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The world is under attack! Multibillionaire criminals are setting up a New World Order that will impose worldwide tyranny. Sign up and learn how to defend yourself. 

As information online is being censored, a censorship free way to inform people in your community, is by distributing flyers, and posters. You can download them here for free. Print as many as you like, on your own printer, or through a cheap online printing service. Look on Google for "cheap printing" and choose a service.

 💡 TIP

Get together with like minded people 
and distribute flyers in your town.

Informative Flyers / Posters

mass murder

How to use these flyers?

✔︎ Print hundreds or even thousands of copies of these flyers on your printer

✔︎ Hand them out in your community, put them up on billboards, stick them on store windows, etc.

✔︎ If allowed, put them in peoples mailboxes. In Europe that is allowed, in the U.S. some states forbid it. You can however attach them to their mailbox with a piece of tape.

✔︎ Send it to the local newspapers, schools, law enforcement, hospitals, medical centers and family doctors, etc.

✔︎ Contact your local newspaper and check options for adding it to the local newspaper distribution as a commercial attachment. A small investment, with massive impact! Then everyone in your city will get it!

✔︎ Send the PDF to a newspaper to have it placed as an ad. Again, it costs a little bit, but what is the freedom of our world worth to you?

'Help Stop Covid' Cards

Print these cards using the files below. You can download the print files to use on your own printer, or download the file to send to a professional printer if you want to print many thousands. 

Question Flyers / Posters

Memes for social media

Download these powerful memes and share them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media platforms. Also send them to people via email and SMS, and feel free to put them on your own website. 

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