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Humanity is rising up as a huge army of truth and love

Something truly remarkable is going on today… Normal people who have no name or fame whatsoever, are changing the world. Housewives, unemployed fathers, students, teenagers, businessmen, medical doctors, teachers, prisoners,… literally people from every walk of life, are doing something that is transforming the consciousness of humanity.

No longer is the world entirely controlled by Big Media, Big Government, Big Pharma, Big Banking and Big Tech. No longer is mankind listing only to the voices on the Big Screens.

There is a movement emerging, and increasing in force every day, of regular people who are all joining in the same battle, to free the world from the tyrannical mind control by the elite, who own all the ‘Big’ things.

What is this new army of truth doing? They spread truth.

Some post it all over social media, others hand out flyers, some put-up posters, many are sending emails to their contacts, and the real warriors who are making the greatest impact do all of these things… and more!

This is not one single man of woman, who can be censored or arrested. It is an army of hundreds of millions of people.

A Worldwide Army Of Truth

They are shocked to discover how they have been lied to, and how their lives are under attack by money hungry madmen, who are using them to further enrich themselves.

They are enraged to find out how severely the governments have been lying to them.

They are infuriated to see how innocent children are being abused by this elite.

They have been aroused from a deep sleep of total ignorance, and suddenly they see what is going on.

Their hearts are on fire with a righteous fury against the crimes that are terrorizing humanity as a whole.

They are passionate with a burning compassion for the hurting world, and they are willing to risk their very lives, to stop this cruelty.

This is an army of love for truth, love for humanity, love for the children, love for the earth, and hope for the future.

These are people who are not controlled by some dictator or government. They are not brainwashed by the media, and they are not paid by the pharmaceutical companies. They are lone rangers all over the world who go by the intuition of their heart. They listen to a voice that nobody controls, no agency broadcasts, but this voice is whispering, speaking, and roaring in the heart of humanity, in very nation and every culture.

Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, India, China, Brazil, Canada, the USA, Finland, Sweden, Japan, Russia, Slovakia….

The voice speaks all languages, and needs no television or smartphone to speak to this army. It’s a voice that goes beyond every cultural or political boundary, and it ignites a fire nobody can ever extinguish.

This the fire of Stop World Control, and countless other initiatives worldwide.

Listen To The Voice Of Truth

I encourage you to listen to this voice of truth. It stands boldly against the control, intimidation and manipulation of the so called ‘Fact Checkers’ who are paid by Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Politics and all the other ‘Big’ ones to cancel every voice that disagress with their agenda.

It doesn’t back down. When it is silenced on one platform, it finds new ways, like water that always finds a way to creep through every tiniest opening.

It’s like the wind, that can’t be stopped by anyone, no matter how hard they try.

Invite you to join this army of truth. They make mistakes, they are learning to discern, they can stumble and fall, but their hearts stay alive and the voice always lifts them up again.

This army can’t be stopped by anyone or anything because it is not led by anything or anyone. It is an organic phenomenon, ignited by a force that isn’t controlled by any human means.

Please join this army of light bearers, truth speakers, citizen journalists, midnight riders, digital soldiers, investigators and bold revelators. We are the ones liberating humanity. Not the big name on the platform. Not the hero many look to. Not the face on TV that says he will save us.

It’s the people of this world. The royal, divine, priceless, precious and extremely powerful people that have been called to transform humanity.

Yes, your voice matters.

Yes, your sound is being heard.

Yes, what you share is being seen.

What you do is a vibration that echoes throughout the realm of the earth, and the very energy of the truth is cracking down the stronghold of deception.

Be A Warrior of Truth

Shake off the feeling of loneliness and despair. Resist the sense of uselessness and depression. That’s an attempt to put you down, and the very fact that you feel this way, is proof of how dangerous and powerful you are. No spiritual entity would every attack you, if you weren’t a threat to them.

If you feel resistance, know it's because you are worthy to be resisted.

I encourage you that we are the world, we are the people, we are the voice, we are the sound of freedom, we are the light in this world, we are the hope for humanity. We are not those that cowardly back down because we want to safeguard our livelihood and position, but we are willing to lose it all, for the good of the world.

We are being noticed, we are in the center of the attention. We are being encouraged and cheered on from greater realms than we can even imagine. And the reward we get is infinitely greater than the temporary safeguarding of earthly assets.

Be this warrior!

You will be remembered forever, and the fruit of your efforts will be an everlasting joy when you see the breakthrough come.

A tsunami is nothing more than countless little droplets that form an unstoppable wave. Never think ‘I am only one drop of water.’ No, you are surrounded by trillions of other drops, and together we are the wave that cleans the world from the darkness of deception.

So rise up, you child of truth, hope and freedom.

This is our true calling: to shine a light in this world, a light that is joined by countless other lights, and together we set the world ablaze.

Stop World Control

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