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A ‘nuclear explosion’ just happened worldwide, that will change everything

An unprecedented ‘nuclear truth explosion' occurred in the United States, with worldwide impact, forever changing the face of the earth. It is, however, not the kind of explosion we all expect when using the word ‘nuclear’, but it’s impact worldwide is even greater than any typical A-bomb. Let me explain what happened...

There are three men in our world, that have an impact on humanity unlike anybody else in history. They have the power to steer a vast portion of the human race in a good or a bad direction. And no, they are not presidents of any country. Their influence is way greater than politics. 

I am talking about Elon Musk, Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan. Nobody on the face of the earth has a greater influence on mankind, than these three combined. Each of them has a worldwide audience of hundreds of millions of people, giving them more power than the mainstream media. To give you an idea of their atomic media power:

✔︎ A recent broadcast of Tucker Carlson reached  427 million  people, which means that one out of every 14 people in the world saw it!

✔︎ Joe Rogan has  3 billion  views on YouTube alone, not including his Spotify, Rumble, and X accounts.

✔︎ Elon Musk boasts  166 million  followers on X, making him one of the largest social media profiles in the world.

Together these three men reach a vast portion of the entire world population, on an ongoing basis. And they just launched something that forever changes the course of humanity...

alex jones

They did the absolute unthinkable... all three of these world influencers brought the notorious ALEX JONES onto their platform, and turned the eyes of the entire world onto him. 

Joe Rogan interviewed Alex Jones. Tucker Carlson interviewed Alex Jones. Elon Musk re-instated Alex Jones on X. Why is that a 'nuclear truth explosion' of unprecedented proportions? Alex Jones is the 'father of conspiracy theories'. Whoever says conspiracy theory, says Alex Jones. He was mocked for decades. Nobody believed him, so to speak. He was censored on all sides. The masses dismissed his crazy reporting as ridiculous nonsense, fit for lunatics and idiots.

In recent years, however, all those so-called conspiracy theories have turned out to be true, one by one. Be it about vaccines, a globalist elite, weather manipulation, child trafficking, media mind control,… you name it.

Every single conspiracy theory formulated during the past decades, has been proven to be true.

This worldwide revealing of unprecedented truth is called the 'Great Awakening'. Mankind is finally beginning to open its eyes to reality, much to the terror of the criminal elites, who are desperately trying to prevent the truth from reaching more people. But they have fatally failed. Because what just happened? The father of all conspiracies, Alex Jones, is being vindicated and promoted worldwide by some of the world’s most influential personalities, Carlson, Rogan and Musk. By doing this, they are telling the world:

alex jones infowars


The nuclear blast of awakening this is sending all across the earth is unheard of. Millions of people will begin to pay attention to the truth, for the first time in their life. The ripple effect will be incalculable.

And that’s not all they have been doing. Elon Musk has been using the world’s most powerful social media platform to wake up mankind as never before. Here are some of the profound truths Elon Musk has been exposing to hundreds of millions of people, on X:

✔︎ The pandemic was a criminal operation, orchestrated by a criminal network of so called 'elites'. 

✔︎ The US government, CIA and FBI are complicit in censoring truth about the covid vaccines.

✔︎ There is a global network of multi-billionaires who have an agenda to control the world.

✔︎ The World Health Organization wants to establish global tyranny under the guise of health emergencies.

✔︎ The World Economic Forum is a criminal organization, with an agenda to control the world.  

✔︎ The mainstream news media lies to the public, in order to push the agenda of the billionaires who own these news agencies.

✔︎ There is a worldwide network of child trafficking called PizzaGate, where millions of kids are sold to politicians etc. for sexual abuse.

✔︎ Climate change is a hoax, created to have an excuse for submitting the world to global tyranny.

And much more...

Elon Musk has purchased Twitter and turned it into X, for the sole purpose of exposing the satanic agenda of world tyranny, effectively shattering the mind control grip of the elites over hundreds of millions of people. 

Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan have been doing the same. Step by step they are removing the blindfold from mankind and they confirm that everything which was revealed by millions of truth tellers, independent journalists, courageous researchers, and all kinds of heroes of humanity, is true.

What is happening on in our world, is beyond our wildest dreams, and we haven’t seen the best of it yet.

The world will see the truth. Humanity will wake up. The thick dark veil of deception that has been covering the world population for centuries, is being lifted. We are witnessing the greatest transformation in all of human history. The dark age of deception will end, and a bright future is dawning with glorious hope at the horizon.

I encourage everyone to keep sharing truth, spread our documentaries, support the good warriors of this world, do every effort in your ability to assist this incredible awakening of humankind to truth and a better world.

There will still be some dark times, as the forces of evil will desperately try to save themselves and attempt to succeed with their diabolical agendas, yet it will all serve to defeat them even more severely. 

However, the attempts will be real and we must brace ourselves for the impact of the final battles ahead. In the midst of the darkest storms that will rage over this world, we must keep hold of the sure hope of a new day that is dawning and the light that is increasingly spreading over humanity.

Never give up. Never back down. Lift up your head, and welcome the glorious dawn of a better world. We are all part of this epic transformation. We all play a role. All our voices combined create this worldwide roar of truth, thundering through the airwaves, pounding on the deaf eardrums of a hypnotized human race, slowly but steadily penetrating even the most unwilling minds.

We are breaking through and the sound of truth will become a clash that will shatter the walls of darkness and pave the way for humanity to enter a future we never knew could exist.

See below for more posts about how the world is waking up, and why we have reasons to be full of hope...

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