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What is going on with Alex Jones?

alex jones

In a previous post, I shared how an unprecedented nuclear truthbomb has been detonated worldwide, that is shattering the strongholds of deception over the minds of hundreds of millions of people. This truthbomb is the simultaneous promotion of Alex Jones to the world by Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan and Elon Musk. The message they are sending to humanity is simple and extremely explosive: 

The ‘father of all conspiracies’ was right all along. 
Conspiracy theories are actually true!

This has infuriated some people, who are aware of the fact that Alex Jones has never really been on the side of the good people. According to the US military intelligence operation to save America from the cabal, Alex Jones was installed by the Israeli intelligence services, the Mossad, to control and divide the freedom movement. Below is an intel drop from this military intelligence team, to warn patriots worldwide for Alex Jones:


They 'attack' Alex Jones to give him fake credibility amongst POTUS supporting Patriots, thus poisoning the water and directing narrative of the 'opposition' through a Mossad supported asset aka Alex Jones. All team effort, coordinated 'collective' attacks with pawns and actors serving black hat agenda and attempting to control/divide the Patriots.

So Alex Jones is an agent of the Mossad, with the mission to divide patriots, and direct them according to their agenda. The strategy to accomplish this, consists of the following actions:

✔︎ Reveal earth shattering truths about the evil elites to the millions of people who are aware of what is really going on.

✔︎ Become the leading platform for truth.

✔︎ Gain trust of the majority of the worldwide patriotic truth community, and gather them under your wings.

✔︎ Then, when the time is right, misguide and destroy them from the inside out.

alex jones

This is how controlled opposition works: it gains influence among the good people, so it can misdirect them. 

Sadly, this is the case with many of the largest so-called ‘truth platforms’ or ‘alternative media’. They are strategically positioned to have massive influence on the worldwide awakening, in an attempt to sabotage it from within. Stew Peters is one of them, and he naturally collaborates closely with Alex Jones. They play a dangerous game, as they dissipate tremendous amounts of truth, trusting that this will not work against them.

The question is if this Russian roulette hasn't shot them in the head, a long time ago already. They may have been able to control the truther, patriot and freedom movement for a while, but things spun out of hand really fast, and currently the world at large is starting to wake up, with hundreds of millions who are not under the influence of Alex Jones and his Mossad, CIA puppet masters. 

Is Alex Jones indeed
an asset of the Mossad?

alex jones mossad asset

How do we know that Alex Jones was directed by the Mossad? During the most critical time of all - when the presidential election of 2020 was stolen and president Trump was removed as the leader of America, through an internationally coordinated military level operation that switched millions of votes from Trump to Biden - Alex Jones did what the cabal desperately wanted:

He called for an armed, violent uprising of the patriots, insisting that there was no other way than to use our guns. Alex Jones tried pushing millions of patriots to their doom. This is exactly what the elites cried out for: ‘Come on, take up your guns! Shoot us! Start a civil war!’

Why is this what the cabal wanted? Because a violent uprising would completely and utterly defeat the American patriot movement. If they resorted to violence, they could permanently be labeled as dangerous terrorists, bringing about the downfall of the patriots. It would also give the deep state the excuse they need to bring in the army of the United Nations to ‘restore peace’ in America. The result of this would have been that the cabal would seize total control over the United States.

That’s why they used Alex Jones
to try and push the millions of patriots off the cliff,
by encouraging them to use violence.

It took the full force of all genuine truth speakers everywhere to prevent this monumental catastrophe. They kept calming down the troops by reminding all of us that this is an information war. We must fight the enemy with truth. It’s all about deception vs truth. You can’t take lies down with guns. You have to defeat them with the truth.

Thank God, it worked. The violent uprising Alex Jones called for didn’t happen, and America was spared from destruction. No civil war. No mass bloodshed. No labeling of the patriots as terrorists. No excuse for the United Nations to invade America. Nothing of the sort. The true plan of the white hat military succeeded:

defeat the forces of darkness with blazing truth that opens the minds of the masses and disarms the deep state.

How Alex Jones attacked
the true Patriot movement

infowars alex jones

But then Alex Jones did something else to try and destroy the true patriots… In 2017, an anonymous military entity began posting key truths to further awaken the hundreds of millions of truth warriors worldwide. The goal was to activate them to become the world’s greatest army of all time:

An enormous international army as numerous as the sand of the sea, consisting of millions upon millions of civilian soldiers who dissipate truth to all of humanity and shatter the strongholds of global deception.

The military entity who unleashed this worldwide citizen army was called ‘Q’, which is a typical military term for ‘intel’. The highest level of the US military intelligence who had not bowed down to satan, started providing civilians with an unprecedented amount of classified military intel in order to wake them up, empower them, and activate them to become a worldwide army of citizen soldiers, who would fight against the agenda of world domination by the satanists of the cabal and deep state. 

The operation was extremely successful, as millions of people worldwide opened their eyes and began tearing down the lies of the news media and government propaganda. An incredible wave of deliverance swept the earth. (Learn more about Q here.)

Unprecedented films were produced by this citizen army, such as the docuseries ‘The Fall of the Cabal’ which documented who the cabal is, how they operate, what mankind needs to know, and how they will be defeated. This forever changed the face of the earth. People like Janet Ossebaard from the Netherlands created this groundbreaking series that opened the eyes of countless millions worldwide. It was the direct result of the Q operation. The Great Awakening had begun. The unveiling of the hidden forces of evil that corrupt societies and pervert our world. Bringing them into the light and exposing their evil schemes would indeed be the ‘Fall of the Cabal’.

Nothing would ever be the same again.
A glorious new day glowed on the horizon.

Yet, as this incredibly powerful movement of truth, awakening, and resistance grew to monumental influence, the cabal launched an all-out assault against it. Anyone mentioning Q on social media saw their accounts taken down. Tens of thousands of accounts were deleted, and mainstream media started a global campaign to smear, mock and discredit Q, in an attempt to steer people away from the truth this military operation was revealing to the world.

q anon conspiracy

Alex Jones again showed his true face, as he joined in this attack on Q and called the operation a 'psyop of the elites'. He spread the rumor that it was similar to what happened during the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, where the cabal also gave false hope to patriots.

Unfortunately, Jones was partially successful, as many unsuspecting truthers mindlessly repeated this false accusation. Soon massive confusion infected the worldwide awakened community, as millions repeated the lie uttered by Alex Jones. ‘Q was a psyop of the cabal’.

This mission of the Mossad was successful, in part. Together with the CIA, they had successfully infiltrated the patriot movement and subverted it. Trust in Q was destroyed, and great desperation and discouragement plagued the army of patriots. 'We have all been deceived! Q was never real. It was all a lie!’

alex jones

Alex Jones had done what he had been trained for: become the most powerful voice in the truther community, so that at a critical time, he could destroy them from the inside out.

Why are the good guys
promoting Alex Jones?

alex jones tucker carlson

But how does that line up with my previous message that the promotion of Alex Jones to the world is, all of a sudden, a good thing? Because the white hats were never defeated. Yes, the citizen army had been confused by the enemy, but the true military operation to save the world was never halted. On the contrary, they kept pushing forward, and one victory after another was achieved. More about this will be revealed in the future.

After the initial desperation following the stolen presidential election, and the diaspora of the patriots who had lost vision and fell prey to the mind control of Alex Jones, the Mossad, the CIA and other deep state entities, major progress was made by Q. Here are just some examples:

✔︎ The corruption of the CIA, FBI, DOD, DHA, FDA, CDC, etc., is being exposed in an unprecedented way;

✔︎ Election fraud is being revealed as never before in history;

✔︎ Political corruption is being unveiled continuously;

✔︎ Concepts like 'Deep State', 'Cabal', 'New World Order', 'Elites', 'Illuminati', etc. are no longer considered conspoiracy theories, but have proven to be very real threats to humanity;

✔︎ Bad actors in politics, entertainment, finance, etc. are being replaced by good ones, who are waking up the public;

✔︎ The mainstream media has lost its power;

✔︎ There is a new news media taking over the world, which is the millions of citizens who learn to do research and reveal truth to humanity;

✔︎ Big Pharma is going down the drain;

✔︎ Big Tech is being exposed;

✔︎ The political left are being unmasked as the lunatics they have become;

✔︎ The World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum, the United Nations and all their psychopathic globalist allies worldwide are losing their power;

✔︎ The Deep State and their commanders of the Cabal are being exposed and dealt with;

✔︎ Putin has destroyed one of the key headquarters of the cabal, which was located in the Ukraine.

✔︎ New financial systems are being developed;

And so much more...

Now, even Israël is being uncovered as the deep, dark, evil entity that it is, murdering tens of thousands of defenseless children and women, in order to achieve a sadistic agenda of unparalleled proportions (see our groundbreaking documentary ‘The Mystery of Israel’ to understand this).

Everything is being revealed at lightning speed. Those that have pure hearts to see truth are instantly blown away. Others need more time to process and admit the reality.

Part of the successful operation of the white hat military, who fight for the liberation of humanity from the satanic elites, is using the voices of major worldwide influence such as Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan and Elon Musk. Tucker was fired by Fox News, which backfired on them in a lethal way. Previously on Fox, Tucker averaged 3 million views per broadcast. After being censored, Elon Musk gave him the floor, and Tucker’s first X program had a mind-blowing 270 million views! And his next one had almost 500 million views.

The proverbial stupidity of the cabal, the elites, the Illuminati, the 1% or whatever they may be called, became hilariously obvious as never before.

alex jones illuminati

While thinking they are ‘gods’ who can silence truth, they in fact keep repeating the same fundamental blunders. Attempts to silence powerful people result in their voice becoming a billion times louder. Ha!

As the new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk has turned a once-key platform for the elites - where every truth was censored - into the world’s greatest truth machine in existence. To me, it is clear that X is part of the operation to save humanity from the demons of deception and dystopia.

But the white hats had to do more. They needed to find a way to show the masses that all the so called conspiracy theories are true. The hesitancy to pay attention to honest journalism had to be removed in order for the public to see more of the truth.

What better way than to take Alex Jones, the ultimate weapon of the deep state, and use him against them? Brilliant!

He is the face of all conspiracy. Nobody represents conspiracy theories more than Alex Jones. The deep state used all their powers to position him as ‘Mr. Conspiracy’ himself. The wide eyed, loud-screaming, fist shaking, roaring lunatic, who is shouting incessantly about a satanic elite trying to enslave the world. Most people have heard of him in one way or another. He is the very reason countless people have rejected truth. This raging wild guy scared them away.

alex jones infowars studio

And so, what better way to wake up a vast portion of mankind, than pushing Alex Jones onto the stage of Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan and Elon Musk, to vindicate him and tell the world: he was right after all! This shook many millions awake in a split second!

Why would Alex Jones
work with the white hats? 

joe rogan alex jones

Joe Rogan (left) with a man acting as Alex Jones (right)

The question is: why would Alex Jones all of a sudden collaborate with the white hats? There are several possibilities. Nobody has the answer, so all we can do is guess. The first option is that the original Jones was arrested and replaced by a body double. This method is used all the time by the white hats. Many of the most famous celebrities and politicians have already been replaced. The white hats make sure the masses are not aware of this, as it could create panic and dangerous civil unrest, as the unaware public has no mental framework for understanding this. On the other hand, some of the replacements use their position to make statements so disturbing that they alert and awaken the sleeping masses.

When we take a good look at the Alex Jones standing next to Joe Rogan, in the image above, those of us with a keen eye, will wonder: is that really Alex Jones? There is some resemblance, but there are also many striking differences... 

A second possibility is that Alex Jones was offered a plea deal: instead of being executed, he could change camp. Personally, I don’t exclude this option, because when I look into the eyes of Alex Jones standing next to Tucker Carlson now, I see something interesting. Not the hard, stone-cold look that always marked Alex Jones. I see kindness, tenderness, peace. This is not the same man.

alex jones tucker carlson

It makes me wonder - what happened to Alex Jones? Has he been saved from the grip of the Mossad? Has he been embraced by the white hats, where he has found peace for his soul? Or is he simply replaced by a kindhearted body double? We may never know what is truly going on here.

Fact is that there is an increasing storm of powerful positive developments that is waking up more and more people of our world. This is not a time to be discouraged. We have a bright future.

Never listen to the dark voices that steal all your hope and destroy your vision. Listen to the shout of victory from the camp of the heavenly warriors.

The world is witnessing the greatest shift since its creation. The permanent eradication of the darkest of all evil is at hand. It’s a painful and horrifying process. But stand firm and tall throughout this battle. We will see the glory of the Most High revealed as never before.

After the darkest night, the most brilliant day will shine forth.

Be heralds of this new day...

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