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Do You Want To Lose Everything?

Globalist organizations are systematically removing all the rights, freedoms and private property of humanity, as part of UN Agenda 2030. This agenda submits mankind to tyranny  this world has never seen before. It includes the destruction of your health through ongoing mandates for experimental injections, extreme censorship and eradication of free speech, removal of private ownership, total control of your finances, limiting your movement, and even 24/7 monitoring of your thoughts and feelings. We help you protect yourself against this insane agenda. Sign up to receive our important information. 

Children must have sexual partners,
say the WHO and UN

The World Health Organization and United Nations are instructing primary schools worldwide to make sure that every child has a sexual partner, regardless of age. The goal of the WHO and UN is that children should begin with sex as soon as possible. This shocking report reveals this official agenda for the normalization of pedophilia. 

Dark Secrets of the United Nations

A top executive director of the United Nations reveals the true nature and intent of the UN: it is controlled by criminal oligarchs who use it to establish world domination and enslave humanity to their tyrannical control. A must see film!

One World Government Based in Israel

This film exposes something so nefarious, so evil, so mind-blowing that many will find it hard to believe. Yet it is true. The shocking secrets unveiled by this incredible documentary will shine a blazing light on the criminal entities who are hiding behind both the state of Israel and Hamas.

The End of Humanity
As Planned by the Global Leaders

World leaders publicly state that they want to end humanity, and enter a new era of neo-humanity, where most people will be replaced by humanoid robots. Everyone will be forced to become a cyborg: a symbiosis between man and machine, hooked up to the cloud, from where AI will monitor all your thoughts, feelings and actions. 

world domination

The Agenda for World Domination
by the World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum claims to 'improve the state of the world' but in reality attempts to establish world domination, where all of mankind will become submitted to the rule of unelected financial entities. 

Vaccines Kill Hundreds Of Millions

Overwhelming scientific data shows how vaccines are used to dramatically reduce the world population, and enforce totalitarian control systems on the surviving members of humanity. Hundreds of millions have died or were severely crippled by the covid vaccines alone. Billions could lose their life in the coming years. 

Proof that Pandemics
are Planned with a Purpose

Millions of scientists, physicians, nurses, journalists, lawyers, politicians, law enforcement officers, and conscious citizens around the world are revealing undeniable proof that the recent pandemics are no natural events, but rather large scale criminal operations with a dark agenda. See the facts for yourself..

MONOPOLY - Who Owns The World?

Virtually the entire world is owned by one single corporation: Vanguard. This effective monopoly gives them the power to control governments, news media, health organizations, and much more. Discover how the world is ruled by a handful of superwealthy people... 

The Criminal Network
That Terrorizes Humanity

The world renowned docuseries 'The Fall of the Cabal' by award winning journalist Janet Ossebaard uncovers the most horrific reality in our world: the existence of a so called 'elite', who is responsible for most suffering of humanity. They organize most wars, human trafficking, election rigging, natural disasters, and much more.

The News Controls
Your Beliefs and Behavior

World famous journalists reveal how the news is used by billionaires, governments and intelligence agencies to control the beliefs and behavior of the public. The news is pure propaganda to manipulate you to obey their every command. Make sure to watch this revealing documentary. 

money murder hospitals

Millions are Murdered for Money, in Hospitals

Millions of unsuspecting people are being murdered in hospitals, around the world, in return for big money. A nurse or physician can earn millions of dollars simply by accepting incentives to use lethal protocols. Listen to the horrifying testimonies of medical professionals, lawyers, undertakers and surviving patients who reveal what is going on in our hospitals.

How Climate Change is used to Remove your Freedom

Thousands of scientists are warning the world that climate change is a dangrous hoax, designed to be the excuse for submitting the human race to unprecedented tyranny and remove everyones rights, freedoms and even private possessions. 

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