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Don’t give up in the present darkness, but press on to the bright new day

Never before has there been such a manifestation of darkness on Earth. And it will get even darker for a short time yet. The darkness will try to extinguish your light through despair. Don't give in to it.

There is a purpose for the darkness that is being allowed: it makes people cry out for the light. They start looking for truth again. They begin to realize they are lost without the light.

That is why it is necessary for darkness to flood the world for a time. Otherwise, humanity would never come to change, as no one would realize the value of the light. Then everyone would think they can live without truth, without consequences.

A final reversal is coming

This period of darkness will result in a final reversal on Earth. A reversal that will change everything. The forces of evil think they are going to win. They do not realize they have already lost.

Keep your heart and soul focused on truth. Do not be distracted. Have great hope and expectation.

Even if you don't see it yet. Even if everything seems to be only evil. Don't be oppressed by this, for humanity is waking up through the pressure. It will take some time yet. Nothing goes as fast as we would like. It will still be fierce. Evil will still try to win the battle. And a desperate enemy is the most dangerous. But hold on to courage.

Keep your eyes on the future. The light has already won. The serpent has already been defeated. You will see it eventually.

This is a time of great pressure. And the pressure will become even more intense. But you will come out of it a much better person. You will see. The superficiality you once concerned yourself with has fallen away. Now you realize the value of things in your life. You will invest more into that, which is really important. This will bring much more happiness.

Everything must be exposed

Behold the future. Realize that humanity is on the doorstep of the greatest upheaval of all time. It will not go the way you think. It will be more difficult than you would like. But it is only temporary. The sun will break through and a new day will dawn. Keep that in mind. Encourage each other with that.

We must unmask all that is evil. Bring everything to light. Rip the veil away from people. Open their eyes with every resource we have. Shout it from the rooftops. Refuse to be silenced.

Everything must be exposed. Everything must come to light. Everything must come out. Nothing must remain hidden.

But be careful that it does not destroy you. Revealing evil can have a negative effect on us. So do it with the understanding that you are like a surgeon saving a dying patient. You cut open the body and the terrible cancerous tumors become visible. That is a horrible sight. So is exposing evil. It is horrible.

But know that in this way you are joining with all the surgeons all over the earth, who are all revealing truth, to remove cancerous tumors from humanity.

So don't be discouraged. Enjoy all that is beautiful. Enjoy your loved ones. Enjoy nature. Enjoy the life you have been given. Enjoy everything that makes you happy. Enjoy each day to the fullest. Bike, walk, get out and about - without getting annoyed by what is still so wrong right now. Like the unnatural clouds in the sky. Enjoy nature anyway. Ignore the evil.

This is how we can endure. We can unmask evil, yet not let it depress us. So keep your head up, for the future is so bright. You have no idea.

It is hard for people to find hope for the future right now. Everything is so unreal. It's all but impossible to see a world without this heavy pressure of darkness. You can't imagine it. Yet it will come.

We must discipline ourselves into dreaming of a better world. We must train ourselves to be positive and hopeful. It's a discipline. Something we have to teach ourselves. But it is so worth the effort.

The future is beautiful. Hold onto that.

Print this text and read it this text from time to time. It will strengthen you and give you courage.

David Sorensen

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