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How to survive the coming storm that will transform the world

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Dear Freedom Warriors,

as most of you know, I have been taking rest the past months, after two years of building, and reaching tens of millions of people worldwide with life changing and liberating truth. During this time of critical rest I have been preparing phase two of our work to awaken humanity, and help raise an army of freedom fighters who will defend our world against the greatest attack on humanity of all time.

If you are not fully aware of what is going on, then please read the Grand Jury Evidence 1 and the Vaccine Death Report, two high quality reports that show how a criminal financial elite is entering the final phase of their strategy to seize complete control over the world. They own the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, the World Bank, and all other similar international organizations. They also own most major corporations, and mainstream media, and control virtually every government. Now they want to finish their agenda of gaining total world domination.

All the evidence for this is revealed by the world’s most renowned whistleblowers from the UN, WHO, government agencies and military from the UK and USA, intelligence services, etc. in the Grand Jury Evidence.

The coming months I will publish many documentaries, reports, emails, articles, etc. to further expose this criminal agenda. I will also explain why their plan is destined for complete failure, and how the greatest movement of freedom is going to explode worldwide.

Disturbing truths
that liberate humanity

As you know, there have been severe attempts to shut us down, and I lost almost all of my income the past six months. On top of that, I had serious health issues, especially with my heart, brain and nervous system, from doing this work.

The kind of information I have seen, the past years, is literally sickening.

So far I have only shared about 10% of the information that I have on my computer and hard drives. What I have seen, is too traumatizing to just reveal to everyone. It would send many of you to the hospital in shock, and that is not a joke. I am praying for wisdom on what to release, how to do it, and the right timing.

I believe we are in the moment of time where the Creator of all life is removing the veil of severe blindness and total ignorance from our world, and unspeakable evil is being exposed on a worldwide scale for the first time in history. We are living in an exciting era, where finally these ancient networks of darkness, that have been controlling the world from old, are being exposed, and will be judged.

This is evident when we see how many key whistleblowers have been coming forward, only the past years. The media corruption, political crimes, Big Tech wickedness, Big Pharma genocide, education brainwashing, the CIA and FBI mafia, agricultural perversion, entertainment mind control, devastating weather warfare, etc. are all being exposed on a massive scale worldwide, by insiders who came forward to reveal what is really going on.

Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies, a former senior software developer at Google, revealed how Google is strategically programming the mind of humanity, by only showing those websites they want the world to see, while hiding tens of thousands of other websites.

The news media whistleblower Udo Ulfkotte, former editor of one of Europes largest newspapers, confessed how journalists worldwide are paid by the CIA, billionaires, secret services and governments to...

“… always lie, and never tell the truth to the public, and to push for war with Russia”.

See how the media is used to deceive humanity, in ways we cannot even imagine...

Ronald Bernard, the world’s leading whistleblower from the satanic financial elites who control the money flows worldwide, exposed how these financial elites sacrifice babies to dark forces, to gain power and wealth. His testimony is confirmed by many other insiders who came forward, and by former directors of the FBI, NSA, CIA, and other high level experts who chose the side of truth.

Listen to the shocking eye witness testimony of an insider of the satanic financial elites


Following these whistleblowers many brave and intelligent investigative journalists came forward, exposing the cabal, and shining a deadly light on their hidden operations worldwide, how they organize wars, destroy economies, reduce the world population, control the mind of mankind, traffic children, etc. I will be sharing many of these docu-series by some of the world’s best investigators. 

We are living in incredible times, where the veil is lifted and humanity is beginning to see what is the true cause of most suffering on earth. It’s not some vague, abstract, untouchable ‘devil’, but a meticulously organized worldwide network of psychopathic criminals who lust for world domination. 

Of course they do serve the spiritual dark realm, but our enemy is not as vague and abstract as we have been told. We are dealing with astronomically wealthy humans who collaborate in refined schemes to oppress humanity, for their own gain. They strategically keep humanity weak and confused, so they can be suppressed easier, and used for the further enrichment of these elites.

I believe that in the future we will see a new world emerge, where the good people increasingly will take possession of the high seats in our nations, to establish justice, truth and goodness as the foundations of this world.

The current crises we are experiencing, like the increasing food and gas shortages, weather warfare aka created climate change, organized pandemics, government corruption, etc. all serve to awaken all of us, so we would stop being complacent, but rise to the occasion and take up our mandate to be world changers.

But it’s not an easy time. Living in complete ignorance, believing that the current authorities take care of us, is much easier. Seeing the horrific reality of the widespread corruption is shocking and unsettling. But we need it. 

Hiding our heads in the sand of ignorance, may feel more comfortable short term, but it destroys us and our beloved ones in the long run.

So please be brave and honest, and allow the pain to touch your heart. Then our hearts can become broken with compassion for the children, and we will be moved by love to say ‘NO!’ to the criminals, who are running (read: ruining) this world.

This is a Great Awakening and we are only in the beginning phases yet. Much more will be revealed the coming years. So brace yourself. The light of the new day is dawning, although everything around us seems so dark.

The coming storm
and why the world needs it

I believe we will see a severe storm hit our world soon, where gas, food, electricity and all supply lines in different parts of the world will be shut down, to further destabilize our world. Governments around the world are announcing it publicly!

But through it all humanity will come forth better than we were before. Our world cannot continue on this path of ever increasing perversion of every aspect of life, where we have lost touch with nature, reality, the Giver of life, and one another.

I believe that through it all, there will come a Greater Reset than the Great Reset planned by the World Economic Forum. It will be a return to basics, reality, love, and everything that should be the foundation of a healthy world.

It is good to be prepared for the coming storm, by having energy backup, alternative communications solutions, learning to grow food (even indoors), keeping extra fuel, build community, etc. There are many signals that severe power outages will occur this summer, and the coming year(s), in several parts of the world. It is good to be ready.

Please understand that when our wrong foundations are being shaken, it will feel terrifying for a while, but ultimately (when we make the right decisions) it will allow us to rebuild on better foundations that cannot be shaken. So please embrace the storm that will hit the world. We need it badly. The new day will be so much more beautiful.

Being a light in the darkness

I will try to keep sending encouraging, inspiring and empowering messages, to help you all through the storm, if communications will allow it. I am looking into ham radio (amateur radio which can be broadcasted and received worldwide) for when the internet, email and phones go down. More about this soon.

Meanwhile please keep sharing our documentaries and reports that help to awaken the world. Don’t sit by idly, as an observer, but kick into gear to be part of the greatest shift in the history of our world.

If you are able to support us financially, so we too can prepare with our family for the coming storm, that would be greatly appreciated. As I said, we lost almost all income from the past six months, due to ongoing attacks to censor us. Prayers and support are greatly valued, as it allows me to be this voice of truth, awakening, hope and encouragement, that I am called to be. Thank you so much.

Together we will all make it through this critical time in the history of our world.

Many of us have been going through very dark times in our lives, which prepared us to be a shining light during this time. We have developed the ability to trust the One who loves us, through the times of pain, and now we can stand and help others have hope.

Let’s be this beacon of hope, when the storm hits.

May love guide us all to a world where evil is defeated and goodness reigns.

David Sorensen

PS: If you can support us, so we as a family can also prepare for what is about to hit our world, then that will be a great help. ❤️ Many thanks. Click here to support us.

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