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How every good group can be infiltrated, to destroy the mission

Every group that is doing something good, will be the target of evil forces who infiltrate with the purpose of destroying the effectivity of the group. This happens either by people who are strategically sent by the opposing forces, or by people who have vulnerabilities in themselves that can be used by the dark realm. 

The ways of infiltration and subversion can be very different, depending on the character of the group or the specific situation, but there are some typical methods that we should all be aware of. Here are some examples:

Divert the direction of the group, so they will have less of an impact. This usually happens by a person coming alongside a leader, who subtly manipulates the decision making. The original, powerful vision is sidetracked. This is the preferred tactic, and it usually goes unnoticed, as it is a subtle, gradual process, which is highly effective.

Cause division to split the group. This usually happens by spreading false accusations about the visionary leader. Those spreading false rumors typically play the role of a victim and put a lot of emotions on display. They gain influence by manipulating the feelings of people, who feel sorry for them, and believe their story without evidence.

Drain the energy of the leader by causing trouble. There will always come people who need 'help' or who constantly create stress. The purpose of this method is to exhaust the leader so he or she can no longer break through with the true mission. In some extreme instances this can cause the premature death of the leader, as the exhaustion becomes so severe that it physically takes out the leader.

Subvert the original authority by demanding group leadership. Usually a visionary leader starts a mission, and over time people join who begin to challenge the authority by demanding team leadership. This originates either from a dark spirit that simply wants to take out the leader, or it stems from jealousy and ambition in the hearts of those demanding team leadership. As a result the true leader is replaced by a ‘team’ who lack the true vision, gifting and purpose, causing the mission to fail. Team leadership can be good, but it can also be destructive. Recognizing who truly carries the gifting and calling to fulfill a mission, and supporting that person, is important. People accusing a leader of having a big ego, usually are the ones themselves with an ego problem. Projection is very real!

Persuade the leader to get involved in shady practices, most often covered up by words that make it seem like a good thing. 

Seduce the leader into sexual relationships. Highly preferred tactic. Women are often sent by the dark side for this specific purpose. Destroy the marriage of important people, so their mission fails.

Make financial offers to the leaders, to gain control over them. Manipulate them with money. As they receive major ‘donations’ they need to obey the wishes of these donors.

Influence the heart of the leader to corrupt him or her from the inside out. This is done by spirits, who are sent to work on the hidden motivations or needs of a good leader, to turn them over to the dark side, where their original motivation of love changes to a lust for money and power.  

Overwhelm the leader with too much work. As a result they become tired and stressed out, which makes them vulnerable for all kinds of other methods listed above. Keeping a healthy balance between rest, play, and work is key for every successful leader. Especially maintaining an healthy relationship with spouse and family, is a major secret. 

Make leaders complicit and blackmail them. This is used by criminal organizations and intelligence agencies like CIA, MK6, Mossad. Good people are lured into a trap where they fall for their human weakness and take part in - usually sexual - acts, which they later regret. It is however recorded on tape, and used to extort them.

Disconnect the leader from the Source. Many good people start out with a divine calling to do good, but over time they lose touch with the Creator and become driven by other ambitions or needs. This is perhaps the #1 method used by the dark realm: disconnect visionary people from the Giver of life, so they lose that divine empowerment, wisdom and guidance.

Impose the Messiah complex. This means telling a visionary person that they are the savior of the world, and without them everybody is doomed. This causes them to take on too much weight on their shoulders... and collapse. 

People pleasing instead of succeeding. One last technique used by the dark realm to cripple good missions, is the demand to please the people instead of fulfilling the mission. Some leaders are like steamrollers and they just bust through everything to accomplish their task at hand, which has its own negative side effects, but at least the mission is accomplished. Soft hearted leaders can fall prey to people pleasing, where they fail to fulfill the mission, because they become slaves of opinions of other people. 

With all these different strategies (and there are many more!) it can be difficult to discern what is truly going on. Especially because most people wear masks, and you will never know how their heart truly is. It takes years to find out the truth about people that at first appear to be wonderful. How can we navigate this? Through prayer. The Creator is the One who completely discerns the hearts of men and spirits, and he alone can reveal what is going on - both in our own hearts as with others. 

Who is used to destroy good groups?

Some infiltrates are sent by dark organizations (CIA, FBI, Satanic Churches, cults, etc.). Others are sent by spirits. Infiltrates sent by organizations know what they are doing, while infiltrates sent by spirits are usually unaware how they are used by darkness, to destroy a work of the light. They can be used because they have inner wounds, wrong motivations, jealousy, personal ambitions, etc.

Anyone can be used by the forces of evil to destroy a good group. All of us must continually guard our hearts, stay pure, understand our own hidden needs and motives, have the honesty and courage to look in the mirror, and allow our loved ones to speak into our lives so we can be corrected.

Having an authentic, heartfelt, open relationship with the Creator is key to remaining pure at heart, as his light of truth and love will always highlight our own hidden darkness, so we can be changed. The solution is to spend time in open hearted prayer, where you ask the Light to shine bright into your heart, and then be willing lo listen to corrections.

We all have hidden issues in our heart. Most people have authority issues, which will cause us to attack leaders, because of our own hurts. Many of us have emotional wounds that will cause us to feel unsafe which can trigger controlling behavior, because only when we are in control can we feel safe. Many of us have identity issues, causing us to seek out positions of authority so we can feel like we are somebody. 

All these things, and many more that I don’t mention, cause us to seek the fulfillment of our own needs, instead of serving the people, which is destructive to any group.

It’s nothing to be ashamed or afraid of, as we are all damaged in some way. Few of us came from whole, healthy and happy families. The most important thing is to admit our brokenness, whether we are leaders or members, and be honest to ourselves, our beloved ones, and our Creator. Then we can walk towards healing, and be mindful of our weaknesses.

Every group has challenges. Many people have left other groups with disappointment and pain, because they had such high idealistic expectations and sadly experienced the brokenness of man, the wounds of their own damaged soul, downright abuse by corrupt leadership, or attacks by dark influences from the unseen realm.

How can we deal with all of this?

There is no easy answer, as this is part of the broken state of mankind, and the intense spiritual battle we are in. First of all we must learn not to lean on people. All good people have flaws, and will disappoint us in some way. Our strength has to come from the Giver of Life, nobody else.

Only the Source of pure love is truly trustworthy. Let the Creator be your source, strength and foundation.

Have a heart of forgiveness if others have hurt you. Bless them, wish them well, even if they treated you badly. Respond with the opposite force, overcome evil with good. By all means have grace, because in many cases people hurting you, simply have no clue what they are doing, as they are often deceived themselves, or they are simply immature. Harbor no bitterness, but allow healing in your heart by offering undeserved forgiveness.

Say sorry for your own mistakes, offer grace for the mistakes of the others, and go your way in peace.

A major key for all of us, is to pray for light in our own heart. Often, when we have issues with other people, it is in fact something in our own heart that is being touched. We will project our own issues onto others. Be conscious of this.

One more difficult reality we must face in order to deal with this, is acknowledging the sinful heart of every human being, including ourselves. Most of us will claim to have pure motivations, while we are in fact driven by selfish desires. Very few people on earth truly operate with the motive of love. We must be honest about this, and understand how our own hearts can deceive us, while others can do the same to us. Brutal honesty is needed.

If you truly observe that something is wrong in a group, or with a leader, then simply speak out openly, with love. If your concern is rejected, don’t try to change the group, but leave in peace. You cannot change a group if you are not the leader. It’s a waste of time and energy, and will only cause pain on both sides. Just leave, and bless them. Don’t start a war. Trust that the truth you spoke, will have its way.

So much more can be said about this, as humans and group dynamics are extremely complex. But we must be aware that infiltration is real, people with wrong ambitions are real, and we must guard our own hearts.

And if something fails, we can always start over. There is always a new day, always new opportunities, and the mission to help humanity and build a better world remains. Forgive, release, bless, and move on with a pure heart.

And if you know - deep down in your heart - that you are the one who messed up, then have the guts to say sorry and humble yourself. You will be amazed at the blessing that brings…

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