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The worldwide mind control operation to incite hatred against Donald Trump

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I am a media expert with a master's degree in visual communication and decades of experience. I know how media works. During my education at the University for Science and Arts, I learned how to manipulate the public with colors, words, rhythm, repetition, intonation, shapes, and more. For decades, I witnessed firsthand how news media lies to the people, manipulates what they think, hides specific information - and how they can determine who we love and who we hate.

Media is literally mind control. They can direct your entire your life.

In 2016, my attention was drawn to something that shocked me. I observed how all the news media worldwide simultaneously pushed one single message onto the entire world population. What blew me away is that this one message was forced onto the minds of the public in every single country on earth, from America to Germany to Switzerland to China - everywhere! It was a historically unprecedented worldwide operation to brainwash every person on earth.

What was their message? They wanted all of humanity to fiercely hate one man.

I didn’t know him back then, but observing how the entire worldwide arsenal of news media was deployed to destroy one person told me I had to pay attention to this guy. Why are they so afraid of him, that they try to destroy him? Surely something about this man must be an incredible threat to them.

Then I noticed something else: satanic cults and witch covens around the world called on their members to cast spells on this man to destroy him. I don’t believe anything like this has ever happened before. This triggered my curiosity even more: if the dark realm wants to destroy this man, he must surely be a threat to them.

You probably wonder who this man is. It’s the most smeared, slandered, accused, mocked, hated, and misrepresented man in all of human history: Donald Trump.

Not only was the entire worldwide apparatus of mind control media and the international networks of satanists and witches activated against him, but he was also assaulted relentlessly by the dark political side. These are a few of the attacks against this man:

✔︎ Russian collusion hoax

✔︎ Attempt to impeach him

✔︎ Second attempt to impeach him

✔︎ Mass media slandering campaigns

✔︎ Facebook account deleted

✔︎ Twitter account deleted

✔︎ Worldwide operation to steal his election victory

✔︎ January 6th trap by FBI

✔︎ Tax return investigation

✔︎ Constant public discrediting

✔︎ Republican Party betrayal

When I looked closely at what this man has been doing, it became clear to me why they are terrified of him, and why they go all out to destroy him. Here is what Trump has done:

✔︎ Expose media corruption

✔︎ Expose government corruption

✔︎ Expose Big Pharma corruption

✔︎ Expose Big Tech corruption

✔︎ Expose FBI corruption

✔︎ Expose CIA corruption

✔︎ Expose DOJ corruption

✔︎ Expose DHS corruption

✔︎ Expose IRS corruption

✔︎ Expose election corruption

✔︎ Expose judiciary corruption

✔︎ Expose Supreme Court corruption

✔︎ Expose RINO corruption

✔︎ Expose the Deep State

✔︎ Expose the Cabal

✔︎ Expose child trafficking

✔︎ Expose the transgender agenda

✔︎ Expose border invasion

✔︎ Expose WHO crimes against humanity

✔︎ Expose WEF domination agenda

✔︎ Expose climate change hoax

✔︎ Expose New World Order

✔︎ Expose the “destroy America” agenda

Trump has been exposing extreme corruption in every aspect of human society! As a result, billions worldwide are beginning to understand that the news media is fake news, governments are totally corrupt, elections are being stolen, the justice system is criminalized, there is a cabal and a deep state, and so much more.

There is an incredible worldwide awakening happening, thanks to what this man has been doing the past years. No wonder satanists try to kill him. Some people insist he is part of the evil team. Reality shows the opposite. They wouldn’t try so hard to take him out if he was on their side.

He built Truth Social, a social media platform without censorship - which is a tremendous blow in the face of the dark side, which is censoring any and all truth. Recently, Trump vowed to outlaw censorship altogether, so that the voice of truth can no longer be silenced.

The impact of this is earth shattering. Censorship is the foundation of tyranny. Without censorship, tyrants are powerless. Trump giving the voice back to the people is solid proof of which side he is on.

It saddens me to see the hatred in many people who believe Trump is the personification of evil. That is exactly the message the cabal has been planting in the mind of the entire world for the past 7 years.

Be careful which realm you side with: do you join the satanists and witches worldwide who curse this man? Do you agree with the Deep State, who constantly attack him? Be careful who you side with.

Many now say they prefer DeSantis, but think about this: nobody is attacking DeSantis. The cabal doesn’t fear him. Satanists don’t curse him, and the media worldwide doesn’t care about him.

It’s not DeSantis they are afraid of.

It’s Trump.

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