"Schools must equip children
to have sexual partners"

- say the UN and WHO

This evidence report reveals how the World Health Organization and United Nations are sexualizing little children in primary education worldwide, for the purpose of normalizing pedophilia. This report consists of nothing but solid evidence, with many official documents, videos, books, archives, etc. All PDF documents may be downloaded from the references section at the end of this report.

"Little children are sexual beings who must have sexual partners and begin with sex as soon as possible. For this reason, kindergartens and elementary schools must teach children to develop lust and sexual desire, learn masturbation, build same-sex relationships, use online pornography, and learn different sexual techniques such as oral sex."

The above is a paraphrased summary of the official guidelines issued by the World Health Organization and the United Nations to educational authorities worldwide. Meanwhile, judicial organizations are issuing statements that sex between little children and adults should be legalized, while media outlets and political parties are calling for the acceptance of pedophilia as a "normal sexual orientation". 

sexualization little children

The World Health Organization and United Nations are now instructing educational authorities worldwide to make sure little children have sexual partners.

Equipping children to have sexual partners

The United Nations has issued the document "International Technical Guidance on Sexual Education".1 It is the official guideline for elementary schools around the world. The goal of this document is described on page 16. 

In their own words

"It aims to equip children...
to develop sexual relationships".

On page 17, the United Nations explains that this guide is intended to help children build relationships with romantic or sexual partners.

In their own words:

"These skills can help children
form relationships with... sexual partners."

On page 71, educators are instructed to teach little kids from the age of 5 about kissing, hugging, touching and sexual behaviors.  9-year-old children are to be taught about masturbation, sexual attraction and sexual stimulation.

un document international sexuality guidelines

The United Nations has decreed that elementary schools must teach little kids about masturbation, sexual behaviors, sexual attraction and sexual stimulation, with the purpose of having sexual partners.

Teaching little kids to have sex

The agenda to ensure that little children have sexual parters is being further developed by the World Health Organization. Their document, "Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe",2 contains the following instructions for kindergartens and elementary schools:

✔︎ Children between 0 and 4 years must learn about masturbation and develop an interest in their own and others' bodies.

✔︎ Children between 4 and 6 years must learn about masturbation and be encouraged to express their sexual needs and wishes.

✔︎ Children between 6 and 9 years must learn about sexual intercourse, online pornography, having a secret love and self-stimulation.

✔︎ Children between 9 and 12 years should have their first sexual experience and learn to use online pornography. 
children sexuality education

The WHO instructs teachers worldwide to educate 9-year-old children about having sexual intercourse for the first time, how to experience sex using the internet and mobile phones, and learning different sexual techniques.

School video instructs kids
to begin masturbating

The following video is part of a European school program that works closely with the World Health Organization and United Nations to implement their agenda in schools nationwide. It is a real-world example of the execution of these guidelines, in this case, in The Netherlands. The video shows how children are encouraged by teachers to begin masturbating. This video was distributed to many thousands of schools as part of the WHO "comprehensive sexuality education" program, whose objective is that children should start having sex as early as possible.

The publisher of this video, the Rutgers Foundation, operates in 27 nations, is a close partner of the WHO and UN, and is funded by Bill Gates and Planned Parenthood.6

The language spoken in the video is Dutch, but please be aware that this is a real-life example of the execution of an INTERNATIONAL agenda of the World Health Organization and the United Nations, therefore this will be coming to public schools in every nation of the world. 

Schools teach children to masturbate


Sexualizing kids is part of UN Agenda 2030

The logos on the United Nations "International Technical Guidance on Sexual Education" document show that this is part of the UN's Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

United Nations Agenda 2030 is a plan to transform every aspect of human existence on the earth by the year 2030. In their own words:3 

We have adopted a historic decision on a comprehensive, far-reaching and people-centered set of universal and transformative goals and targets. We commit ourselves to working tirelessly for the full implementation of this Agenda by 2030.

They make it clear that the transformation of human life will reach every single person in the world: 

As we embark on this collective journey, we pledge that no one will be left behind. 
These are universal goals and targets which involve the entire world, developed and developing countries alike.

The official statements from the United Nations are clear: they want the entire world to be transformed. Making sure that little children have sexual relationships, learn how to masturbate and use online pornography is part of this agenda. In the United States, the Biden administration has released statements confirming plans to implement this agenda throughout the USA as soon as possible, and no later than 2030.4

We will demonstrate leadership and take collective actions to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and accelerate the achievement of the SDGs by 2030 and address developmental challenges by reinvigorating a more inclusive multilateralism and reform aimed at implementing the 2030 Agenda.

Please understand the graveness of this situation: the United Nations' "International Technical Guidance on Sexual Education" is part of the UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. The Biden administration vows to accelerate implementation so the Agenda is achieved by 2030. The same goes for any other nation of the world that supports the UN Agenda 2030.

Rutgers: worldwide publisher
of sex education

In this report, we will have a closer look at how this agenda is being implemented in, for example, The Netherlands, Europe. The Netherlands is at the heart of this worldwide agenda to sexualize little children.

What happens there will spread worldwide: in the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, Africa, Asia, everywhere. 

This nation is the headquarters of a worldwide publisher of this "comprehensive sexuality education": the Rutgers Foundation.5 A staff member from Rutgers, Ineke van der Vlugt, was a contributor to the WHO "Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe", showing how closely this foundation works with the World Health Organization. And as stated before, Rutgers is funded by Bill Gates, Planned Parenthood and the UN, and functions in 27 nations. 

In the spring of 2023, Rutgers launched a nationwide curriculum in The Netherlands with the name “Spring Fever”.7 A school poster was put up in elementary schools nationwide. I've translated it to English for our worldwide audience and added highlights to reveal the message of this school poster. Two boys hold hands and say, “Yes, we both want it”. Two young girls find a “safe place” to have sex. 

This school poster teaches young children
of the same sex to "do it" with one another. 

The curriculum "Spring Fever" aggressively pushes the theme of homosexuality onto unsuspecting and vulnerable children. Below are illustrations from this program for elementary schools.

pushing homosexuality in schools

It is one thing when a person struggles with sexual identity, but it is a whole different realm when sexual confusion is pushed into elementary schools to indoctrinate children into pursuing a homosexual lifestyle. Yet pushing little children towards homosexuality is directly instructed by the World Health Organization and the United Nations. On page 40 of the “Standards for Sexuality Education”, schools are instructed to teach four-year-olds about “same-sex relationships“. And on page 44, educators are instructed to teach nine-year-olds about “friendship and love towards people of the same sex”.

In the practical application of WHO's partner, the Rutgers Foundation, we see that this is not just about informing children, but it's all about actively encouraging them to go down the path of homosexuality - as early as possible. 

The World Health Organization instructs schools to encourage little children to engage in homosexual relationships with their friends. A school poster shows two girls finding a safe place, and two boys agreeing to having sex. 

Teaching 6-year-old children about oral sex

One of the children's books recommended by Rutgers for use in elementary schools is called "What is sex?" by Channah Zwiep. Here is a page from this book, with an excerpt below it:

"Blowjob is sex with the mouth. That is why it is called oral sex."

"Have you ever given yourself a kiss on a soft spot of your body?  Try it. How does that feel?"

"The skin of a dick or vagina is also very sensitive. Because of this, people sometimes like to touch each other there with their mouths. When someone licks or suckles a dick, this is called sucking. Of course, the same is true for a woman. If someone licks a vagina, this is called pussy eating."

Below is a screenshot of the Rutgers brochure for elementary schools that recommends this child pornography for six-year-old kids.8

wat is seks channa zwiep schoolboek kinderen


"What is sex? Questions of young children about physicality and sexuality" (Channah Zwiep)

Why would anyone want 4 to 8 year-old little children to know everything about oral sex? 

Here is another page from this program for elementary schools.9 This is for 10-year-old kids:

"Examples of things you can do with sex are (tongue) kissing, caressing, petting (licking the vagina), piping (licking/sucking the penis), fingering, jerking off, dick-in-vagina sex (vaginal sex) and dick-in-anus sex (anal sex)".
school teaching children masturbation

Another page is a practical guide on how to start masturbating:

"Touching your own body, vagina and clitoris to get a nice feeling is called masturbation. You can do it by, for example, putting a finger in your vagina (fingering) or rubbing your clitoris."

'Cute' indoctrination

The following illustrations are part of this nationwide mandatory curriculum. An unsuspecting person would think, "oh, how cute!" But when you realize these images are in the context of instructing toddlers to masturbate, and making sure that all children will have sexual partners, then these cute drawings become very disturbing.

When we have a deeper look into the European school program "Spring Fever", created for the UN and WHO by Rutgers, we see a clear definition of the objective of the lessons:10

"Little children should know all about lust, physical excitement, and being intimate. They should know that everyone has sexual feelings and they should not be ashamed."

Being ashamed is a basic, natural feeling that all normal children have, which protects them from being violated and harmed through inappropriate and premature sexual experiences. Sexuality is probably the most sensitive and vulnerable part of our humanity, which can traumatize us for life if it is wrongly approached. Shame is an essential defense mechanism for keeping us safe. These school programs aim to remove this natural barrier, so little children will no longer listen to their natural instinct that tells them to protect their body. This makes them extremely vulnerable and an easy prey for sexual predators.

Why does the WHO insist on tearing down the healthy barrier of shame which naturally protects children?

Teaching sexual techniques to 7-year-olds

The following is an example of an official school curriculum in The Netherlands, published by the School Curriculum Education (School Leerplan Onderwijs), the official publisher of all school curriculums. We can see that it is a direct implementation of the WHO "Standards for Sexuality Education", and UN "International Technical Guidance on Sexual Education":11

✔︎ Toddlers in the age group of 0-4 must learn about falling in love, intimacy and sexual feelings.
✔︎ Little kids from the age of 5 should learn about sexual intercourse, online pornography and experiencing lust through touching their own body.
✔︎ From the age of 7 they should learn different sexual techniques.


Ages 0-4

  • love and being in love
  • intimacy
  • sexual feelings

Ages 5-8

  • sex in the media (including the Internet)
  • pleasure and lust when touching own body
  • sexual intercourse

Ages 9-12

  • sexual acts and contact
  • sexual orientation,
    sexual behavior of
    young people (variability of sexual behavior)
  • pleasure, masturbation, orgasm
  • differences between sexual identity and biological sex

Kids must begin with sex as soon as possible

Rutgers has published a guide for training teachers how to indoctrinate little children about sex.12  In this guide, they make several references to the WHO guide, "Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe", further confirming their close collaboration with the World Health Organization. I am re-emphasizing this because some readers may be inclined to dismiss it as being a localized incident in Europe, when it is an international program. 

In this document, Rutgers makes a clear statement of the purpose of this type of education (see photo of document below): 

"Sexual and relationship education gives children ideas that will help them to start with sex sooner."

The whole idea of this type of sexuality education is not to assist children during their natural development towards a healthy and mature sexuality; instead, the goal is to indoctrinate them to start having sex as young as possible.

seksuele vorming

Rutgers states to educators that the goal of this sex education is to give children ideas so they will start with sex sooner.

Sex games in elementary school

Several schools are organizing sex games, in which kids take the genitals of their classmates in their mouth, lick them, put their fingers in the vagina of girls and so on. Below is a news report about sex games at an elementary school in The Netherlands.13

"Young children groping each other, taking each other's genitals in their mouths or looking under the toilet door. This is happening in groups three and four of elementary school De Springplank in Den Bosch, parents of the children tell Omroep Brabant. The parents are furious with the board of the elementary school."

Many schools are introducing games for children in which they must memorize genitals in order to score points. This is another strategy to remove healthy natural shame and desensitize little children, so they will let down their guard for premature sexual intrusion. Most of us find it truly gross to see this. Can we imagine what kind of impact this has on little children, who are being forced to see this at school?

Part of the Rutgers / WHO / UN school program "Spring Fever" is handing out 3D clitorises to little girls to encourage them to start masturbating. This is of course defended with claims of how important it is for girls to know their own body. 

Shocked mother warns the world

Many parents have understandably responded in outrage to this extreme sexualization of children. In the video below, you can hear a mother from The Netherlands explaining how kids are having oral sex in school and are masturbating one another. She issues a warning to all parents worldwide. Again, please understand - this is part of Agenda 2030, of which the United Nations has stated, "it involves the entire world".

Child abuse in Florida school

While working on this report, I received an email from a mother in Florida, USA, who prefers to remain anonymous in the report. She has confirmed that what is going on in Europe is also happening in America. This is what she wrote me about her daughter:  

"Everything you are reporting happened to her. Using another girl to touch my daughter (masturbation), horrible bad words and pornography using her cell phone."

She tried going to authorities to protect her child, but encountered a chilling harshness. It became clear that nobody wanted to help her.

Alarmed experts in Scotland

sex education scotland

An alarming news report from Scotland reads: 

Scotland's "prescriptive" approach to sex education is normalizing underage sexual activity, and risks perpetuating child sex exploitation, according to a leading analyst.

It depends on each individual school as to what degree they implement the instructions of the UN and WHO, and naturally certain schools will be worse than others.  But it is mandatory for every public school in the world. 

Worldwide sexualization of kids

The sexualization of children happens in many different ways, even on a global corporate level, as with these mugs from McDonalds in Japan that - when turned to a certain angle - show children engaged in sexual acts. 

In the fashion world, the extreme sexualization of children has been widespread for decades. This is an example of Vogue Paris Cadeaux from 2010.

The French film "Cuties" that was available on Netflix caused a worldwide outrage, as it showed young girls performing erotic dances that include full- blown sex movements. 

sexuality education children

There is a worldwide push to sexualize little children by all means: cartoons, movies, books, films, fashion, corporate products, etc. And now the World Health Organization and United Nations are going all out by instructing kindergartens and elementary schools to include it in their curriculums.

Promoting unbridled sex to reduce
the human population

What is the real motivation behind the worldwide strategic operation to sexualize little children? In the next part of this report, we will reveal undeniable evidence of how this is part of the agenda to normalize pedophilia in every nation of the world. This is particularly evident when we consider the publisher who was handpicked by the WHO and UN to execute this agenda in 27 nations: the Rutgers Foundation.

jan rutgers foto

The inspiration for the Rutgers foundation was Jan Rutgers (1850-1924), a fierce opponent of marriage, which he considered unnatural. He passionately promoted the reduction of the human population by pushing a culture of free sex onto society. 

When the Rutgers Foundation was founded in 1969, its main purpose was to reduce population growth through sex education, abortion and contraception.14 In 1999, Rutgers merged with the NISSO group (Netherlands Institute for Social Sexological Research), whose goal was also to reduce birth rates by encouraging abortion, free sex, and sex education. In 2011, Rutgers merged again with the World Population Foundation, which had the same mission of reducing the world population through abortion and sex education.

The common thread in the history of Rutgers is the agenda to reduce the human population by pushing unbridled sex in society. When people are sexually perverted, they can't form healthy families and are not as likely to produce offspring.

Rutgers always pushed
for the normalization of pedophilia

Aside from the agenda to reduce the human population, Rutgers was always heavily involved in the worldwide movement to normalize pedophilia. In 1946, the Netherlands Association for Sexual Reform (NVSH) was founded, once again with the objective of reducing the human population. NVSH organized working groups on pedophilia that were supported by Labour Party Senator Dr. Edward Brongersma. This same Brongersma then became the foreman of the pedophilia acceptance movement in the 1970s.

edward brongersma pedofiel

Brongersma was known for his frequent trips to Asia, where he abused underaged sex slaves. He was convicted in 1950 of fornication with a 16-year-old, for which he spent 11 months in prison.

After his release from prison, Brongersma became a board member of the NVSH, where he again organized pedophilia working groups. They published the magazine NIKS (Dutch abbreviation for Towards Integration of Child Sexuality).15 In an online archive of this magazine, we can see the sickening profanity that was promoted:16

naked children on the cover exposing their genitals, and children having sex.17

The magazine published by Brongersma featured in its September edition of 1982 the below comic that describes how a pedophile has oral sex with a young girl (transcript below comic).18  Be aware of the explicit nature of this transcript.


"Sometimes I really don't understand the big-person world. Take, for example, the case of my Uncle Loet. He's not really my uncle, but he likes it when I call him that. I often visit him when I get out of school. It's much cozier there than at our house.

The other day I'm sitting on the couch with him drinking tea, and he puts his hand on my leg. Slowly he slides up my dress and starts stroking my belly. He had never done that before. He sometimes stroked through my hair, and sometimes I got a kiss on my forehead, nothing more.

I thought it was silly, but it was a nice feeling, so I didn't say anything. A little later he knelt on the floor in front of me and pulled off my panties and started to suck on my pussy. His mustache tickled wonderfully. I regret that he suddenly stopped after a few minutes, but yes, that was because a man was walking just outside the window, who then broke his bottle of yogurt. Now Uncle Loet is in jail. My parents are upset. I'm sad, and everyone seems weird towards me."

The mindset propagated through this publication is that being with a pedophile is preferable over being with the family. It is "wrong" that the predator is in prison, while the man who caught him red-handed is free. 

These are the fundamental mindsets of pedophilia: that what they are doing is good, and people who are against it are bad. This mindset is also promoted in the guides of the United Nations, World Health Organization and Rutgers, albeit in more sophisticated wordings. It is nevertheless the same: promoting sex with little kids is a human right, and opposing it is a violation of human rights.

Another edition of the pedophilia magazine of Brongersma is titled the "anti-education episode" and contains an article that explains how "evil" the natural family is. The article is titled: "How do I kill my father and mother?" I quote:19

"In the family, love is impossible. Parental love is a lie... the family limits, sours, mocks, discourages, mistreats, crumples..."
family photo

One of the basic tenets of pedophilia is that a family is a prison, and children must be "liberated" from the family by pedophiles. 

Rutgers is part of a worldwide
web of pedophilia

The pedophilia magazine NIKS featured prominent international pedophiles like Theo Sandfort, who wrote for several well-known pedophilia publications like Paedo Alert News and the British Paidika.20 In 1999, Rutgers published a report from this same pedophile, Sandfort. In the year 2000, another pedophile organization made headlines for building an archive of child pornography. The founder, Frits Bernard, was an avid pedophile. Their articles of incorporation state that they collaborate with Rutgers.

On June 22, 1979, Rutgers signed a petition, along with criminally convicted child molester Brongersma, for the legalizing of sex with children.21 

The current chairman of the Supervisory Board of Rutgers is Andrée van Es, former politician of the Green Left and PSP, a party that also lobbied for the legalization of pedophilia.22 Former director of Rutgers, Pieter Wijnsma, stated in an interview that he had encouraged a group of elementary school children to masturbate because “the aspect of lust had to be developed”.23

The organization of pedophile Brongersma was succeeded by the Fund for Scientific Research on Sexuality (FWOS)24, which states that the vast child pornography collection of Brongersma is managed by Rutgers. This successor of Brongersma has also financed several projects of Rutgers. Their mission statement says:25

“The FWOS seeks to understand, acquire and disseminate knowledge about children's sexual behavior and sexual experience...”

Remember, the FWOS is the legal successor of the work of Brongersma, who frequently abused Asian sex slaves, was imprisoned for molesting a young boy, owned a vast collection of child pornography, and published a magazine that vividly promoted child abuse. 

FWOS is one of the financiers of Rutgers - the foundation appointed by the WHO and UN to create school material in 27 nations.

Seksueel onderwijs voor kleine kinderen: gewoon doen!

In 2010, Rutgers and FWOS organized a conference about sex education for little children. They also released a joint publication titled, “Sexual education of young children: just do it!"26

The magazine discusses a six-year-old masturbating, a nine-year-old watching pornography, and a five-year-old having oral sex with a girl.


Evidence that the World Health Organization and United Nations partner with a prominent promotor of pedophilia

✔︎ Rutgers published a report from renowned pedophile Theo Sandfort.

✔︎ Rutgers collaborated with the Frits Bernard Foundation who owned a vast collection of child pornography. 

✔︎ Rutgers signed a petition for the legalizing of sex with children.

✔︎ The current chairman of the Supervisory Board of Rutgers is Andrée van Es, former politician of the Green Left, and PSP - a party that also lobbied for the legalization of pedophilia.

✔︎ Former director of Rutgers, Pieter Wijnsma, taught children to masturbate to "develop their lust".

✔︎ Rutgers is financed by FWOS, the legal successor of pedophile and abuser of sex slaves Brongersma.

✔︎ Rutgers published a magazine describing a 6-year-old masturbating, a 9-year-old watching pornography and a 5-year-old having oral sex.

✔︎ Rutgers instructs teachers to make sure that children start with sex as soon as possible.

✔︎ Rutgers recommends a children's book that encourages little children to engage in oral sex.

✔︎ Rutger's curriculum for elementary schools states that little children should know all about lust, physical excitement, and being intimate. 

✔︎ Rutgers publishes school material for 10-year-old kids that says: "Examples of things you can do with sex are (tongue) kissing, caressing, petting (licking the vagina), piping (licking/sucking the penis), fingering, jerking off, dick-in-vagina sex (vaginal sex) and dick-in-anus sex (anal sex)".

✔︎ Rutgers distributes school posters that tell young children to engage in homosexual acts.

It's beyond alarming that this explicit pedophile organization was handpicked by the WHO and UN to execute their agenda for the sexualization of little children all around the world. 

Pedophilia handbook "not illegal"
according to Minister of Justice 

manual pedophiles

In The Netherlands, which appears to be the center for the worldwide agenda to normalize pedophilia, a political party for pedophilia was founded and was supported by the government. This "Pedo Party" distributed a 1,000-page Manual for Pedophiles that teaches adults how to rape babies and toddlers.27

The Manual for Pedophiles explains such things as:

✔︎ Methods of seducing children, for example by deflating the tires of their bike and then offering to fix it to gain their trust;

✔︎ How to use psychological techniques to get children to consent to sex - for example by rewarding them with money or gifts;

✔︎ How to stretch the rectum of babies and toddlers for anal sex;

✔︎ Where to find children;

✔︎ What ages are the safest (babies are safe, as they can't speak yet; 3-4 year olds are dangerous, as they can't keep secrets);

✔︎ How to use forensic techniques to hide your DNA, so the police can't track you.

Here are a few quotes from this handbook:

"The pedagogy of secrecy is about educating the child on how to keep secrets. We accomplish this by using special pedagogical methods based on a combination of child psychology and real-life experiences of professional pedophiles."

"You need to learn a lot about evidence and forensics so that you make it as difficult as possible for the police to arrest you. These three important tips ensure that all DNA traces are removed after sexual activity with the child. [...] It may sound like hassle, but many pedophiles have been sent to jail because they were too lazy to perform these three simple tasks. If they had done so, the police would have no evidence and they would have their freedom."

Marcel Janinga is a father who discovered that his neighbor had been abusing his daughter from the very time she was born - as a baby - using the techniques he had learned in the Manual for Pedophiles. Only when the girl was 3 years old did this abuse come to light, as she complained about pain. They discovered that the neighbor had abused this girl twice a week, on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Marcel started the "Foundation Against Child Abuse" to fight these horrors.28 He called on the government to stop the distribution of this handbook, but the Dutch Minister of Justice, Ferd Grapperhaus, claimed it contained nothing illegal and should be allowed.29 After massive outrage of the public and increasing pressure over the course of several years, this Minister of Justice finally had no choice but to change his stance, and in 2023, the Manual for Pedophiles was finally declared illegal. 

But only after it was allowed to spread widely for many years, causing not only mass rape, but also murder of little children.

A 1,000-page "Manual for Pedophiles" explaining how to seduce, manipulate, bribe and rape babies, toddlers and little kids was allowed for many years by the Dutch Minister of Justice, Ferd Grapperhaus. 

Judges call to decriminalize pedophilia

We may wonder how on earth a Minister of Justice would refuse to forbid a pedophile manual that explains how to rape babies and toddlers, how to erase your DNA tracks from the police, how to seduce kids, and so on. Isn't the judiciary the primary institution to fight these gruesome crimes? The following will explain what is going on...

The International Committee of Jurists (ICJ) and UNAIDS (a division of the United Nations) published a report in which they call for the decriminalization of sex between adults and children.30 They claim that little children can consent to sex, which makes it ok. Only when kids file an official complaint with the police should the sexual abuse be investigated. Here is their statement from page 22:

“With respect to the enforcement of criminal law, any prescribed minimum age of consent to sex must be applied in a non-discriminatory manner. Enforcement may not be linked to the sex/gender of participants or age of consent to marriage. Moreover, sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex may be consensual, in fact, if not in law.”

According to the International Committee of Jurists, sex with children should not be considered a criminal act if the child agrees to it. This ignores the fact that adults have a strong mental advantage over a little child, who has no psychological defense against the persuasive powers of a cunning predator. The Manual for Pedophiles explains many psychological techniques on how to manipulate a child into "consent". We all know the example of a stranger offering a delicious ice cream to a child, to lure him or her into his net. Any sensible adult understands that no child can ever actually consent to sex, since they have no idea what is going on. Only when they have grown up do they begin to wake up to what happened to them. Lifelong trauma results from this molestation, since it's not just physical but also mental abuse, as they are victims of sophisticated psychological techniques that manipulated them into "consent". 

The fact that the International Committee of Jurists have made the above statement shows how deep pedophilia is already embedded into our society. This stresses the critical need for all good people to stand up.

Explicit pedophilia manifesto

Pedophiles make it sound like children have the "right" to be sexually abused by adults, through statements like: "Sex is a human right for people of all ages" and "The right to experience sexuality should not be limited by age".

The International Planned Parenthood Foundation (an abortion organization founded by the father of Bill Gates) published a full-blown pedophilia manifesto titled 'EXCLAIM!', which was distributed within the United Nations.31

It repeatedly makes explicit statements typically used by pedophiles.

On page 9 of EXCLAIM!, the IPPF states: 

"There is a common misconception that young people (read: little children) are not, or should not be sexual beings." 

On page 16 is stated:

“Sexuality and sexual pleasure are important parts of being human for everyone - no matter what age".

These are literally the hard-core typical arguments used by pedophiles, claiming that babies, toddlers, children and teens have the "human right" to have sex. 

pedophilia child

The fact that typical pedophile arguments are the core message of these documents establishes once and for all that they are indeed pushing the agenda to normalize pedophilia. 

Planned Parenthood
covers up sexual abuse

While calling the world to consider sex between adults and little children the expression of a basic human right, Planned Parenthood has been found to systematically cover up complaints about devastating sexual abuse of children. See this revealing documentary by Live Action... 

News media promotes
normalization of pedophilia

The news media have also joined in the worldwide operation to normalize pedophilia. Here is a small compilation of what is in reality a true avalanche of articles, all having one mission: to convince the world that pedophiles are good people, and those who defend the children are monsters.

 Transcripts of some of these post titles:

Is pedophilia a sexual orientation?
Pedophilia a "sexual orientation - like being straight or gay"
5 Ways we misunderstand pedophiles
Sympathy and science for those that want to have sex with children
I'm a pedophile, you're the monsters
Not all pedophiles are bad people

What is particularly alarming is that none of these media posts - literally not a single one of them - takes a stand in defense of the helpless children. All they talk about is the "misunderstood" pedophiles - not a word about the children!

Official of WHO and UN
arrested for child molestation

The pedophile practices of high ranking officials from the World Health Organization and the United Nations is usually carefully covered up, but once in a while one of them gets caught. This happened to Peter Dalglish, a senior official who held high positions within the United Nations, UNICEF and the World Health Organization for over 30 years, and was the founder of Street Kids International. He was awarded the Order of Canada for his outstanding humanitarian work.  In 2015, he was the UN's 'country representative' in Kabul. 

In 2018, Dalglish was caught red-handed while abusing two underage boys in Nepal, and was sentenced to nine years in prison.32

Dalglish lured children away from their parents with offers to educate them, take them abroad and provide them with jobs. Detectives say he abused children over a period of 15 years while he was a senior official at the UN and the WHO.

The World Health Organization
is a private entity

The primary entities pushing the pedophilia agenda worldwide are the World Health Organization and the United Nations. We must remember, however, that these are not governmental, but private organizations, owned by financial elites. As private organizations, they actually have no authority over anybody whatsoever. Yet they operate as a one world government, controlling the worldwide health and educational system.

Over the course of the pandemic, it became obvious to the entire world that the WHO does not serve the interest of humanity, but instead serves criminal agendas for concealed entities. 

The WHO suppressed proven cures for covid and ordered social media companies to censor scientists and physicians who talked about effective treatments. They are the ones who convinced the world that an experimental injection was the only answer for the pandemic, which has resulted in millions of deaths and hundreds of millions of people being permanently disabled as a result of these untested inoculations.

Why do democratic governments around the world surrender their nations into the hands of a private organization? 

Bill Gates controls
the World Health Organization

The agenda to suppress every working treatment for covid and convince the world that only an untested experimental injection would save us was pushed by multi-billionaire and public spokesperson for the financial elites, Bill Gates. He is the world’s #1 vaccine dealer, who has made astronomical amounts of money from this worldwide inoculation plot. 

When we understand that Gates is a major benefactor of the WHO, we can also see that he has a lot of control over their policies. 

Bill Gates is also known for his close relations with Jeffrey Epstein, who hosted sex parties with children for the elites on his notorious Epstein Island.33  Epstein was arrested in 2018 under the Trump administration, and reportedly hung himself in his prison cell. The name of Bill Gates appears several times on the flight logs to Epstein Island.34

Mainstream media and Google - all of whom are owned by the elites - twist themselves into all kinds of weird knots to deny this, but the flight logs don't lie, and neither do the photographs of Gates and Epstein. 

Bill Gates and other wealthy entities are using the World Health Organization to sexualize little children worldwide. Gates provides funds to the pedophilia organization Rutgers for the creation of school material for dozens of nations.

Why do they insist on
normalizing pedophilia?

pedophilia world health organization

Why do financial elites insist on sexualizing little children in every nation of the world? The answer is given in this evidence report, which details how the majority of the elites have one thing in common: they are heavily involved in organized abuse of children.

This is confirmed by former FBI director Ted Gunderson, as well as former members of the military, marechaussee, gendarmerie, police and detectives. Their testimonies are revealed in this report.

Calin Georgescu, a former executive director of the United Nations, testified before the International Crimes Investigative Committee that the UN is a platform for criminal oligarchs to execute a nefarious agenda. The documentary "Secrets of the United Nations" (see below) reveals all of this in detail. This film is a must watch for anyone who wants to understand what is truly going on in our world. Georgescu also stated that the oligarchs behind the UN are pedophiles.  Be sure to watch this film...

The documentary "Fall of the Cabal" reveals how United Nations representatives and military have been raping thousands upon thousands of children and women in nations where they were claiming to bring peace. This docu-series was created by a multiple-award-winning investigator and a former financial crime analyst from the Dutch police force.35  The episode below unveils the intensely dark nature of the United Nations, and the bloodstained trail of horrendous sexual abuse they leave all over the world... 

That these financial elites are deeply involved in systematic sexual abuse of children is also detailed in numerous testimonies of surviving victims and eyewitnesses from every nation of the world. 

One of them is the former top fashion model Nathalie Augustina, who was mind- programmed by the CIA to be a sex kitten for royal families, top government officials, and Hollywood celebrities. She tells her heart wrenching story in the book "Nathalie - Confessions of a Fashion Model" (Dutch).36

Nathalie's revelations were confirmed in detail by former jurist Anne Marie van Blijenburgh, who testified in 2014 before the Tribunal for Crimes by Church and State (ITCCS) that she was present three times at meetings where children were raped and murdered on a stage, for an audience of officials from the government, judiciary, military, police, education, media etc. Her expert eye- witness testimony is featured in our report "Organized sexual abuse by high level officials".

"They want access to children
without being prosecuted"

We are in direct contact with several surviving victims of these cruel practices of the elites. One of them is a lady from Canada, whose name I will not mention for her protection. She was born into the circles of the elites and wrote several letters to me. Below I share some of what she sent me. Please understand that although this information is deeply disturbing, it is confirmed by members of the FBI, military, intelligence agencies, police, gendarmerie, and marechaussee all over the world, as well as countless other eye-witnesses, in the aforementioned report.

"A typical childhood in this horror will find kids raped a few thousand times by the time they're 18. We're talking a satanic cult network that is worldwide. And they make a big chunk of their money trafficking kids. It's brutal. ... They attempt to put their people at the top of fields around the world."

Concerning the normalization of pedophilia through the worldwide education system, this survivor from the elites sent me the following:

"Yes, this is normal behavior inside cults. Everyone is encouraged to have sex with each other. Siblings with each other... children and adults... children with children... children with animals... all of it is not only encouraged - it's mandatory. So they're taking normal cult behavior and trying to make it mainstream... and you're so right... they want access to children 24/7 to do whatever they want with them without being prosecuted."
photo of sad girl pedophilia

A former executive director from the UN, an award- winning investigator, a crime analyst from the police, a jurist and eye-witness, and several surviving victims all say the same: the financial elites behind the United Nations are involved in organized pedophilia.

Will we stand up
and defend the children?

If we don’t rise to stop this dark agenda that is masquerading itself with absurd claims of "defending human rights", then eventually every child in the world will grow up being a victim of years of sexual abuse - and will also be trained to be a sexual predator. And it doesn't stop here, because the people who remove healthy, natural boundaries will keep removing the next boundaries and the next, because there is no end to their unbridled lust. Surviving victims of the elites have told us that sex with animals is next, as well as sex with corpses.

The same Minister of Justice who insisted for years on end that there was nothing wrong with the Manual for Pedophiles also said that sex with dead bodies is not a crime.37  And Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who is an avid member of the World Economic Forum, was, in his younger years, part of a political group that called for the legalization of sex with animals.38

In the USA, we see the sickening invasion of drag queens in countless schools, where children are exposed to perverse sexual dances, disgusting stories, and the abnormal outfits of perverted freaks who prey on children. Ask yourself:

Who on earth wants homosexuals to perform sexual dances in front of little children? What is the agenda behind this?

In St. John's Library of Portland, Oregon, children were photographed laying on the body of a drag queen.39 

The sudden invasion of drag queens into thousands of schools worldwide is clearly a strategically orchestrated operation, similar to the sudden eruption of transgender madness, which literally came out of nowhere and all of a sudden is everywhere. All of this is happening at the same time: 

✔︎ instructing all public schools worldwide to sexualize children 

✔︎ pushing innumerable drag queens into schools 

✔︎ pushing transgender confusion massively into every nation 

✔︎ using the media to call for the acceptance of pedophilia 

✔︎ judges calling for the legalization of sex with minors

This situation is far more serious than any of us can imagine. As elite whistleblowers state: “They want everyone to have sex with everyone.” We must take a stand and courageously protect the children all around the world.

Share this report with the world

It is critical that this report reaches as many people as possible. Please send it far and wide, using all possible means. You can, for example, copy this short letter and send it to local newspapers, schools, law enforcement, churches, hospitals, politicians, etc. You can find their contact info with a quick search on the internet.

To whom it concerns,

The World Health Organization and the United Nations are instructing education authorities worldwide to teach babies, toddlers and young children to masturbate, use pornography, learn different sexual techniques such as oral sex, and engage in same-sex relationships. The WHO and UN instruct educators to encourage children to start with sex as young as possible, and help all children to have sexual partners. Evidence shows how this is part of a worldwide operation to normalize pedophilia. See the following report:


We invite you to carefully consider this information.


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References and downloads

All the evidence for the statements in this report can be found by opening the toggled container below. You can also download all the documents from the WHO, UN, IPPF, Rutgers, etc. If any link has been scrubbed from the internet, you can relocate it using Archive.org.

Open this container to see all references

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