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They try to kill me… because of Israel! 🇮🇱

Every time I publish verifiable facts about the military state of Israel, I receive death threats... from Christians! Aggressive smear campaigns are launched against me. The eruption of hatred is indescribable. Why?

I can reveal truth about any other topic and be safe from persecution. It doesn't matter what I expose - be it about vaccines, banking, governments, child abuse, weather manipulation, you name it... I will be fine. But the moment I lift the veil about what is truly going on with the state of Israel, I receive death threats, smear campaigns are unleashed, and an incredible spirit of vicious hatred is released against me - by Christians! They send me emails and text messages with the most spiteful content, calling me the worst names they can come up with.

Why is this?  What is going on here?

Where does this hatred come from?

What is it that causes otherwise friendly Christian people to suddenly explode in raging hatred, even wishing me to be killed?  Is this the Spirit of truth and love? Is this from the source of goodness?  No.  Quite the contrary.

This comes from a very dark source...

I received a text message from a famous medical professional who I have interviewed, and with whom I've made documentaries. She had even stayed at our home for several days. I defended her, supported her and shared her message about the dangers of vaccines to humanity. But when she learned about the truths I am revealing about Israel, she texted me:

"Don't ever contact me again.

What is it that causes allies, friends, brothers and sisters to turn against one another? Is this the heart of our Creator who is pure love? Clearly not. What spirit is this?  Where does this fierce hatred come from?

The origin of the true Israel

We find the answer by looking at the spiritual origin of the military state of Israel. It may surprise some who read this, but the spiritual roots of the modern military state that calls itself Israel are very different from the roots of the Biblical people that were called Israel.

Let's first look at the roots of the original Israel.

According to the Bible, Israel is the name given to all people worldwide who truly love the Creator with all their heart.  The true Israel is not a political nation but refers to all the people worldwide who have a purified (circumcised) heart, who are born from above, and who walk with the Creator. This is explained in great detail throughout the Bible, for example in the letter to the Romans and the letter to the Galatians. 

Israel means "royal child of God".  It is the name for all God's children.

According to Scripture, all people worldwide who have faith in God are the offspring of Abraham, who is called the "father of the faith". Abraham received this name because he was the first man on earth to be faithful to the Creator amidst a wicked culture that worshipped demons.

As a result, the Creator said to Abraham:

"A great people will come forth from you, like the number of the stars". 

These people would walk in the footsteps of Abraham, because they would be faithful to the Creator, just like Abraham. They would be the family of God, the apple of God's eye, His precious possession. A people who don't worship demons, who don't walk in wickedness and perversion, who don't cause war and violence, but people who live in compassion and love, who have pure hearts and hands, and who bring healing to humanity. 

Scripture states that it is in fact Christ who is the true offspring of Abraham and all who are in Christ. I can quote 500 scriptures here, but all who have eyes can read this abundantly all throughout the New Testament.

Scripture states that in ancient Israel the vast majority of people were not the true Israel.

Most Israelis opposed God, disobeyed him, worshipped demons, sacrificed their children to idols, practiced sexual perversion, and followed after all forms of evil and wickedness. Only a very small remnant of Israel was truly Israel (this is stated all throughout Jeremiah, Isaiah, Romans, Galatians, etc.). 

The Origin of the State of Israel

Painting of the Rothschilds who built the Supreme Court of Jerusalem as a masterpiece of Freemasonry

When we look at the roots of the modern military state of Israel, we see quite a different story than first meets the eye. It was initiated by a movement called “Zionism” which consists mostly of “secular Jews” - people who reject the Creator, but assume the Jewish identity. This movement was greatly supported by the notorious Rothschild family, who are well known for their involvement in freemasonry and satanism.

The Rothschilds are prominent players in the so-called “elites”, whose goal is world domination. They are behind the World Economic Forum and other globalist organizations. See our in-depth evidence report about the agenda for world domination.

It is the Rothschilds who funded the establishment of the modern state of Israel. The purpose of this state is to become the center of a one world government. 

In its short existence, today's state of Israel has developed the following characteristics:

✔︎ It is one of the most atheist nations in the world.

✔︎ It is a global center of pedophilia.

✔︎ It is a center of freemasonry.

✔︎ It is funded and founded by satanists.

✔︎ It hosts the largest pride parade in the eastern hemisphere.

✔︎ It tortures hundreds of children in prison.

✔︎ It murders hundreds of thousands of defenseless people.

✔︎ It created Hamas so it could portray all Palestinians as terrorists, giving them the excuse to mass slaughter them.

✔︎ It is to become the headquarters of a one world government.

✔︎ It brags about how Israel was a test lab for the vaccines.

✔︎ It was the first nation to exclude unvaccinated people from society.

Zionism and today's state of Israel are in every aspect the exact opposite of the Biblical Israel. They reject God, practice extreme immorality, have a goal of world domination, and commit incredible crimes against humanity. 

It is for this reason that ultra-orthodox Jews worldwide strongly oppose this state. Christianity, however, was strategically infiltrated in the 20th century, to ensure the support of the billions of Christians worldwide. This was mostly done through fear and intimidation, with the message that Christians who support this military state are "blessed by God", while those that don't support it are "cursed by God".

What we must understand is that using the name Israel doesn't make you Israel. 

As we see that Israel was founded by satanists, we can then understand where the intense hatred comes from, when truth about this state is revealed. It cloaks itself with a religious veil, while it is in fact the opposite. On the one hand, it shamelessly abuses Bible verses to defend the mass murder of millions of people, while denying the true message of the Bible that the Israel of God is neither political or military.

Watch this revealing film

I invite all to watch this extremely revealing documentary.


It presents evidence for the above and explains how the worldwide Christian Church was hijacked by the cabal, in order to get the support of billions of Christians for this military state. Don't hesitate to watch it. And please have the courage to share it far and wide.

Let's be people of love, truth, kindness and peace.

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