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The Plan To Destroy America, In Favor Of A One World Government

For the past decades, America has been suffering under the death grip of traitors who have been strategically destroying the United States from the inside out. One Deep State criminal after the other was positioned to be president: the Bushes, Clintons, Obama - all of these were servants of the wicked elites who have a diabolical agenda for world domination.

They needed to first eliminate the patriot movement in America, and according to former British intelligence officer Alex Thompson, thousands of patriots and freedom fighters were murdered during the sixties and seventies, after the murder of John F. Kennedy. The agenda to destroy America was in full swing, and seemed unstoppable.

Many globalist organizations were formed to further the agenda of a one world government, under the total control of unelected financial elites who would enslave every soul on the face of the Earth: the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum, the European Union, the Bank for International Settlements, the City of London, the WorldBank, the International Monetary Fund and many others.

All of these are owned and controlled by the same handful of people, some of whom are well known: Rothschild, Rockefeller, Osiris and others.

Victory was guaranteed. The world was being offered to them on a silver plate. Humanity would soon be but a herd of brain-dead cattle, totally mind-controlled by the news media and government propaganda, to obey every evil wish of these demons.

It was game over for the human race.

The End Of Humanity,
As Designed By The Global Leaders

These elites have even developed a technological alternative for launching their agenda to permanently end the original divine human race: humanoid robots - who must replace humans in the areas of healthcare, social services, psychological support, education, etc. The elites project that in the near future, our world will be dominated by these androids, who will be thousands of times more intelligent than all of humanity combined, thanks to the global AI network that continually gathers more and more knowledge and understanding from the billions of humans that are using it, who are unaware that by doing so, they are constantly empowering AI to become their overlords. Evidence for this is presented in our groundbreaking film, ‘The End Of Humanity'. See below...

The entire key for the success of these elites is one single thing, and literally nothing else. That one single key, which has opened the door for them to have access to the minds of all of mankind, is the news media.

For decades, they have strategically worked to seize total control over every major news agency in the world, to ensure that they would completely control the narrative and determine - to the smallest detail - what every person on Earth believes, loves, hates, and does. See our documentary below...

They had unfailing confidence in their monopoly of the news. Even all the so-called conservative news channels like Fox News in the US were completely in the hands of these satanic entities, who owned all sides of the spectrum. Even the most courageous, loudest and wildest so-called ‘truth channels’ like InfoWars from Alex Jones, were nothing but an Israeli Mossad operation to control and misguide the millions of people seeking truth (Alex Jones, however, has evidently changed camp, and now appears to be working with the white hats - see this post).

There were very few real voices of truth that gained a prominent position of influence. Everything was controlled on all sides. Victory was guaranteed for the satanists who comprise the top of this worldwide network.

But then an earthquake happened….

The Disaster Of Donald Trump

In 2015, a presidential candidate emerged who was opposed to these elites.  A candidate with a fiery passion to restore America and see her become a truly independent nation again, liberated from the control of these wicked overlords who own the USA through Washington, DC (which is nothing but a franchise of the elites). That candidate was Donald J Trump

A bit of history is helpful here. Originally, America was founded by a group of devoted Christian young men who had had enough of the tyranny of the satanic British elites and their nefarious desire for total world domination.

They broke away from these satanists and fled to a new land, which they dedicated to God on July 4th, 1776. They stated in their constitution that this new country would be a land of liberty, where every person is equal under God. No more tyranny and slavery!

The British elites, however, didn’t give up so easily. Before long, they managed to seize control again over the United States, and they founded Washington, DC as their headquarters from where they would once again rule over the American people. Interestingly, Washington, DC doesn’t belong to the actual nation of the United States - it is an independent sovereign state. It is, in fact, a foreign entity! 

Washington, DC is controlled by the British elites and is effectively a foreign entity that rules over the United States. 

Hence, the so-called ‘Deep State’ was formed, also called the 'Shadow Government'. With unlawful taxation of the American people, they were able to enslave all those living in the land of the United States - even more so than when they lived in Great Britain. But this time, the people were totally unaware of how they were being ruled by foreign tyrants. These elites suffocated, drained and oppressed the people, and enriched themselves in astronomical ways by imposing taxes on literally everything. This kept the American people in perpetual poverty, while multiplying the wealth of their wicked rulers. 

It was a brilliant and extremely diabolical scheme to enslave both America and the world. 

They mocked the ‘Land of the free, because of the brave’.  What a joke! Millions of US soldiers were brutally murdered as they were sent to useless wars of the elites, where the sons of America shed their blood for the furthering of the elites' evil agenda (who effectively owned the US military). So-called American patriotism was diverted to inspire a misplaced passion for wars, that were in fact nothing but acts of mass murder to establish increasing control over the world population. 

The Bushes, Clintons and Obama slaughtered countless American soldiers in wars that solely served the agenda of the elites.

The elites literally hijacked the United States and turned it completely around. Instead of being a Godly nation and a beacon of liberty for the rest of humanity, the United States became a stronghold of satanic tyranny that terrorized the rest of the world. The exact opposite of what the USA was founded to be...

But then an earthquake shook their foundations and sent ripples of panic throughout this diabolical network:

one of them, a billionaire who knows the depths of darkness of the elites (as he was once part of it), rose to power: Donald J. Trump. And not to further their agenda, but to expose and destroy it! 

Immediately, the elites unleashed their full worldwide arsenal of news media to ensure that every human being - not just in America, but worldwide - would both fear and hate Donald Trump. Literally every media asset was deployed, while Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, the entire internet and all the major news agencies erupted as a massive worldwide supervolcano with intense slander against Trump.

Examples of headlines about Trump:

- Donald Trump is insane
- Donald Trump is a bad person
- Donald Trump is what’s wrong with America
- Trump is a dangerous sociopath
- The devil in Donald
- Donald Trump, supervillain?
- Donald Trump, the worst of America

This would destroy him - they knew it!  It had always been so. This method never failed. They could easily wipe out any and every opponent by strictly controlling the beliefs of the masses through the news.

But to their dismay, this time it didn't work!  The American people were beginning to wake up. They'd had enough of the Obamas, Clintons and Bushes, who had been robbing them blind and kicking their legs from underneath them. They sensed something in this blasting Trumpet that every fiber of their being yearned for with unspeakable despair: someone who genuinely cared about the United States and its people.

Despite the all-out unleashing of unprecedented slander by the news media, Donald Trump became president of the United States in 2017. During his inauguration, President Trump made an earth-shattering statement that nobody at the time understood...

President Trump declared that the power was being shifted away from Washington, DC and back to the people. As he said this, the heads of the US military all gathered behind him. This was a public statement of a military plan to save America from the death grip of the satanic elites, and restore it as the godly republic it was originally meant to be. 

In the following years, everything the elites did was focused on one objective: to destroy Trump! Slander him, smear him, discredit him, mock him, accuse him, attack him in every possible way. Trump had to be eliminated. And they succeeded. In 2020, many nations around the world collaborated in a never- before-seen operation to steal the U.S. presidential elections, by using satellites and servers around the world to switch many millions of votes from Trump to Biden. See the evidence in our documentary below.

This was an unheard of operation, where even thousands of civilians were used to corrupt the most important election of all time. And it was a success. They won. Again.

All seemed lost. Biden rose to power and immediately began destroying America so severely that every hope went down the drain. Prices doubled, tripled and even quadrupled in America; countless people lost their homes and ended up on the streets; millions of lawless, unchecked illegals were welcomed across the border to destroy America from within, by unleashing unparalleled drug dealing and human trafficking, while also preparing terrorist attacks. Energy prices skyrocketed and life became increasingly unaffordable.

Meanwhile, the lying news media praised Biden to the highest heavens while continuing to slander Trump. 

Extreme censorship silenced all voices that opposed this tyranny. Millions of accounts of freedom-loving Americans were removed from social media, and incredible numbers of controlled-opposition voices of so-called ‘patriots’ were released into the remaining spheres of freedom such as Telegram. Once again, the elites managed to regain full control.

The Plan To Save America
and The World

Behind the scenes of all this terror, however, there was something else going on... a large group of fearless Christian military intelligence officers were continuing their work to save both America and the world. They revealed themselves to the patriot community through intel drops that were signed with the letter 'Q'. The elites tried discrediting them, and labeled anyone paying attention to this plan as idiots. Nevertheless, they continued their invisible work to save the United States and return this nation to its rightful owners: the people. 

These Godly military entities are determined to abolish Washington, DC and rebirth the original republic of the people, a free nation that is not owned by satanists, but that is protected by God-fearing servants of the people.

In an earlier post, I revealed what they have been doing the past few years: exposing to the people how corrupt every government agency is, from the CIA, FBI, DOD and DOJ, to the CDC, FDA and all the others. They revealed to the world how criminal most governments are, and inspired an incredible citizen revolt.

You can read more about the actions of these good military members in these posts.

Ultimately we will witness
the birth of a new world

We are witnessing a turnaround that will only increase. The era where evil always wins and good always loses is coming to an end. The centuries of suffering, corruption, satanism in the highest places and the torture and murder of millions of children are drawing to a close.

We will ultimately witness the birth of a new nation, a new world, a new future for humanity.

But we have to be brave and stay the course. We are not facing a bunch of dumbasses. Our enemies are the worst demons in all of history, the sharpest, most cunning entities ever in existence, the worst psychopaths you can imagine - who now have the technology, as never before, to make their dreams reality. They are so close they can almost taste victory, and they will not go down without a fight. They are even now preparing another plandemic, with an avian flu virus that has a human mortality rate up to 40%, meaning it could wipe out almost half the world population.

Remember how Bill and Melinda Gates grinned when they announced this? ‘This time they will pay attention’, they said. See our documentary below...

The battle will become ever so fierce; the heat will be turned up. Prepare for large scale power outages, internet blackouts, famine, wars, terrorist attacks and release of deadly diseases by these satanists. Many will lose their life, but the victory will ultimately be for the Children of the Light.

So take heart. Be courageous. Turn with all your heart and mind to the Giver of life, the Creator of all that is good, the Source of true love, and the Father of truth. He who is on our side against the dragons of old, who want to devour our souls.

Stand up. Speak out. Choose right. And do whatever is needed to help bring about this breakthrough for humanity.

We were not created to be forever slaves of insanely evil forces. We were formed to become children of love, truth and goodness. But we have to consciously choose it.

May we all make the right choice.

David Sorensen

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