared in collaboration with lawyers, doctors and scientists all over the world. The author of this report has personal contact with most of the eyewitnesses and victims, and is able to call them forward to testify whenever needed. 

The author works with the U.S. Constitutional Law Group, who have put more corrupt judges, politicians and law enforcement officers behind bars than anyone else in the world. If you are a lawyer, judge, doctor, scientist or politician yourself, who wants to help tackle this evil, then we invite you to join our international network. Contact us using the button below.

Witnesses Confirm
Abuse by the Government

child abuse government

Could it be true that our top politicians, celebrities, royal families, police, military, judiciary, etc., are involved in the abuse, torture and murder of children? 

An avalanche of evidence is flooding our world, showing that something unspeakably gruesome is going on in our societies. From the US secret services CIA, FBI and NSA, former executives have stepped forward to declare that this is happening on a large scale all over the world. They reveal organized worldwide networks that are trafficking millions of children to the rich and powerful. Most children are sold as "toys" to abuse at will, while others are sacrificed during satanic rituals.

In this report, you can listen to eyewitnesses, surviving victims, jurists, law enforcement officers, former directors of secret services, etc., from all over the world. These people don’t know each other - some are from Europe, others from Australia, England or the USA - yet they all say the exact same things. Their testimonies agree in every detail.

I invite every honest person to not look away, but have the courage to listen to what is being revealed. 

If it’s true that the highest members of our government, military, police, judiciary, royalty, finance, etc. are involved in the organized ritual abuse and murder of children, then that is beyond a doubt the worst evil in this world…. and it has to be stopped.

ritueel misbruik overheid arrestatie

Several testimonies were given before the International Tribunal on Crimes by Church and State (ITCCS). In response to these eyewitness statements, teams from the ITCCS, in cooperation with local police, made 19 arrests and freed 8 children. Mass graves of children were also discovered. 

See evidence in the report below.

The History of Child sacrifice

The idea of ritual abuse and murder of children by government officials sounds like madness to most of us. Therefore I will briefly explain the historical reality of this horrific practice. After all, it has been prevalent from time immemorial, in many cultures all over the world.

Below you see an etching titled "The Sacrifice of the King's Firstborn", showing that the Native American governments of Florida sacrificed a child in front of European pioneers ("America" 1599, by Theodore De Bry).

This was also common in South America, for example with the Aztecs. The authorities sacrificed children to their demonic gods. The child cut open is shown in the inset at the bottom of the image.

child sacrifice south america

Below is a rendering of the ritual slaughter of children in India, once again carried out by the government...

Children were murdered in various cultures as a sacrifice to a so-called "god", in reality a dark entity called Bäal, Moloch or Molek. This idol is depicted as a man with the head of a bull. He was worshipped by the Canaanites, the Phoenicians and the Babylonians, among others. Even today, children are sacrificed to this demonic entity.

baal child

Moloch is mentioned several times in the Bible, as well as in many historical writings of antiquity:

‘They built the high places of Baal that are in the Valley of Ben-hinnom to make their sons and their daughters pass through the fire to Molech, which I had not commanded them, nor had it entered My mind that they should do this abomination'
- Jeremiah 32:35
‘They even sacrificed their sons and their daughters to the demons, and shed innocent blood, the blood of their sons and their daughters whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan; And the land was defiled with the blood.'
- Psalms 106:37

Children were thrown alive into burning ovens, into the belly of Moloch.

moloch fire

There were also idols with outstretched hands, which were made glowing hot, as shown in the bottom right of this image. Inside the hollow statue was a furnace, which was heated until the hands became white-hot. Then the children were placed in them. This was accompanied by loud music and singing to drown out the children's screams.

Even in the Middle Ages, the torture and sacrifice of children was still common, as shown in the images below.

child sacrifice middle ages

Child sacrifice was also a common practice in Africa. The drawing below shows how colonists witnessed these atrocities.

africa sacrifice

The rise of the Christian faith, which focuses on care for the weak, brought an end to these public atrocities in the Western world. However, high-ranking figures in society continued to carry out these practices in secret.

Child Sacrifice Is The Way
To Power & Wealth

The first testimony comes from former top businessman in finance Ronald Bernard. This man operated in the upper echelons of the financial world, trading large sums of money for the wealthy elite. At some point he received an offer to acquire unlimited wealth himself. However, there was one condition:

he had to put his conscience in the freezer, at -100°. Then all doors would swing open for him.

As it turned out, he was invited to participate in the satanic ritual abuse and murder of children. To his dismay, he discovered that this is a practice characteristic of the upper echelons of our world. It is the ticket to unlimited wealth. Bernard stepped out of this perverse world of ruthless lust for power and wealth at all costs. Please listen to his story...

ronald bernard




Ronald Bernard testifies how he was invited into the upper echelons of society to participate in the ritual abuse and murder of children. Then all doors to wealth and power would open for him.

Make sure to watch this life changing testimony.

Royalty Organizes Child Murders

Ronald Bernard's revelation is confirmed by the shocking testimony from a former jurist within the Dutch judiciary: Anne Marie van Blijenburgh. She testified in 2014 about how she was present three times at meetings where children were raped and murdered on a stage. Her testimony was given before the Tribunal for Crimes by Church and State (ITCCS), founded by human rights activist Kevin Annett. Today that tribunal no longer exists, as Annett now focuses on fighting for the rights of Canada's indigenous people. However, at the time of the tribunal, several testimonies were recorded about ritual abuse and murder by the government.

According to this jurist, the rape and murder of children was funded by none other than Beatrix, the former Queen of the Netherlands, and was attended by the heads of the military, judiciary, religion, media, education, etc.

anne marie van blijenburgh



Anne Marie van Blijenburgh testifies how she was present three times at the ritual abuse and murder of children by members of the Dutch royal family and top politicians, the judiciary and other dignitaries.

“My name is Anne Marie van Blijenburgh. I have been married to Kees van Korlaar for 24 years. Together with his 3 brothers, Kees van Korlaar formed a criminal organization called the Octopus Syndicate (this is another term in the Netherlands for Ndrangheta, a crime network linked to the Italian Mafia). They are still active from 1960 until today."

"By order of Queen Beatrix, they recruited children who were tortured, raped and murdered in front of an audience. These children were arranged through juvenile detention centers in the Netherlands."

In a recent interview, Kevin Annett of the former ITCCS said that a witness who worked at a juvenile detention center had also come forward and confirmed Van Blijenburgh's story. According to this witness, Queen Beatrix ordered children to be transferred or employed within the royal palace, after which they disappeared without a trace each time.

"In Zwolle, the child was taken from the train station by the criminals and brought to a building that looked completely like a real hotel, but was not operational as a hotel, although there were people in the lobby pretending it was a hotel."
"The child was given something to drink, and with that drink, he or she was drugged. Next to the hotel was a building where the performance was to take place. In that building, people were seated and at some point the child was brought in by the criminals. It was tortured, raped and brutally murdered in front of the spectators."

According to the witness, the Korlaar brothers organized the massacres at the request of Queen Beatrix, who also financed the whole thing.

Some of the people in attendance that Van Blijenburgh mentions are George Soros, Ministers of Justice, chairman for the Council for the Judiciary, former commander of the army, a judge and the President of the court in Amsterdam, the current prime minister and so on.

All high ranking people from the government, military, judiciary, media... 

In this case, they were all from the Netherlands, but the testimonies below show that this is happening in many countries worldwide: UK, Canada, Australia, USA, France, Germany, etc. 

Ernst Hirsch Ballin
former Minister of Justice

Mr. Van den Emster 
former president for the Council for the Judiciary

Dick Berlijn
Former Army Commander

Geert Wilders
Member of Parliament and political leader of the Party For Freedom

Mark Rutte
the current Prime Minister of the Netherlands

"There were always about fifty people when I was taken there. I was taken there three times. Each time I was there, I saw that a child was killed. I saw that two boys and a girl were killed. They came from detention centers and were recruited in the way I just described."

Van Blijenburgh says she approached the newspaper de Telegraaf over a decade ago to bring out this story. The journalist spoke to all the youth detention centers and confirmed that children were indeed selected, supposedly to work at the court of Queen Beatrix. Apparently, however, staff at these juvenile detention centers had become suspicious after a while, since nothing was ever heard from these children again. 


This journalist was even jokingly told that Queen Beatrix apparently ate them, because these children - each time after they were put on the train to Zwolle - disappeared with their files without a trace.

The witness says she knows where the bodies were dumped. "They were first thrown into a refrigerated container that was behind the building. After a number of 'performances', this container was taken to Belgium where they had a piece of land where the bodies were buried in a mass grave." In the October 15, 2016 interview, Kevin Annett says he and the witness had been at the location of one of these mass graves.

Van Blijenburgh wants nothing more than to see the criminals involved locked up for life. She says she has reported the crimes to authorities since 2004, but each agency refused to investigate the case.

"I talked to every police officer I could find, every justice official, I informed Interpol about this, I even went to court to see if I could find a prosecutor who could investigate the case. The court told me that it was not my problem - it was society's problem.  The court did not want to order the prosecutor to investigate."

"I have done literally everything to get this cleared up. I have the idea that everything was sabotaged because Queen Beatrix and the courts were involved. Every time someone wanted to investigate the case, they were tapped on the shoulder and told, "Don't do this, because Queen Beatrix doesn't want it."

Van Blijenburgh expresses being very, very angry.

"If you had seen what I saw ... it will always stay with me. I can't get it off my mind, because it's one of the cruelest things I've ever seen. It's horrible, it's really horrible. They are idiots."

She says she was drugged by her then-husband and taken to one of these performances. On her way back home, a 70-mile drive, she regained her senses and realized she had just witnessed the murder of a child. She burst into tears. Her husband was behind the wheel and put his arm around her and said:

"Don't worry, those are children from a disadvantaged family, they are orphans, they are scum, it doesn't matter that they were murdered."

According to Van Blijenburgh, her ex-husband is still involved in such killings. "When you realize how many people have been murdered since 2004,... it's been 10 years, they kill maybe 10 to 20 children a year, if not more. It's horrible."


"I told the police about four places in the Netherlands used as mass graves. Never, never did any police officer bother to go and look."

Top Fashion Model Abused
By The Elite

The third eyewitness is Nathalie Augustina. For years she was a highly sought after top model, working with major fashion brands such as Dior, Cartier, Issey Miyake, Chanel, Armani and Comme des Garçon. Nathalie attracted the attention of high ranking politicians, tycoons, famous actors like Keanu Reeves and celebrities like Julio Iglesias and Jeffrey Epstein.

By members of some of the richest families of this world and members of royal houses, she was regularly drugged for sex parties of the elite and raped by many of them.

In 2018, she revealed her story in the book 'NATHALIE - Confessions of a Top Model' (only available in Dutch). This she wrote together with the well-known investigative journalist Robin de Ruiter.  This astute researcher had already predicted the entire corona pandemic in detail in 2008 (!), in his book 'The Corona Crisis'.



Nathalie Augustina testifies about organized systematic sexual abuse of children by the royal family, and the top political, judicial, police, and military officials.

Please listen to this brave lady!

Nathalie grew up an orphan and was placed in a pedophile foster family. These people regularly took her, along with many other children, to the government headquarters in The Hague, where there are underground rooms called the 'sex cellar'. There the children were raped.

She and other children were also regularly taken to a US military base, where they were treated with 'mind programming'. Some children were programmed as 'sex kittens', intended only for rape. Others were given extra preparation for entering the fashion, film, or music world.

Nathalie speaks of hundreds of thousands of girls and boys systematically raped by the royal, political, and military governments.

They were brought to parties of the rich, where they were raped on a stage. Nathalie recounts how some children are even raped to death by the elite, or tortured to death, and how everything is filmed. This is a direct confirmation of Anne Marie van Blijenburgh's testimony.


Nathalie says she was taken to places of "all things royal, noble, elite, heads of politics and military".

She testified of how she was taken to military locations where many children would enter an auditorium. The then Secretary General of Justice, Joris Demmink, would enter there with his friends. The men who only "did boys" would pick boys, and the men who only "did girls" would pick girls, including Nathalie Augustina.

"These are all very horrific things, and the truth is even worse than what people want to know."

Nathalie says she returned to the Netherlands because she saw that a political party for pedophilia had been approved by the government. This party published the 'Handbook on Pedophilia' which explains, among other things, how to rape babies from zero to three years old.


She was court-martialed by the organization 'Scientific Journalism for Pedophilia', which claims that sexual relations between young children and adults contribute to preparing children as desired by the 'Dutch pedophile state'. This organization is funded by the government.

Abuse and Blackmailing

Many witnesses and insiders reveal that the torture, abuse and murder of children is used as a strategy to gain control over leaders in society. High-ranking people are set up to participate in these practices, which is captured on film. This footage is then later used to exert political pressure or for extortion. This worldwide method was confirmed by Michel Nihoul, a member of the notorious Dutroux gang which sacrificed children all throughout Europe.


"I have control of the government. Everyone has compromising files on each other, which can be used as leverage at the right time."

Michel Nihoul, member of Marc Dutroux's gang.
Quote from an interview with Der Spiegel in 2001

Tunnels Under Government Buildings

According to Nathalie, many underground corridors and rooms exist under the government headquarters, where she and many other children were abused by the political authorities for years. The existence of underground structures in the Binnenhof is confirmed by this video. Whether it happened in these specific tunnels I do not know, but this shows that there are indeed underground structures under the government headquarters.

Extensive underground networks have also been built underneath the White House and other government buildings around the world. 

Monarch Mind Control

The next element in Augustina's testimony is Monarch Mind Control, also known as MK Ultra. The video below gives a deeper view into this method, by which children are programmed to be slaves to the rich. Many politicians, models, musicians, actors, etc., are being prepared in this way.

The CIA Deals Children

Nathalie testifies how she saw many children being taken to US military bases. This is confirmed by the video below, in which CIA officer John Kiriakou is speaking. He explains that there are no ethics within the CIA. There are no moral boundaries. Indeed, the essence of the CIA is that every law must be broken in order to do your spy job. When a CIA officer protests, he is told by his boss, "Do your job. Don't ask questions. Do what you have to do."


In exchange for information or cooperation, influential people demand money, power, and... children.

Former FBI Chief Speaks Out

Former Los Angeles FBI chief Ted Gunderson reveals in the videos below the widespread reality of satanic ritual abuse and the international trafficking of children for the wealthy top people of the world. 

Gunderson explains that there are underground chambers at the homes of many of these high ranking officials, that have been built specifically for this practice, so that it would always stay hidden.

'They are experts at making sure nobody ever finds out about it', former FBI chief Gunderson says.

Abused For Years In
Famous Castles

Our next eyewitness is Toos Nijenhuis. As a child she was taken to all kinds of castles and palaces in Holland, Wales, Scotland, France, Germany and even to Saudi Arabia and Australia. Foreign castles that Toos mentions are: Caernarfon Castle near Ford William in Scotland and Castle Hohrenschwangau in Bavaria.

She also mentions names of the participants, who belong to the highest circles of society.

She names Prince Bernard (Beatrix's father), Cardinal Alfrink, Lord Mountbatten (family of Prince Philip, husband of the British Queen), and the Pope (Paul IV or St. John Paul II).

Cardinal Alfrink

Lord Mountbatten

Prince Bernard

Toos explains that many castles and palaces have special torture chambers and rooms where children are kept prisoner. According to Toos, there was a camera in every room. This would mean that her testimony could be confirmed by film material, if it ever becomes available and someone is willing to examine this evidence.

toos nijenhuis


Toos Nijenhuis was abused and tortured throughout her childhood by members of the Dutch royal family and other high-ranking figures, including leaders within the Roman Catholic and Jewish Orthodox Churches.

Former White House Chief of Staff
Owns Child Abuse Art

Toos' testimony about torture chambers in castles brings us to this image. On the one hand, we see an underground pool in the largest castle in America: Biltmore Estate.  It is owned by the Vanderbilts, who were once America's richest family. CNN's famous news anchor Anderson Cooper is one of Gloria Vanderbilt's sons. 

In addition, you see two paintings that are part of the bizarre art collection of an influential man from Washington DC: John Podesta.

He was White House chief of staff under President Clinton and an advisor to President Obama.  

The artwork shows children being tortured in a swimming pool... which bears striking similarities to the pool at the Biltmore Castle. We have to wonder - why are there so many ropes hanging in the pool at Biltmore Castle? Why is there reddish-brown dirt at the bottom of the pool that looks like dried blood?  And why did Gloria Vanderbilt, the late owner of this castle, create a large number of 'artworks' of damaged baby dolls locked in Plexiglas cages?

It is also noteworthy that a children's book was written just about this castle. It tells of a girl with only four fingers and toes who was found on the Vanderbilts' estate.

She witnesses how a man with a black cape makes several children disappear at the castle....

The former top US government official and confidant to Clinton and Obama, John Podesta, not only has paintings of tortured children in his home, but also owns the 'art' below... howling and crying children, locked in cages carried by demons. 

The X-Files:
Child Abuse Networks

In 2004, BNN VARA, a large television broadcasting company in Europe, released a program called 'The X-Files'.  Witnesses stated in the program that they had been raped from childhood by high-ranking figures in Brussels, Belgium. One of these witnesses, a young woman from Ghent, caused a stir in Belgium in 1997 with her statement about abuse and murder networks.

At least 43 children disappeared in Belgium between 1973 and 1995, some of whom were later found murdered. Regina Louf made very detailed statements in 1996 about the murder of three girls: Christine van Hees, Carine Dellaert and Katrien de Cuyper. The gendarmerie confirmed that she had knowledge that only an eyewitness could have, and there were clear traces to the perpetrators.

Then the government intervened: the investigation was immediately halted. The media were called in to portray this eyewitness as a deranged fantasist.


Regina Louf testified before the Belgian gendarmerie how she witnessed the abuse and murder of children. The gendarmerie confirmed the accuracy of her information, and there were clear traces that would lead to the perpetrators.

Then the government shut down the investigation....

Abused By British Politicians

The next testimony comes from the United Kingdom. Richard Kerr literally confesses to everything we have seen so far: he was systematically raped for years by very powerful individuals in British politics. Miraculously, he survived, and after decades, he found the strength to come out with his story.

As a teenager, Richard was exchanged for years as an object, a so-called 'toy-boy', between the elite in England. 

He mentions Dolphin Square, a luxurious complex for military police and the British Secret Service, as one of the locations to which he was taken. After thirty years, he returned to these and other places, together with his therapist, in order to process his past.


Richard Kerr was abused as a child for years by top figures in politics, the military, secret services and the police of England. Like Anne Marie, Ronald, Nathalie, and Regina, Richard testifies to an extensive network of sadistic pedophilia within the highest circles of society.

White House Officials Accused

Jessica Collins is an American woman who has been abused for 17 years, in the same way as described by all previous eyewitnesses. She mentions Jeffrey Epstein, who had close ties with Bill Gates, and dozens of high ranking celebrities, businessmen, politicians, media personalities and film producers in the USA. Jessica also explains how she was abducted, drugged and abused by British Prince Andrew Windsor, who was also a military commander.

jessica collins


Jessica Collins claims she was abused by Joe Biden, and several other people who are currently in the White House.

Australian Top Politicians Accused

Fiona Barnett from Australia came forward with the exact same testimony as all the other surviving victims we have seen in this report. The detailed similarities of everything they each describe is undeniable evidence of the truth of their experiences. Fiona testifies of how she was abused throughout her childhood by the top politicians of Australia. When she tried to report it, she found even more trauma:

no matter where she turned - be it the police or the judiciary - she was ridiculed and turned away. 


Fiona Barnett testifies of being abused by top politicians in Australia throughout her childhood.

Recently, the extreme perversion of Australian members of Parliament was exposed, and even made it to some media outlets that are usually paid to hide this kind of information.

Top Man of UNICEF, UN & WHO
Rapes Children

Occasionally, one of the high-ranking figures is caught and arrested, as happened to Peter Dalglish. He held high positions within the United Nations, UNICEF and the World Health Organization, and was founder of an international movement to help street children. He was awarded the Order of Canada for his outstanding humanitarian work.

In reality, his activities turned out to be cover-ups for abuse of unprotected children.

Police in Nepal had received a tip, and were able to catch this monster in the act of molesting two boys aged 12 and 14. He received only nine years in prison. 

Children For Sale Online

Several mega webstores like WayFair & Etsy are suspected of allowing child trafficking. The children are offered as furniture, etc., that costs a fortune, while the products carry the same name of the missing children. Here are a few examples...

First is a pillow that costs 10,000 USD, with the same name of a missing girl: Dunning. Below that is a flimsy cabinet offered for the price of 13,000 USD, again with the same name of a missing child: Samyiah.

wayfair child trafficking
wayfair child trafficking

On Etsy, a seller is offering 'Belle' with the picture of a pretty Disney character, for the price of 50,594.49 USD.

These examples, of course, only begin to illustrate a criminal operation of proportions that none of us can imagine. See the images below of children in cages...

child trafficking

Facebook is #1 Hub
for Child Abuse

SWFI, a global resource for institutional investors, published the following statement:

"In 2019 there were nearly 17 million reported cases of online child sexual abuse material (CSAM), 94% of which stemmed from Facebook, according to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. As the world’s largest social media company and the largest facilitator of reported child sex abuse online – Facebook’s actions will, for better or worse, have a major impact on global child safety."
"Facebook is by far and away the world’s largest source of online child sexual abuse materials."

Russia warned Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive of Facebook, that he would face sky-high fines if he continued to allow this content.

However, groups that advocate for the freedom of their country are being thrown off Facebook. Last year, Facebook removed thousands of groups fighting for freedom, while groups enabling child abuse are allowed to stay.

The same is true of Twitter.
Russia actually restricted Twitter at one point, thus forcing its then director Jack Dorsey to remove from Twitter in Russia all content that encourages the abuse of children. Also, many posts encouraging children to commit suicide have simply been allowed on Twitter. Shortly after this exposure of far-reaching perversion and violence on Twitter, Jack Dorsey resigned.

Film: Sound of Freedom

Sound Of Freedom is a major motion picture masterpiece based on the inspirational true story of Tim Ballard, an ex-CIA agent who left Homeland Security to create a dream team of special forces who conduct missions to rescue children from traffickers. 

tim ballard


Sound of Freedom is an inspiring story based on true events that sheds light on the grim reality of child sex trafficking. It is the true story of a man who risks everything to bring a ray of light and hope to the most hidden corners of our world, seeking to save children chained in the dark.

Satanism of the Elite

As Ronald Bernard testified at the beginning of this report, Satanism - also called Luciferianism - is the dark gateway to unlimited wealth and power. Only those who are participants gain access to the high positions and opportunities to become wealthy. This is indeed evident if we look, for example, at one of the richest families on earth: the Rothschilds. They own the central banks of 165 countries. A central bank is above all other commercial banks. So, in effect, the Rothschilds control the flow of money around the world. The picture below clearly shows the balance of power between the Rothschilds and, for example, the British royal family.

The multimillionaire Evelyn de Rothschild is shamelessly poking his finger on the chest of Prince Charles!

Although involvement in Satanism is carefully hidden from the masses, at some point, photos of one of the Rothschilds' parties leaked out. From the images, it is clear what we are dealing with. On December 12, 1972, Marie-Hélène de Rothschild organized a Surrealist Ball at Château de Ferrières, one of their castles.

As she welcomed guests, the hostess wore the head of a horned animal, a well-known symbol within Satanism.

One victim of organized abuse by the wealthy elite, under the pseudonym Rose, told us that at one of the rituals, her father was present, apparently drugged, with a deer antler on his head. Exactly as we see here with the Rothschilds. 

rothschild evil satanism

The way that the tables were decorated needs no further explanation.... statues of children with severed heads and limbs...

rothschild dinner child ritual

On other tables, naked mannequins were on display....

naked woman dinner rothschild

That the richest family in the world is involved in Satanism is no secret. Baroness Philippine W.P. de Rothschild regularly wore a necklace with the head of a devil, goat or ram, the typical symbols for Satan.

Baron Joseph de Rothschild - who arranged and financed the creation of the modern state of Israel - poses here with noted satanic artist Marina Abramovic for a painting titled:

'Satan summons his hordes from the underworld'.

Abramovic is an artist who is particularly appreciated by the high-ups in our world. She organizes parties for politicians, businessmen and Hollywood stars, under the name 'Spirit Cooking'. Below are photos of one such elite party. 

hollywood cannibalism

People are also being imitated and can be eaten. Next to Abramovic taking a scoop of 'blood' is Lady Gaga, who sang the American national anthem during Joe Biden's inauguration.

Although Abramovic denies being a Satanist, her 'art' speaks for itself: she has herself photographed with a dead goat's head, and she paints a pentagram on a woman's belly. Both are distinct symbols of Satanism.

The snake and horns with which Abramovic adorns herself speak volumes...

A well-known statue used worldwide within satanic cults is shown below: a human body with goat legs and the head of a goat. 

Next to the devil figure are... two children. The abuse and sacrifice of children to the powers of darkness is the central element in Satanism. This is also reflected in Abramovic's art. On the left, you see an image of a bound child, drenched in blood.

In the world of pedophilia, code words are used. The code word for a young girl is.... 'pizza'. A boy is a 'hot dog', while a very small boy is 'pasta'. An orgy with little boys is 'pasta sauce', etc.

The President
Who Took On Child Abusers

Shortly after becoming President, Trump announced that his administration would make it a priority to put an end to these horrific practices. The news report below covered this announcement, mentioning the term Pizzagate. 

All over the world, the word and hashtag #PIZZAGATE is being used as a name for the crime of child abuse by the world's high-ups. If you search the Internet for 'evidence for pizzagate', you will see the most horrible things. Please be careful because it can be traumatizing. Protect yourself.

Trump was the first American President to take massive action to end human trafficking, in America and worldwide. He signed several executive orders for this purpose.

donald trump human trafficking

During the first term of Trump's presidency, many key arrests were made. For example, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, who abducted large numbers of youngsters, who were then offered to many celebrities, politicians, and elitists. The elitists then flew to Epstein Island, where they could 'consume' their victims.

Former president Bill Clinton, Hollywood film producer Steven Spielberg, vaccine dealer Bill Gates and hundreds of others were found on flight logs from Epstein Island. Trump put an end to that.

There have also been many arrests of smaller scale human trafficking networks, in which thousands of children were set free.

What is interesting is that right after Trump entered office, dozens of CEO's of major corporations resigned... what were they suddenly afraid of? 

Biden, meanwhile...

Well, just look at these images:

biden pedophile

And these were the kind of images found on the laptop of his son, Hunter Biden... 

Hunter Biden child abuse laptop images
Hunter Biden child abuse laptop images

I have personally seen several videos, showing Hunter Biden engaging in all kinds of sexual acts with multiple children. These have, however, been scrubbed from the internet - but I believe much will be released again soon. 

To be continued...


Much, much more can be revealed. This report is a mere starting point. The criminal elites of this world are all involved in these practices. It will be their downfall.

Please share this post. Don't be afraid. People need to know this. Only then can these horrors be stopped.

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