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Lawful Ways To Stop Unlawful Mandates

Humanity Is Under Attack

Humanity is under seige. Corrupt billionaires are imposing a New World Order on humanity, under the guise of COVID-19. Our in depth reports provide overwhelming evidence of how the pandemic was planned, to create the perfect atmosphere for a new era of worldwide tyranny. 



Can humanity fight back? Yes! They key is to learn what our rights are, and how to use them. 

Rick Martin educates and instructs the people of the United States of America on how to best defend, protect and take back their Constitutionally protected rights from a corrupt de-facto court system hell-bent on America's demise. Rick explains the fundamental principles that every man or woman always have had God given rights and that we need to defend those rights before they are completely lost. These principles are universal and can be applied in every country.

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Below you find more empowering videos that show you how We The People can take down corruption, if only we learn the Constitution, and stand in our God given rights. 

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Download lawful documents to defend your freedom.


The following documents help you protect your life, when your rights are violated. For example when your business is closed or being limited in capacity, or when you are forbidden to enter a store because you wear no mask and haven't been vaccinated. If the laws in your country are different, you can use these documents as guidelines, to make your own documents. 

When your personal rights are violated.

When your business rights are violated.

Notice of Cease and Desist

Notice to officer who tries to arrest you

What to say when contacting a Sheriff

What to say when you are in court


On the website of the Constitutional Law Group you can find many more legal documents. Click here to visit their resource page.


The following documents can protect yourself and your children from unlawful vaccine mandates. 

Experts warn against vaccines
Medical doctors around the world issue dire warnings about the covid vaccines. Watch these videos and send them to law enforcement, schools, governors, schools, medical personnel and so on.

Refusal of Vaccine for Cause
Official statement why you can legally refuse a vaccine, listing the severe health hazards of vaccines in general. This document also explains why forcefully administering a vaccine is a crimal act of assault, against which you can legally defend yourself. 

Non-Consent to Coerced COVID-19 Vaccines
In depth compilation of medical and legal reasons why vaccines may never be mandated. This can be used as a letter of non-consent.

Vaccine Safety Clause
The person administering the vaccine must fill out this form, to take full responsibility for all damage caused. Usually it will stop them in their tracks.

Vaccine Affidavit
Similar to the above, but more extensive, this affidavit is to be filled out by anyone trying to administer a vaccine to you. Word document that you need to edit before use. 

Letter To School District
This is an excellent letter written to a California school district. It includes many links to information about the dangers of vaccines. Use it as a guideline to write your own similar letter to schools, businesses, etc. 

Vaccine Adverse Events
This infographic shows all adverse events for the covid vaccines, as listed by the FDA and CDC (see url on the flyer). Download this overview and email it to anyone who needs to be informed. Use this as a tool to defend your rights. 

FDA list of adverse effects of covid vaccines (slide 31)

Study shows that Covid vaccinations severely worsens the disease

UK asks help to deal with adverse effects from Covid vaccines


Below you find ways to take action against the terorrism of unlawful vaccine mandates.

Americas Frontline Doctors created this Vaccine Bill of Rights to stop unlawful vaccine mandates, that infringe on basic human rights. Fill out your state and send this to your state representative urging him/her to pass the resolution immediately.

Quite simply, by international law, no person can ever be coerced to take an experimental treatment.

Please sign this petition to prevent people from being intimidated or pressured into taking experimental vaccines. Currently there are almost 600,000 signaures.

The Nuremberg Code
During World War II medical experiments were conducted on prisoners in the concentration camps. After the war, during the historic Nuremberg Trials, anyone involved in these experiments was prosecuted. The Nuremberg Code was written to prevent criminal medical experiments in the future. According to this internationally recognized code, the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential in any medical experiment. Since the covid vaccines are listed as medical experiments, administering them without the persons full consent is a violation of the Nuremberg Code.

SCIENtific evidence

Dr Reiner Fuellmich and a large international network of lawyers have all the evidence that the pandemic is the worst crime against humanity ever committed. You can download dozens of PDF documents that show all this scientific evidence. This is critical information for fighting the crimes committed by corrupt authorities.


See how COVID is used to implement tyranny. 
Evidence for this can be found in the full report.

Destructive Lockdowns

Lockdowns are destroying the lives of millions worldwide, while there is not a shred of evidence that they help prevent the spread of disease. In fact thousands of scientists and medical doctors reveal how lockdowns wreack havoc on multiple levels, like dramatically increasing suicide, substance abuse, domestic violence, child abuse, severe depression, and mental illness. The lockdowns are effectively destroying countless small businesses, which is devastating for our communities. Lockdowns force the world to only buy from the mega corporations - that interestingly enough are never shut down - causing them to become even richer, while humanity as a whole is plunged into a bottomless abyss of poverty.

Killer faceMasks

Mask mandates are inflicting terror and distress on societies everywhere, while science shows that masks actually increase the risk of infection, by constant inhaling of harmful bacteria and toxins that we normally exhale without a mask. Masks lower the intake of critical oxygen, which reduces our immunity. Face masks cause brain fog, headache, fatigue and even permanent brain damage. Our body cells and organs require oxygen to be healthy, and depriving them of this is devastating. Masks also create a constant level of stress, which is harmful to our wellbeing, plus they prevent essential human interaction, causing a constant sense of isolation and fear. Masks dehumanize people, creating a society of fearful, faceless individuals, who no longer talk to others.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is inflicting emotional trauma on humanity, preventing people from interacting with one another in ways that are critical to our emotional, psychologial and physical health. Leading scientists around the world have repeatedly stated the lack of any scientific evidence for social distancing. For some sinister reason this is however ignored, and people are forced to live in constant fear, by believing they should stay away from others, because their fellow humans are supposedly a 'threat' to them. This further adds to the sickening atmosphere of constant fear, stress and despair.

deadly vaccines

Vaccines that have dozens of deadly side effects - like brain and spinal cord inflamation, heart failure, strokes, extreme allergic reactions, seizures, etc. - and which have skipped all necessary safety testing (which takes 5-10 years), are enforced on entire populations. Experimental gene technology, undisclosed genetically modified organisms, material from aborted babies and animals, and a great variaty of toxic chemicals and metals are injected into millions of healthy humans. Meanwhile every safe, cheap and 100% effective cure for covid is suppressed by so called 'health organizations' and banned by governments. Millions have died needlessly because they were never told about the safe, and effective cures. Medical doctors who succesfully treated thousands of covid patients are censored all around the world. Their voice may not be heard, because humanity must believe that this ultra-dangerous vaccine is the only solution to this 'deadly disease'. 


All this destructive madness is for an illness that has the same survival rate as seasonal flu: 99,7%. This supposedly 'deadly disease' can even easily be cured by one of the many safe medicines like HCQ + Zinc, Ivermectin, Budesonide, Chlorine Dioxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, etc.
(More on Covid cures here)


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