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The past weeks several very powerful, eye opening emails were sent to you, by Stop World Control. Censorship always attempts to hide these truths from as many people as possible. In case you missed some of these critical posts, you can find an overview on this page. Make sure to share them around, as this is what will build a better world: truth that shatters the mold over the mind of mankind. We are the ones who can break this information tyranny, and liberate humanity. So spread these truths, to help defend our world from tyranny. 

Top experts reveal evidence for world domination agenda

Top experts from the World Health Organization, the United Nations, the British and American Military and Intelligence Services, the CDC, Pfizer, and government health agencies reveal evidence before 11 international lawyers and a judge of a plan to impose worldwide tyranny on all of humanity, under the guise of orchestrated pandemics.

The World Health Organization is a one world government

world health organization one world government

Dr. Silvia Behrendt and Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger held leading positions in the World Health Organization and the United Nations. They reveal how the WHO is owned and controlled by criminal financial entities, who use it to infiltrate all the nations of the world, with the purpose of abolishing democracy and imposing tyranny on all of humanity. Whenever the WHO declares a pandemic, they effectively become a one world government. 

Who is behind the agenda for world domination?

The nations of the world are essentially controlled by powerful financial entities, with the City of London as one of their headquarters. These financial elites created democracy as an illusion to keep the people at peace, while in reality the tyrants call the shots, and pull the strings of governments around the world. They use pandemics - and other orchestrated disasters like climate change - to further their goal of world domination. First they create a disaster, and then offer an increase of tyranny as the solution.

Governments apply psychological manipulation to change human behavior

A former UK Royal Navy officer and a former government advisor at the Department of Health in the UK reveal documents evidencing something of grave concern: the governments are using applied psychology and hypnosis to create fear and anxiety in the population, with the goal of changing their behavior.

MONOPOLY - Who owns the world?

In our world we see countless brands, names, logos that all seem to compete with one another. There are countless corporations offering different services in clothing, food, travel, technology, agriculture, finance, and so on. In reality none of these corporations compete with one another. All those major brands are essentially owned by one and the same corporation: Vanguard. This gives a very small group of astronomically wealthy super criminals the full power to control the entire world.

World renowned archbishop confronts the New World Order

archbishop carlo maria vigano

The #1 religious whistleblower in the world is archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano. First he exposed financial corruption in the Vatican. Then he exposed systematic, organized and protected child abuse in the Vatican. Next he exposes how the Vatican is at the heart of the satanic New World Order. In this heartrending video he calls for a worldwide alliance to oppose the globalist new world order.

Are you a lonely truth speaker?

Are you one of those lone rangers who have been seeing the plans of the New World Order for a long time, while nobody ever took notice? This message is to strengthen you…

This is why the New World Order is doomed to fail…

nwo tower collapse

The New World Order is like a massive building, that is being erected around the world. It’s the largest construction ever to be made. Seeing it, can be intimidating, as it is so huge, and involves all the governments of the world. Witnessing this massive system all over the world is scary for many people. But there is wonderful news: this massive system is bound to collapse. Read why…

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