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Top Cancer Research Exposed As Fraudulent And Manipulated

While the World Health Organization is projecting a 77% rise in cancer worldwide, at a time that 50% of all people are already set to combat cancer at some point in their life, a shocking example of medical corruption has surfaced.

A top researcher from Harvard Medical School - one of the worlds most prestigious medical educational centers - has been accused of fraud, which has affected none less than 37 scientific studies. Researchers used Adobe Photoshop and other data editing programs to manipulated data images, in order to hide the truth and push a false narrative on the worldwide medical community. The fraudulent studies were published by the CEO of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, an affiliate of Harvard Medical school.

The accusations come from data sleuth Sholto David and colleagues on PubPeer, an online forum for researchers to discuss publications that has frequently served to spot dubious research and potential fraud.

What is a data sleuth? Data sleuths use a special skill set, including digital forensics, subject matter knowledge, and contact with whistleblowers to identify potential signs of research misconduct and bring them to the attention of interest parties before they can damage research and the scholarly record.

On January 2, David posted on his research integrity blog, For Better Science, a long list of potential data manipulation from DFCI researchers. The post highlighted many data figures that appear to contain pixel-for-pixel duplications.

On the one hand it is good news that so called “scientific” research is being examined more closely, on the other hand it is disturbing that top researchers from world leading institutes shamelessly corrupt studies, for profit and the promotion of criminal agendas of Big Pharma.

It confirms what people worldwide are increasingly becoming aware of: the current so called “scientific” and “medical” system has become severely corrupted and is criminalized to the core. 

This is abundantly revealed in our world class evidence report, that shows how extreme criminal conduct characterized the 2020 pandemic. The Lancet and World Health Organization, for example, murdered thousands of people during fraudulent trials, so they could have effective treatments for C0VID banned from every nation of the world. This directly resulted in the death of millions of people, from whom early treatment was withheld. 

If you haven't read this in depth report yet, then I invite you to do so. It is the most comprehensive and clear overview of evidence of how the pandemic was a criminal operation. 

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