CRY FOR FREEDOM – Why cyborgs won’t save the world

Submitting humanity to the rule
of elite cyborgs

CRY FOR FREEDOM reveals the officially promoted agenda of globalist organizations to create a new species of "humanoids" or "cyborgs": humans that will be genetically engineered and technologically enhanced, to greatly increase their physical and mental abilities.

These cyborgs will become the new masters of this world, they say.

According to the World Economic Forum, the difference between these humanoids (created by the elites) and the original humans (created by God) will be similar to the difference between humans today and chimpanzees. There will come a separation between humanity (homo sapiens) and this new species (homo deus). "Deus" is Latin for "god". The reason they name this new species homo deus, is because they literally believe they will become gods.

They claim this new species of "homo deus" will save the world.

The rest of humanity will be considered a lower life form, a useless class, animals without value, equal to chimpanzees. These are their own exact words, that you can hear in the film CRY FOR FREEDOM. Their insane idea is being pushed worldwide, among the wealthiest and most powerful, through the World Economic Forum and the financial tyrants who run the World Health Organization, United Nations, World Bank, etc. 

CRY FOR FREEDOM exposes their agenda, in order to
protect humanity from this hellish plan. 

I know many of you are busy with other things, but please - take some time to watch this. It will blow you away. I beg you to share it far and wide. The whole world must see this. We have to wake up and rise up to resist this nefarious plan. 

Watch now, and share far and wide.

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