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How a supernatural encounter with True Love changed my life

We all have different backgrounds, experiences, cultures and beliefs. But I would like to share a personal encounter I had with the reality of true love, that totally transformed my life. I hope this will encourage and inspire you.

Many years ago I was a lost person, because I had no meaning in life. I had turned my back on religion because of the lack of love I had seen there. I had no clue about the meaning of my existence and was using drugs to dull the deep void in my soul.

One night I wanted to end my life. As I sat on a bench near a canal, with a sharp knife in my hand, something happened… when I put the knife to my wrist and told myself: ‘One swipe and it’s all over’, out of nowhere I heard a calm voice:

‘Don’t do it. God has a plan with your life!’

This shocked me to the core. I had turned my back on God long ago, when I stepped away from controlled religion. I told myself there isn’t such a thing as a ‘God’. Evolution has accidentally caused monkeys to become humans, right? God didn’t exist for me anymore…

But this voice was loud and clear, while I was completely alone, during that dark night. I knew something supernatural had just happened. 

It puzzled me, but I put away my knife, hopped on my bike and thought: ‘Oh well, who knows if some meaning may come to my life one day…’, and I went home.

You used to be so pure

A few years later another event occured that - according to my friends - changed me ‘from a devil into an angel’. One day I was lying on my bed, and suddenly I heard this voice again:

‘David, as a child you used to be so open and pure.’

It touched me deeply. For years I had hardened myself with kickboxing, body building, drug dealing and pretending to be the ‘tough guy’.

I told myself I had to be hard as a rock to survive in this harsh world.

I knew this was God speaking to me, and I knelt on the floor. Years of deceiving myself with lies - to survive in this dark world - suddenly fell off my shoulders, and I realized how building a prison of ‘toughness’ around myself had resulted in a false identity.

I had lost who I really was…

As I sat on my knees, I broke into tears, because I was overwhelmed with an unspeakable desire to become pure and open again.


No more pretending.

Just be pure as a child again, as I once used to be, long, long ago…

words can't describe this

At that moment something happened that was very real, incredibly powerful and life changing. In fact, it was so real that it transformed me completely, in such a way that my friends took bets among each other to see how long my change would last.

What happened?

I will be vulnerable and honest when sharing this, knowing that some may think I am crazy. But here it is:

The ceiling of my room suddenly vanished, and I observed an endless dimension full of color, life, movement, brilliance and, in fact, a majesty I had never seen and have never witnessed since. The words I can use from our limited vocabulary are: eternal majesty, indescribable glory, boundless beauty… yet all these words fail miserably to convey what I saw. No words can describe such an eternal realm of unspeakable power. 

Out of this amazing realm of unlimited splendor came two huge hands down towards me, and they picked me up, as a father holds his child. I was literally lifted up into the arms of the One who loves us more than we can ever imagine.

For years I had pushed God out of my life because religion was so cruel and wicked. I had had enough of the people who judge everyone but themselves, and who always have something negative to say about everyone else. God didn’t exist for me anymore. But this was amazing. The love I felt was beyond words. All I could do was weep - for a long time.

I came home, where I had always belonged.

I didn’t come home into a religion, a church, some faith or any philosophy or doctrine. I came home in the arms of a Love that is so great, that it lovingly embraced me, even while I had walked in deep darkness and rebellion for years.

the beauty of people

After this event I had other experiences. One night I saw how incredibly beautiful every human being is. I was suddenly able to see inside of people, and what I observed was utterly magnificent. Such bottomless depth of emotions, such wealth of creativity, such a vast universe of feelings, dreams, thoughts, gifting, inspiration, and all kinds of riches inside every person born on earth.

I fell in love with humanity, for the rest of my life.

This happened after I had seen a movie that envisions how robots would become like humans, and be accepted in society the same way as people. But it was as if the Maker of humanity told me: no robot can ever come near to the incredible beauty of a true human being, who has a spirit that can rise to the heights of beauty, love, dreams, inventions, arts, fantasy, and compassion like no machine will ever be able to do.

Humans are masterpieces of indescribable beauty. We make songs that elevate our spirits into unknown dimensions, we create art that reveals splendor and majesty, we write poems that move our soul deeper than we thought was ever possible, we can look each other in the eye and be swept away with wonder…

Humans are brilliant beyond comprehension.

But I also saw how people all over the world suffer under the cruel oppression of evil that is crushing the tender souls of children, raping innocent girls, perverting ignorant boys, and destroying the glory of marriages and families. This crushed my soul so severely that I wept all night.  I was getting a download from the One who gave his life for the healing of our world: Christ. He injected a tiny bit of his intense love for this world into my heart.

This changed me forever, and I decided to invest the rest of my life in sharing his love with the rest of the world.

Although I was making a lot of money working as a media expert, I knew my gift had not been bestowed upon me for my own pleasure. I had to invest all that I have to help the world.

There is more than evil

I have had many setbacks: I've been slandered, attacked, hated, betrayed, and wounded over and over by people I believed were good. But through the decades I kept going, because this love had been poured out into my heart.

Nothing could stop me, because love is stronger than religious hatred, selfishness, pride, betrayal and greed. Love overcomes it all.

I am sharing this with you to show that we are not alone in this world. There is more than just evil. What we are witnessing now - how a psychopathic network of super-rich criminals is attempting to submit all of humanity to their wicked control, under the guise of a so-called pandemic - is horrible and disturbing. None of us ever imagined in our worst nightmares that so many people could be so wicked, that they would gladly partake in this murderous operation, in return for some cash. The level of widespread corruption is just unimaginable. Many of us have been bewildered and deeply shocked by it.

But what I want to tell you - beautiful people of this amazingly precious world - is that there is MORE than evil.

There is also the REALITY (notice I don’t say religion, but REALITY) of goodness, love, kindness, warmth, purity, joy, peace and truth, that longs to reveal itself to us.

The network of evil, also referred to as the cabal, has done everything in its power to either blind humanity to this dimension of pure love, or to twist our perception of it through endless religions, so we would never truly encounter, enter and embrace this world of love and goodness, but always be stuck in either blindness or religious control.

But lying to the world about this dimension of purity and life doesn’t make it go away.

It’s still very much real - and proven by the fact that my life has been so dramatically changed by it.  Even to such a degree that many religious people, particularly leaders, have attacked me viciously because I made God too real for them.

let love come close

Once I was invited to speak during a youth weekend with a large group of youngsters. When I began speaking about how much God loves us, one young man ran out of the room screaming, while others began to weep, and more turmoil erupted. Many lives were changed that night. A young woman who had slept with many married men, was changed profoundly and turned her life around.

The religious leaders, however, rebuked me fiercely. Their literal words were (I'm serious):  ‘You are bringing God too close!’

The young man who ran out of the room told me the next day he had experienced so much pain in his life that the idea of a God who loves him was just unbearable. "Why did I have to go through all of this, if there is a God of love?" I understood where he was coming from.  I shared how I had often been violently beaten as a child, resulting in physical scars on my body, and many more on my soul; how my father had abandoned our family eight times, and how I had wanted to kill myself.

Yet, when I was lifted up in these arms of love, everything changed. I knew right then: God is not a religion, but a reality - who loves every one of us immensely.

We can’t explain or understand everything in life, yet we can encounter the answer and the solution.

He feels our pain

I once heard a testimony from a man who was satanically abused during his childhood. He said that during those times when he was ritually molested, he saw Jesus sitting next to him, weeping and holding him in his arms.

Nobody knows the suffering in the heart of God. We can all accuse him, judge him and be mad at him, but he suffers in ways our soul cannot even conceive.

The one time that I wept all night was only a tiny fraction of the unspeakable pain in the heart of He who loves all of us...  even while most of us deny him. He sees and feels the pain of the countless children who are being abused by the rich elite of this world. I know they are comforted by angels, and are gloriously welcomed when they cross the border to the other realm, where their pain is exchanged for wonderful joy. I believe that no one is celebrated and overwhelmed with joy as much as the abused children of this world.

Although that doesn’t answer every question, I do know this: there is a REALITY of love - a love that lifted me up, embraced me, and filled my heart with a love for this world and a desire to make a difference.

This love that was poured out into me is the reason that Stop World Control exists.

The indescribably beautiful One that I saw with my own eyes gave me hope, vision and dreams for a better world.

One important thing I have learned in the past years of walking with this amazing Father of Love, is that he is not a dictator who forces his will on humanity.  Love doesn’t do that.  Love works in the hearts of people - and reveals a different realm that we are all free to choose.  Love cannot heal the world by force.

It simply shows the world: I am here - I can heal you and turn your life around.

We are all invited to come home to this wonderful dimension of love, goodness, kindness and truth. That is not religion. That is reality. May the world come home to the arms of the One who loves us more than we will ever be able to comprehend. 

He changed me 'from a devil into an angel', as one friend said. May we all find our way to this reality that is the meaning of our life.

bring hope to the world

Please help me bring this pure love, hope and freedom to a humanity that is in such need. We have to break through the darkness and show the bright light that can heal even the most broken of people. Thank you so much! 

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