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How can we discover hidden treasures of truth?

What are the psychological obstacles that prevent us from venturing out into unchartered territory, and discover hidden riches that can greatly empower our lives?

Have you ever wondered why people react with hostility, when they are presented with truth? We have all seen this with the truths about the pandemic, and the vaccines. The facts are undeniable, the reality is all around us, the testimonies abound, yet many people would rather die than admit these truths. I have seen it happen time and again, and not just about the vaccines. It happens with every kind of truth.

During my years at the University for Science and Arts I discovered that the theory of evolution completely contradicts every aspect of true science, and is one massive mind control operation.

The purpose is to disconnect humanity from the Source of life, and love, and tell us we are meaningless beasts in a meaningless world.

I dove head on into it, and studied it passionately for years. I spent long times in large libraries, going through the writings of the founders of the theory of evolution. I visited lectures from scientists, roamed for days through internationally renown exhibitions, bought the famous magazines, books, and videotapes,... and to my horror found out what an incredible psychological mind control operation it all is.

It lacks any and all evidence, yet uses the most powerful psychological methods of manipulation to fool the world into believing that there is a mountain of evidence.

All real scientific truth is suppressed, and an insane story is forced into the mind of the mankind.

The goal of this operation is obvious: while the elites themselves are intensely spiritual on the dark side, they disconnect the rest of humanity from the good side of spirituality. Atheism was aggressively pushed upon the population, while they themselves are deep into satanism. That way they have all the power, while humanity is disconnected.

I gathered all the evidence for this psy-op the best I could, and wrote an essay about it at the University for Science and Arts, where I got my masters degree. The professor who received my essay, praised me and said: “David, you have the ability to dismiss details, and go straight to the heart of the matter.” This essay became a book, that saw many reprints, and is now - twenty years after first publication, being reprinted again in Dutch. I hope to translate it to English. If you want to support this, then go here.

The facts are crystal clear. Undeniable. But when I try to explain this to certain people, they react with rage. I received numerous death threats. People went out of their way to slander me online, destroy my reputation, entire websites were created to discredit me. People were driven by something so deep and strong, they dedicated their life to attacking me.

The same happened with every other topic that I researched, be it about the end of the world, convid, the earth, history,… the reaction is always the same. A large number of people refuse to see the crystal clear facts, that are presented to them, and they respond with overreactive emotions, rage and something that almost resembles a form of insanity.

Never do they offer genuine rebuttals to the facts, but they start rambling along with irrational argumentations, that hold no ground whatsoever.

Why is that?

There are multiple reasons for this, one being the demonic origin of their beliefs, which triggers a dark spiritual response, in an attempt to silence the voice of the light. A second cause is pride. Many people have connected their ego to their beliefs. When their beliefs are challenged, so is their ego. There is however another reason, which is I want to elaborate on:

The wrong foundation for our lives.

All of us have a framework of ideas we believe, which gives us a sense of clarity and security in this chaotic world. Many of us derive our identity from what we believe. It is our foundation that gives us a sense of safety.

When our beliefs are challenged, our foundation is shaken, which is a terrifying feeling. “What if this is true? Then I am lost!”

The answer is to have our foundation in something more solid than a belief, theory, doctrine or philosophy. I learned to have my foundation in the unfailing love of the One who loves all of us with an everlasting compassion. He loved us dearly before we were born, he loves us in our darkest moments and he loves us in our most elevated times. His love never changes - ever. He loves us when we believe one theory, and he loves us when we believe something else.

He loved me when I was in drugs and darkness, as a rebellious teenager, and he loved me all the way out of that pit, into a new life. My security is no longer based on what I believe. I have an unshakeable foundation. Caring arms where I rest, and find safety, even when everything I ever believed turns out to be wrong. The loving embrace remains the same.

Beliefs always change. Doctrines change. Opinions change. Theologies change. If we look at history, everything people think, know, and believe constantly changes.

I encourage everyone to shift your foundation, from resting on shaky belief systems, to the love that transcends all that.

We love our own children, before they are born and don’t believe anything at all, don’t we? Keep that in mind. We are all little babes, who know nothing. We may think we know a bunch, but we know so little, and most of what we know is wrong. The current situation of humanity is that all truth has been hidden from us by those who own all the money and therefore control the narrative, in every aspect if our existence: politics, news media, health care, biology, religion, history, astronomy, geology, etc. All these - and many more - areas have been infiltrated and corrupted by the elites, in order to hide all truth from humanity. This empowers them, and weakens us.

We must understand that almost nothing we think we know is true.

As the awakening progresses, we will begin to understand that we are like cavemen who come out into the light for the first time, and need to get used to the brightness of the light. Some will go back into the dark cave of deception, because that is more comfortable. But those who dare to venture out into the brilliant, blinding light, will begin to understand, get used to the sunshine, and start discovering the endless riches of the undiscovered world full of blessings, and beauty.

The key to daring to venture out into the unknown, is to rest in the assurance that we were deeply loved, while we were wandering about in the darkness of the cave, and are equally loved once we begin to explore the hidden riches, buried in the unknown lands. 

Because my security, and identity is founded in this unshakeable love, I am able to hold up my hand every day, and say: “Lord, remove all that is wrong, and replace it with all that is true.”

This allows me to discover one treasure after the other. 

David Sorensen

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