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Are you a lonely truth speaker?

Are you one of those lone rangers who have been seeing the plans of the New World Order for a long time, while nobody ever took notice? This message is to strengthen you…

I see many lone warriors, lions without a pack, who have gone through endless deserts, mocked and despised by friends and family, because you see, you hear, you understand, and you know. You are not a dumbed down slave of high level crooks. You are a human being with wide open senses, and a heart that KNOWS things can be done differently.

We respond to something from deep within. A voice that the wicked have lost long ago. A sense that is so strong, we are willing to lose all else, to follow it. A voice that’s stronger than the insane intimidation of the media. A light that’s brighter than the flickering flashes of television and entertainment.

We hear it, we feel it, we see it, and we follow it.

This is the power that will take down the wicked: the members of humanity who are awakened by something stirring so strong, they cannot resist it. It’s an army rising up all over the world, with one voice, one vision, one hope.

We want goodness. We want health. We want truth. We want a world without the superrich corrupt madmen, who sacrifice literally everything - even their own souls - for more power.

The eagles join as one!

I encourage you to join this global army of children of the light. Truth warriors. Lone lions. Soaring eagles. Those who are watched by dimensions so much higher than we can ever imagine, because they see bravery in us.

They see purity in our hearts. They see hunger that is instilled in our souls by the One who is calling us.

This unity is beautiful, and powerful. The powers of wickedness have done all they can, to divide humanity. They divided us through religions, and even inside one religion they have divided us with countless different doctrines. In Christianity alone there are thousands of different denominations, that all fight each other. Unbelievable!

But this war, that is threatening every single one of us, wipes away all these differences, and unites humanity more than ever. We see the threat, we understand there are powers that have decided to kill many of us, and enslave the others. Therefore we unite, despite our differences.

Humanity and its Creator against the wicked and their demons.

The future is bright

I encourage you to let out the roar from deep inside of you. It’s not only your own roar, it comes from deeper, it resounds from on high, it serves a greater purpose.

We are not just fighting for ourselves. This is not a ‘save me’ movement.

It’s an awakening that has eternal purposes. The veil of blinding deception that covered mankind for centuries, is being lifted, and for the first time we wake up. First in a horrible nightmare, where we see how the media is totally criminal, the governments are puppet theaters with strings that lead up into deep darkness, where psychopaths with trillions of dollars are manipulating our entire world. That’s the RUDE awakening. Horrible, frightening, devastating.

But then we see there is a bright light that penetrates through it all. A light that is so strong, it is almost unreal. A light of hope for the future.

There is hope, dear people. The future is bright. We have to see the intense darkness covering the earth, before we can get rid of it, and step into the brightness of a hopeful future.

Dare to lift your voice

Let your voice be heard. Be the single one in your environment who lits a light for the others. Be the rare rooster that cries out in the dark, to wake up others, so they can see a new day dawning.

Dare to speak. Dare to be mocked. Accept it. Don’t be afraid of the attacks.

You are shining a light in the depths of the darkness, that WILL have its effect. One seed can create an entire forest, remember this. One spark sets a whole woodland on fire. One sound can stir an army to arise from its slumber.

So speak out. Share the truth.

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