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Creating the world’s best resource to awaken humanity

How can we be maximum effective in opening the eyes of the world population, so the people can resist and prevent the global take over by criminal elites?

My plan is to create the world’s best platform to awaken humanity. Not a cluttered website full of distracting ads and other nonsense, but the most beautiful website in the world, that focuses on showing people as clear as daylight what is going on in our world. 

Evidence that no person can deny. Presented in such a way that even a child can understand it.

Not too much information, as to not traumatize people, or scare them off, but enough to reveal the severity of what is threatening humanity. A perfect balance.

Comprehensive yet comprehensible. Devastating yet digestible. 

Highly effective communication that dismantles the decades of mind control by the CIA, Mossad, MI-6 etc. who are behind the government and news media brainwashing operations.

That’s why I have been working hard to completely redesign, so it will be effective in opening the eyes of even the most mind controlled person. All the content is now organized in three clear categories: 




In the first section visitors can see a clear overview of the WEF agenda for world domination. There is no overview in existence anywhere else in the world, that is so crystal clear, easy to understand, and yet so complete, without overwhelming people with too many details.

Of course we can’t convince everyone at this early stage of the worldwide awakening, but this page is a highly effective tool to kickstart the awakening of millions who will be followed by many more in the next stages.

I want to encourage you to have a look, and please spread this page everywhere you can. My goal is to create tools for you to use, to open the eyes of the people. Please use them.

Crushed by love for humanity

I have a masters degree in media and communication, was selected to represent the Royal Academy in Bruges before the king of Belgium, and I received the rare permanent visa into the USA of “extraordinary ability”. This visa is hardly ever granted to anyone. They gave it to me, because of my recognized role as world leader in my field of expertise. 

With the gifting that I was born with, the training I received, plus the decades of expertise I could earn a ton of money for myself. I however forsook that, because the Origin of all true love, crushed my heart with a compassion for this world and humanity. After taking several companies from near bankruptcy to dazzling success, I left Big Commerce, and dedicated my life to help build a better world.

That’s why I give all I have to, to educate millions, empower them, and activate them to become part of this incredible movement, that includes hundreds of millions worldwide.

I offer everything I do freely to the whole world - no subscriptions, no products, no paid services, everything is given freely without commercial distractions. All I ask of you is to use these effective tools to help wake up our world.

We may have all kinds of differences - religious, political, cultural - but let’s focus in unity on our common goal: prevent the satanist new world order of all encompassing enslavement of humanity, and let’s build a world where people are no longer oppressed by astronomically wealthy super villains.

I need you. You need me. We all need each other. Break away from the “divide and conquer strategy” of the wicked, that sets us up against one another, and work as one for the common goal.

Please visit the new page, that gives a brilliant overview of the plan to enslave humanity, and share it far and wide.

I you value this hard work, and want to support me and my family who are behind me, then please do so. We need it urgently.

 Go here to help us continue this critical work.

Together we can do the impossible.

Stop World Control

We inform humanity about the globalist agenda of world domination. We also expose crimes against humanity, committed by financial elites. And we offer hope for a better world, without tyranny and corruption. Make sure to explore our eye-opening films and reports. Please share this website. Make sure to follow us on X, by clicking the icon below. 

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