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What most people don’t know about Donald J. Trump… Amazing eye-opener!

donald j trump

When I first heard about Donald Trump, I was horrified: a billionaire business man who runs for president? Yeah, right! Surely he is the next crook on the scene... 

This negative opinion was strongly confirmed by literally everything I saw in the media about this man. He was portrayed as the worst monster that ever lived on the face of the earth. A liar, insulter, racist, hater, sexist, twisted psychopath and a maniacal narcissist. In short: satan himself.

My wife however started watching his speeches, and to my amazement - and annoyance! - she became excited. ‘You have to listen to this man’, she told me. 'He is wonderful!' ‘What? Have you lost your mind?’, I asked in utter bewilderment. How could she say such a thing? ‘And by the way, I have already listened to him,’ I replied angry. ‘The man's a lunatic and a beast. Just the next criminal on the platform of corrupt politicians. I hate him already!’

‘No, you haven’t listened to him’, my wonderful woman replied. ‘All you have done, is watch short clips on YouTube that are made by the mainstream media, with short sentences taken out of context.’ 

Ouch, there she struck a nerve. Having been a public author and speaker for decades, I knew all too well how media can make anyone look horrible, by quoting statements out of context. It had been done to me often enough. The internet was buzzing at one time with gossip about me. Many people detested me with a poisonous hate.

donald trump media

Sometimes I went to public gatherings, and to my amazement, some people stared at me with eyes that seemed to shoot invisible arrows straight at me.

Why did these people hate me so intensely? For one single reason: the media had spread lies about me.

It's so easy to paint a dark picture that makes the shiniest saint look like the darkes demon, through media. People tend to believe anything, when it's printed or broadcasted.

The media creates
monsters in our mind

When we moved to a different country, all hell broke loose. My daughter had a vision one night while we prayed. She was nine years young and had never had any such experience. She saw how we were crossing a sea in a boat, and came ashore in a different part of the world. This obviously depicted our recent move to another nation. Then she saw how a demonic being that looked like a muscular warrior with the face of a monster, walked up to me and started calling me names and cursing me.

donald trump monster slander

That was the explosion of slander that erupted against me, when we arrived in our new homeland. It was amazing how God gave this powerful vision to my daughter, to help us understand what was going on.

So I knew how media could be used to portray a good guy, in this case myself, as the worst criminal.

My wife said: ‘If you want to know who Donald Trump is, you should listen to his entire speeches, not just to a video that slanders him with single sentences that are ripped out of context.’ Now, that was some wise advice I couldn't ignore. So I did it, and I must say that I was moved - deeply moved.

I suddenly saw a man with genuine passion. A man on fire. A man with a zeal to restore America.

A man that was not acting 'like a president' like Joe Biden had said: 'Why doesn't the man act like a president?' EXACTLY! This man was not trying to please people with a perfect performance. He wasn't reading polished speeches, prepared by professionals. On the contrary, he was trampling on everybody's toes, roaring from his gut, not caring what others would think of him. This man was goddam' REAL! Something I had NEVER ever seen in any political leader, during my entire life. 

This was not an act, this was a war! This was a man with a roar to restore.

I felt something I had never felt in my entire life, while listening to a political person. Usually I resent politicians, because they just ooze hypocrisy. Fakeness simply drips off of them. Even as a child I always saw how they were just babbling, playing games and fooling the world. Everything they do is always 100% theatre.

Now, when listening to this billionaire businessman, I felt a stirring deep inside of me, that totally took me by surprise.

Behold, I even got emotional. I got chills all over. What was this? This is not a politician! This is a man on fire for his country. A man roaring from his innermost being. A man who was coming to the scene to fight.

Fight for his nation. Fight for his people.

Media is mind control

mind control

I have a masters degree in Graphic Arts and Communication, which simply means: I have been trained on how to persuade people with words and images. I know how publicity and media works. For many years had I known how infinitely corrupt the media are. I saw every day how the mainstream media wasn’t informing people, but how they were following an agenda of mind control and mass manipulation.

Virtually nothing the media says, contains even a fraction of the truth. Everything they publish is a perversion of the truth, to play the minds of the masses. 

Now I saw this Donald Trump rising up as a lion, and what he did was as astonishing as it was thrilling: he was openly exposing the mass media as one big fake, corrupt, manipulation machine. Donald Trump goes to record in the history of humanity as the one who globally exposed the lies and deception of the mainstream media.

president trump fake news

Nobody had ever done anything that comes even close to this. And he wasn’t careful about it: he was blunt, rude, in your face, spitting all over you, as he wasn’t holding back, but just crying out:



Wow… The significance of this evades most who read this. Why? Since the birthing of television, mass media has been used by corrupt entities in the CIA, secret societies, the top bankers, criminal industries, Big Pharma, etc. to do only one thing: brainwash humanity, dull down the masses to become so stupid that the criminal super rich elite could literally do ANYTHING with them.

The top Nazi experts in mind control and mass hypnosis had been transferred from German to the USA, to work for the government and media. 


Several official operations like Paperclip and Mockingbird had one single goal: gather the world’s best experts to deploy a strategy of constant brainwashing of the masses, so they could be manipulated to serve the agenda of the powers that be.

Do you think it’s normal how the Christian world, where hundreds of millions of people had turned from evil and darkness to the light and love of their Creator, suddenly en masse turned their backs to the principles of truth, right and freedom, and collectively became atheists who detest good morals and who love perversion? Is that a natural change? Of course not.

It's what the mass media told them to do, by bombarding them with nothing but programs that tear down healthy morals and strip humanity from every and all common sense, making us addicted to lust, perversion, violence, corruption and all kinds of mockery, that we absorb on TV and in movie theaters.

God had to be pushed out of our world, and that’s what the media did. Disconnect mankind from its source, purpose and destiny, tell them they are but a bunch of dressed up beasts who came about accidentally, and then use them for whatever you want.

What am I explaining here? For the past eighty years humanity has fallen prey to a relentless avalanche of deception that perverted our entire society with nothing but false information.

Mind control in full swing.

And then, all of a sudden, this wealthy man walks on the scene and he says: 'Guys, the media is lying to you, all the time. They are nothing but fake news. They twist everything and never speak truth.'

Wow… The single most powerful weapon of the wicked, suddenly started falling apart before the eyes of the entire world.

Bringing America back to God

donald trump praying

What Trump did next, was even more unbelievable: being far from religious, suddenly he started bringing God back to America. For example, Melania Trump openly prayed the Lord’s Prayer that Jesus Christ taught us:

Heavenly Father, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Your kingdom come. Forgive us our sins, deliver us from the evil one, etc.

The First Lady prayed this historic prayer during official ceremonies, showing the United States of America: we need to return back to Christ. 

Everything the mass media had accomplished during the past century, to cast God out of the world, was abolished in one single minute!

‘We are a nation who serves God, and that's what we do!’, said Donald Trump, after bowing his own knees before the Creator of heaven and earth.

‘He will not be a praying man when he enters the office, but he will become a praying man as he is in the office’, said one prophetic minister.

In September 2020 president Trump attended a mass event in Washington DC called THE RETURN, which was all about America turning back to the God who gave us freedom, prosperity, each other, dreams, creativity and so much more. Wealthy American businessmen gave their testimony of how Jesus Christ saved them from a life of despair and darkness.

Then they all entered into a time of worship, that exalted the God of all creation.

Donald Trump accomplished more in terms of bringing America back to Christ, than all the great evangelists of the past century combined!

Who would have thought… 


human trafficking quote donald trump

Have you heard about Pizzagate and Save The Children? Did you know the whole world is undermined by countless tunnels? Did you know every year eight million children go missing? Did you know many of these children are held captive in the vast networks of thousands of miles of underground tunnels?

Did you know these children are abused by the wealthy elite, in Hollywood, politics, banking, and basically every high sphere of our society? 

Did you know kids can be bought on Wayfair, Amazon, Ebay, etc? Did you know there are emails of Hilary Clinton and Barak Obama, in which they discuss the abuse of children? Did you know that most top politicians are involved in this? Did you know that most royal families are deeply guilty of ongoing child sacrifice? Did you know that child abuse is a very basic practice among the rich and powerful?

And… did you know that president Trump is the very first powerful political leader in the history of mankind to violently go after these monsters? 

trump pedophile death penalty tweet

He has saved thousands of children already and publicly said he will wipe out the entire networks. Multiple reports have come out, showing how Trump has dispatched special forces to deliver children from these worldwide networks of pedophilia. All of this is unofficial, as he is doing it behind the scenes.

In the future I will make in depth documentaries about this, so bare with me as I briefly share this with you. Children are being raped, tortured, murdered and ritually slaughtered all over the world, by the most powerful men and women in our societies.

A top banker from The Netherlands, Ronald Bernard, was entering these top level circles of the banking industry, and was invited to take part in the ritual sacrifice of children. It is a means for these people to receive more power from the dark side. That’s how they became so rich and powerful: they offer the blood of innocent children to dark spiritual entities. It's not a cheap horror movie, it’s the shocking reality that is exposed by many people like Ronald Bernard, who became a whistleblower of the elite.


He says that virtually everyone who is super rich, is part of a religion called Luciferianism. You can see his testimony and more information about this great evil in these videos

President Trump is fighting this horrible darkness, along with a vast group of military faithful ones. It’s being done in secret, because the world is not ready to wake up from their sleep of silliness and see the harsh reality.

If it’s true that sacrificing children to demons is a widely practiced way to become rich and powerful, then stopping this means sabotaging the ultimate source of energy of these dark global networks!

Can you understand now why Donald Trump is hated so intensely? Why the media is doing everything they can to cause irrational hatred against this warrior who is saving the children?

Again: I will make in depth documentaries with all the references, documentation and evidence needed to reveal this to the full. Now I just want to say this from my heart, because this truth needs to get out there.

Fighting great crimes

president donald trump

I could go on and on about what president Trump is doing, but then this article would become a book. For the sake of being concise, I will make a quick list of other amazing things Donald Trump has done so far. This is in no way comprehensive, but it's a few of his achievements that stand out for me. 

Sabotaging medical tyranny

Trump cancelled the funding of the World Heath Organization, which is nothing but a criminal organization, trying to bully the entire world to blindly submit to their insane guidelines, while they censor the voices of millions of medical experts worldwide. The WHO is a globalist entity, run by a former communist terrorist, working along with other globalists to impose medical tyranny on all of humanity.

Trump defunding them, is a huge stand against global dictatorship.

Trump exposes the political pandemic

During his recent debate with Biden, in September 2020, president Trump openly stated that the covid pandemic is set up with a political purpose. While he was saying this, he was cut off by both Wallace and Biden, who started rambling loud and wild to stop Trump from finishing his sentence. But he did say it:

‘It’s all a political thing anyway, and it will be over after the election.’

Finishing what JF Kennedy started

President Trump was very close with the late son of John F Kennedy, who was murdered for exposing the global plot of enslaving all of humanity. There are many signs that Trump and Melania, along with their son Eric, and many high ranking military intelligence officers, are determined to finish what John F Kennedy started.

They are indeed ‘draining the swamp’.

No war, but historic peace

Trump is the first president in many generations, who hasn’t started a single war! Every other president in past decades murdered millions of innocent people by starting meaningless, corrupt wars, for the enrichment of the elite. They tried to lure Trump into starting wars with Iran and North Korea, but he ended up making peace with them. Remember the panic that was raging throughout the world, when North Korea was uttering threats of nuclear attacks on America and the world? That’s the cabal, the powerful rich elite trying to destroy the world. They failed miserably as Trump did the opposite: 

he poured the waters of peace over the fires of war and extinguished the entire threat of a global nuclear war.

Confronting censorship

One of the weapons of the wicked ones, is silencing voices of truth. As most of us know, social media - Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, … - are notorious for their unprecedented level of censorship, where they literally deleted the posts and even entire accounts of countless scientists, medical doctors, investigators and truth speakers. Anyone who doesn't submit to their script that must be forced onto humanity as part of their global control, is censored agressively.

For example: America's Frontline Doctors revealed for millions of Americans how there is a safe and cheap cure for COVID-19. They explained how their own medical practise and expertise reveals that there is no need for panic or a vaccine, because HCQ combined wirh zinc, is a perfect drug.

This large group of experienced medical experts was removed from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and even their website was taken down.

Why? Because the wicked elite want to enforce a very dangerous, DNA altering vaccine on all of us, which will make us slaves of gobal control networks, through digital vaccine-ID's.

How Big Tech is manipulating all of us, was recently powerfully exposed by one of Google's senior software developers, Zach Vorhies. This Google insider gave up a salary of hundreds of thousands of dollars, to expose the agenda of the software giant.

Vorhies revealed 950 documents in which Google explains their plan to hide truth from humanity and only show what suits their agenda.

Google intimidated Zach, by sending swat teams to him, but he persisted and revealed the documents to Project Veritas and the Department of Justice. He exposed nine backlists with thousands of websites that are hidden by Google.

Facebook and Twitter serve the same agenda, as all these tech giants are in the same boat: manipulating mankind through misinformation, so we all would blindly go along with their plans.

President Trump is the first - and only - top leader in the world who is confronting social media for their criminal behavior.

Laws are currently being made to limit the censorship by social media and I believe much more will be done in the future, to restore the fundamental human right of the freedom of speech.

Unlike other world leaders who serve the globalist agenda, Donald Trump is fighting to preserve free speech.

Building a wall of protection

Few people know the true reason why Trump is building a wall. The border between California and Mexico has long since been the preferred gateway for child trafficking and transportation of drugs. By building this wall, Trump is cancelling this. It's not only to keep illegal immigrants out, who come to wreak havoc in the United States.

The wall directly obstructs one of the worst crimes humanity has ever seen: massive human trafficking. 

Imperfect... like all of us

trump thinking

From the very first day Trump took office, he has been waging a fierce war against many of the darkest activities in the earth: bringing America back to God, exposing the elites nr 1 weapon: mind control by the media, defunding one of the world’s most dangerous tyrannical entities which is the World Health Organization, confronting the criminal censorship by social media, attacking global networks of ritual child abuse by the elite, creating peace instead of war, and so on. Many more of his wars against corruption could be listed here. 

Does this mean Donald Trump is perfect? Not at all. Surely he has weaknesses and blind spots, and God knows in what areas of his life he needs to be set free, purified and disciplined. But that goes for all of us.

I distinguish between people who want to do good, but who have weak areas in their lives, and those who have utterly wicked hearts. Weakness is not the same as wickedness. 

Personally I believe God is using this imperfect man, to accomplish something very few others could do. Donald Trump is rough, rigid, blunt and that’s exactly what he needs to be, to oppose the hoards of wolves. He is not a politician, but he is a warrior. He is not serving us shiny, polished and utterly theatrical speeches, but he is the guy who gets things done. He doesn’t fool us with his elaborate retorics, but he impresses us with his powerful acts of deliverance and freedom.

It’s easy to take him down, with his very own words, because he is not a smooth talker.

But this is what I always detested in politicians: their politically correct words, that are obviously nothing but trickery to play the masses. Trump doesn’t care what people think of him, he just says what he thinks. And he does what needs to be done.

Playing chess like a pro

donald trump chess

Now, I have to take a step back here, because I did notice that as time progresses, Trump is in fact forced to play certain political games, because of the arena he has entered. He has to, in order to fight the corruption. He has to be the chess master, who is always one step ahead of his opponents, and who tricks them with his cunning moves. So I have observed how he sometimes says things, that alarm me. Like his announcement of vaccinating all of America, through Operation Warp Speed. Why is he doing that? It doesn’t line up with all his other actions.

Surely he is aware of the severe dangers of vaccines, especially those that have skipped critical safety testing, as is the case with the covid vaccines? A vaccine needs many years of safety testing, before we know if it’s safe. Millions have died and been crippled for life, as the result of vaccines. 

So why is Trump now rushing out tremendously dangerous vaccines, if he truly cares about the well being of his people? Will he poison all of us, after all? Does he turn out to be a villain, in the end? I don’t think so. If he would now say he doesn’t work on a vaccine, the vast majority of the Americans, who are so utterly brainwashed by the mind control of the media, would think he is not being responsible and as a result he might not be re-elected. That would mean he couldn’t finish his job of demolishing the corruption, and restoring America as a free country. So he has to play certain games, in order to be re-elected, and keep fighting against the Deep State, the criminal top bankers, the corrupt Big Pharma and Big Tech, and so on.

We have to be wise in how we observe and interpret him. Disqualifying him for one single statement, isn’t wise. We must look at the whole picture of who he is and what he is doing.

A higher power

higher power

Should we have blind confidence in Donald Trump? I don’t think so. This is a battle between far greater forces, of good and evil, light and darkness, freedom and tyranny. People play a part in this, but we are merely the instruments. I put my trust in the God who has a future of hope for us. He is the one waging the real war on our behalf.

Even if most of us have been told by the media to no longer believe in a Creator, I do know he is real and he is the one roaring like a lion, devouring the vicious wolves and trampling the vipers, so we could have a life in freedom.

Even if everything Trump has been doing good, would mean he is simply tricking the good guys and he has his own hidden evil agenda, I still know there is a God greater than all of this. He has a great future for humanity and at the end of the day it’s not up to our president to change the world, it’s up to all of us. We must be the ones fighting the war of truth, right and freedom. First in our own lives, being good people who are humble, sincere, and honest, caring for others and not being the selfish bastards the media has taught us to be.

We must become goodness, love and servanthood, and overcome selfishness, pride and greed. 

If the billions of people in this beautiful world turn from their own evil, and start doing good, in our own circle of influence, then the world will become what it is meant to be. Then we will no longer need leaders to lord over us, because we all have submitted to the One leader of us all, who is changing our hearts from the inside out, with true love and goodness.

So that’s my personal opinion about president Trump, as far as my abilities of observation and insight go for now. Let’s put our trust in the higher power and know that there is more than just evil in this world. There is hope, there is freedom, there is truth.

If it are the wicked child murderers who tricked the once Christian nations into becoming evil again, then we know this process can also be reversed.

I am not talking about becoming religous, because as I said: Donald Trump is one of the least religious people in the world, yet he is turning America back to God. I have learned that God has little - if anything at all - to do with religion. In fact, history shows us it have always been the religious leaders who opposed God the most. Christ was betrayed, falsely accused and murdered by the religious leaders of the most religious nation in the world, at that time: Israel! Go figure... 

Religion is not the solution. Knowing the source of love, truth, goodness and freedom, the One who knows us more than we know ourselves and who dreams beautiful dreams over all our lives, is the answer.

The One who sees a future where mankind will walk in full freedom and health, goodness and love, not because we are forced to do so, but because we have shaken off the yoke of the wicked rulers of this world and have become free people who know that love is better than hate, giving is better then taking and caring is better than destroying. 

We have a long way to go, but there is certainly hope. One of the main things that must happen, is a radical exposure of the wickedness of the media.

The media must be cleansed and reformed, or removed and replaced. People need to start becoming mature, responsible royal sons of the divine who know they have a purpose on this earth, that is greater than fulfilling our own lusts and desires, and living a life of superficial pleasure.

We are called to drive out wickedness in every way, become carriers of truth and righteousness, and expose evil where we can.

We are the ones who are called to change the world. A good president can only do so much, but if we as humanity rise up in our true identity of the ones who were put here to make the world a paradise, then we can see a bright future.

For now, I do support president Trump, because I believe he is positioned to fight a great evil in America and the world. But I do not put my trust in him, because I know man is fallible. So I pray for him, just as I pray for myself and others. We all need Help - with a capital H - to do what is good and keep doing it.

May we all see truth and become a bright light that illuminates humanity with uncompromised goodness.

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