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10 Steps to stop the New World Order – Practical guide


The globalists are determined to submit all of humanity to unprecedented tyranny through their Great Reset, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, and the New World Order. Is there anything normal citizens like you and me can do to stop them? Yes, absolutely!

They are far less than 1%,
while we are the vast majority of 99.99% of humanity. 
Their greatest fear is that we would realize this. 

Once the masses of humanity rise up simultaneously and begin to take intelligent action, it's game over for these criminal elites. That's why we have created a short practical guide that offers you ten practical steps that help you take action.

be courageous

Don't be silent to protect yourself. Seeing a man rape a child and standing by, doing nothing, is blatant complicity. You have refused to stop it, which is the same as allowing it to happen. That goes for every form of crime. When we stand by and do nothing, we are part of the criminal act.

This is the time to stand up and do something.


The key to the success of these criminal operations is the ignorance of the public. Their worst nightmare is that humanity will become aware of what is going on. Because once the people understand what is really going on, they will resist, and the plans of the corrupt leaders will fail. That's why they focus all their efforts on brainwashing the population to keep them ignorant. Our main focus must be to use all possible means to inform the people around us. Share videos, articles, reports, etc. Never give up doing this.

We have to open the eyes of the people,
so they will stop complying and start resisting. 

distribute flyers

I have designed flyers, posters, banners and memes that you can use in your community to point people to Since we don’t own the mainstream media, we have to inform people by handing out flyers, distributing brochures door to door, and putting up posters in public spaces. We need to place ads in local newspapers, rent billboards, and pay for radio commercials, all of which point people to or any other website you want people to visit.

Below you see an example of an informative flyer that you can download for free, print as often as you like, and distribute in your community.

jury flyer


Inform the people in your community that are unknowingly the minions of the criminal entities by unquestioningly executing their insane orders. We must open their eyes. Send short letters, inviting them to watch key documentaries and interviews. MONOPOLY is one of the best productions of all time to open people’s eyes. Also send them the Grand Jury Evidence and Vaccine Death Report. Be professional, polite and concise in your communication. 

cover vaccine death report
Grand Jury Evidence 1

We need to wake up the following people: local government officials, law enforcement officers, school directors and teachers, hospital staff, local media, judges, pastors, lawyers, etc. Many of them are bribed to support the criminal schemes, but some are not, and once their eyes are opened, they can become powerful forces of truth.


Set up public viewings in rented spaces, where you show eye opening videos like THE PLAN, or MONOPOLY. Invite friends and neighbors, as well as local law enforcement, local government officials, school and hospital staff, local media, etc. Advertise the event in local newspapers and by handing out flyers. Public viewings can ignite massive awakening!


Get involved in local politics, industries, school boards, public meetings, local media, etc. Let your voice be heard in your community. Show official documents, talk about the real plans of the elites, explain how the World Economic Forum is an undemocratic organization that is controlling the entire world, point out how the World Health Organization is set up to be a one world government through their pandemic treaty.

Share truth to cause people to start thinking. Don’t expect immediate results, but begin with dropping a few truth bombs that can activate the critical thought process of good people.


Do not comply with the mandates that forbid human interaction and force you to inject yourself and your loved ones with DNA-altering toxins. Don’t play their game - resist. They can never arrest the whole population. If enough of us don’t go along, there is nothing they can do. No government can arrest millions of people!


Step away from being dependent on their services and start creating alternative solutions. This goes for shopping, health care, media, finances, etc.  Learn to grow your own food, invest in off-grid energy solutions, start your own business. Start the adventure of moving away from their control systems and learn to thrive as an independent human being. 


Connect with like-minded people, so you can learn from them and help one another. Make sure, however, to never allow anyone to control you. We are here to help others, not to lord over one another. Build healthy communities - not little cults. Our World Freedom Directory can help you find like minded groups in your area. Don't become dependent on organizations but use them to grow in knowledge and become more effective in your resistance.


Prepare for coming crises, like food shortages, power blackouts, cyber pandemics, natural disasters and financial collapse. Inform yourself about how to prepare for times of crisis. Prepare mentally and practically. Create backups for food, water, energy and medicines. Build community if possible, so you can help others and be helped by them, once disaster strikes. Learn to love others when they are in need.

know the law

Educate yourself about the laws of the land. These criminals are violating every imaginable law. They are lawlessness embodied. They trample every constitution, international agreement, medical code - they don’t care about anything. If you get to know the laws of your land, you can resist their tyranny and point out how they are committing acts of terrorism, murder, abuse, treason, and so on.


Pray with passion and authority. Pray for justice to be done on the earth, and deliverance to come to humanity. Use your spiritual authority as a child of the Most High to rebuke and destroy demonic strongholds. When we say “NO!” to these evil powers, they are rendered powerless. Bind the spiritual enemies of humanity, and release creation from their grip. Declare justice, truth and freedom to be released over the world.


Support those who fight for the future of our world. If you are financially enabled, then use your resources as a weapon to defeat the criminal elites and empower the freedom fighters. The elites are smarter than most of us. They don't sit on their money, but use it very strategically to deceive humanity. They invest, for example, in media, which they use to blind the people. Follow their example and become strategic with your resources. Don't wait until you are dead but use your funds now to sponsor powerful initiatives that can make a real difference in the world. 

Together we can end this nightmare and build a better world. The future is bright, if we all do our part.


There has been an aggressive attack on our work, in an effort to completely silence us. We lost almost everything. Please consider making a donation, so we can recover from the attacks and keep spreading lifesaving truth to the world.

Thank you so much. 

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