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Visions of a brilliant future

I believe we have a gloriously beautiful future, which will emerge in the coming years. The reason we see so much evil being exposed right now is so that we can wake up and put an end to these horrors.

In order to see this wonderful future become reality, it is important to learn to envision it in our heart. Even though we are seeing evil all around us, I encourage you to dream about what the future will look like once this stranglehold of darkness has been removed from our world.

Here are some of the things that I am dreaming of… knowing this will one day be reality.

Clean landscapes and free energy

We can look forward to landscapes without ugly electricity pylons, because everyone will have a free energy device at home that draws the omnipresent and freely available energy from the aether. The world will be liberated from the demonic stranglehold of the criminal energy corporations (who are currently hiding free energy technology from humanity), and will have as much energy at home as needed. Plus everyone will be able to enjoy the pure beauty of our majestic land without any obstruction. No more millions of pylons covering the world like a spiderweb - just pure, undefiled splendor of the land all around us.

This is already available - it just needs to be activated.

Cities that feel like paradise

Villages and towns will no longer be characterized by the most ugly, horrible gray square buildings without soul or beauty, but they will be built so beautifully that you will feel like you are in paradise. Houses will completely blend into the natural surroundings and will not detract from the beauty of nature, but will add to it. Streets will be so naturally laid out that it is always a pleasure to go for a walk among the abundance of trees, flowers and artworks everywhere, while countless birds sing in the trees, filling the cities with their joyous sounds.

This is already available - it just needs to be activated. 

Technology that heals

Instead of technology and radiation that is harmful to our bodies and all of nature, there will be new technologies with better frequencies that are harmonizing and restorative. This healing technology can be used on a personal level through people's devices, and can also be deployed over entire areas, to restore people and nature on a larger scale. 5G towers, for example, can emit harmonizing frequencies instead of the damaging radiation that is used currently. 

This is already available - it just needs to be activated.

Uplifting music

On the streets and in stores, restaurants and public buildings will resound the most beautiful music that you could imagine. No longer will our world be filled with horrible screams from deranged lunatics and sickening, stressful noise, but  everywhere we will hear music that makes us feel happy and inspired.  

This is already available - it just needs to be activated.

Back to local shopping

The mega supermarkets will diminish and there will be a return to local stores where everyone knows each other, people have pleasant conversations, and where fresh vegetables, fruits and meat are sold from the communities' own farmers, who prepare them with love and care. No longer will humanity be poisoned by the most toxic fake food, filled with synthetic chemicals and GMOs from the criminal big food industry, but people will return to heartfelt, healthy, high quality local food that nourishes, heals and blesses them.

Personal contact between people will reign supreme, as impersonal online shopping will make way for the delightful enjoyment of the daily chat with the baker around the corner, the grocer down the street and the butcher next door. People will once again truly LIVE - in a thriving, happy, supportive community.

This is already available - it just needs to be activated. 

Righteous judiciary

The current highly corrupt and criminalized judicial system will be destroyed, corrupt judges will be removed, and all perpetrators of every form of corruption will be punished immediately. Dishonest judges and politicians will no longer have a chance. There will be a thorough reformation of society, once the judiciary is cleaned out. Crime and corruption will no longer be able to spread unchecked. Justice will be protected as one of society's supreme values. 

This is already available - it just needs to be activated. 

No more tax robbery

Taxes will be reformed to a flat tax of approximately 5%, with all other taxes abolished. There will no longer be a need for heavy taxation on everything, because the criminal overlords to whom these funds flowed will be removed. With a flat 5% tax on income and nothing else, governments will have abundant funding to build flourishing, happy and healthy nations. There will also be full transparency as to what taxes are used for, so that no criminal activities can ever be funded with them.

This is already available - it just needs to be activated. 

Empowering schools

Schools will prioritize creativity, intelligent thinking and problem solving, while encouraging each child's unique gifts. There will be much less sitting in class, listening to dull theory, and much more going out and sharing adventures together and learning by doing, discovering and playing. Children will truly be allowed to be children and learn to talk to each other, pray together, reflect on problems, and reach great heights together. Instead of dumbing our kids down, our schools will instead build them up. These will be schools that produce dreamers, inventors and innovators. Schools that teach children that the most important thing is helping each other, giving love, and together building a world where everyone is happy, healthy and successful.

This is already available - it just needs to be activated. 

Universities with actual science

Universities will no longer be places of indoctrination, where true science is forbidden and key knowledge is hidden, but they will be places of real inquiry, grand discoveries, fierce discussion, and genuine confrontation. Places where students can stand up and challenge their teachers, instead of slavishly listening to every falsehood. Higher education that excites and challenges people and provides opportunities to push boundaries. Universities without the influence of financial donors who determine what a university can and cannot do, but total freedom to explore the secrets of life to the fullest. Universities where geniuses are born. Universities where problems for humanity are solved and brilliant breakthroughs are found. Where there is no obstruction to the increase of knowledge stemming from the protection of nefarious agendas, but total liberty to explore and find anything that’s there to find for the benefit of our world.

This is already available - it just needs to be activated.

Wonderful entertainment

Television and entertainment will bring people happiness, recovery, pleasure and relaxation, with a ban on anything that forces fear, depression, perversion or violence onto the people. Any type of promotion of evil and darkness will be banned. Television will no longer be used to blind, pervert and destroy the people, but it will be used to empower, liberate and heal humanity.

This is already available - it just needs to be activated.

Positive art

Art will be beneficial, bringing joy and life. Artists will no longer be drug addicts spreading death and misery, but will express beauty, majesty, exaltation and joy that touches the depths of man's soul and lifts him to higher levels. Simply said: art will be inspiring and beautiful once again.

This is already available - it just needs to be activated.

Heavenly healthcare

Instead of merely treating superficial symptoms with highly toxic petrochemical drugs that have countless devastating side effects, healthcare will become truly holistic, which means that the entire patient experience will be analyzed in order to find the root of health issues: lifestyle, emotions, psychology, environment, relationships, spiritual influences, and so on. Hospitals will no longer be concrete prisons where millions die from malpractice, bad food, lack of sleep, harmful radiation, severe stress, and overdoses of drugs.

There will be a return of healthcare to the Hippocratic oath: "First, do no harm" and "let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food."

Hospitals will become beautiful parks that offer healing for the mind, spirit and body. Diet will be at the heart of medical treatment, as diet is the cause of 85% of all disease.

Hospitals will be like heaven on earth: places of vibrant life, soothing calmness, restorative happiness, and renewal of vision. Death will no longer be accepted as "normal".  There will seldom be any reason for patients to die, since there will be such a combination of knowledge and a multitude of therapies that no longer ignore 99% of the patient and focus only on one symptom.  Instead, the whole person will be lifted into a realm of restoration.

Aside from an abundance of nature and the healthiest food in the world, along with an atmosphere of hope and joy, there will also be technologies that have the ability to restore the human body at the DNA level.

No longer will the origin of life and the Master Healer be dismissed by ignorant atheist personnel, but prayer will be at the heart of every treatment, as science has proven that prayer is a major component of successful recovery.

Medical practitioners will no longer be the salesforce for a criminal petrochemical drug industry, but will learn instead to understand humans as a whole, and how everything is connected: food, exercise, stress, the mind, etc. This will result in treatments that actually remove the cause of sickness instead of suppressing symptoms.

Humanity will learn what true health is, how to walk in it, and how to be whole in every aspect of our existence. As a result, nations will become thriving, strong and powerful, because their citizens will thrive in ways never seen before.

Technologies will be released that have the ability to harmonize, reprogram, rebuild and restore what is unbalanced or damaged in the human body. An era of unknown strength and wholeness for humanity will emerge, as technology will no longer be abused by evil forces, but will be used by the forces of good to help all of creation.

This is already available - it just needs to be activated.

Paradise is not far away

What I'm describing here may seem impossible. But what we are not aware of is that much of this was a reality less than two centuries ago. For example, halfway into the 19th century, Dr. John Smedley established a hospital where much of the above was present: beautiful parks for the patients to find rest and restoration, healing water technologies, prayer, individual diets tailored to the needs of each patient. The result was a 100% recovery rate!

These paradises of healing were abolished by the cabal, who destroyed everything in the 19th and 20th century that obstructed their agenda for world domination. They replaced it with Big Pharma, Big Medicine and Big Agriculture, which has brought hell on earth.

For the past century, humanity has seen nothing but darkness and evil expanding in our societies.  As a result, it now seems impossible to have paradise on earth. But once the overarching power of evil is removed from human society, these beautiful transformations will simply be a natural result.

We must not forget that currently our world is literally run by criminals, in every aspect of our society. Criminals control the government, education, science, healthcare, energy, the food industry, communications, entertainment, and on and on. It’s all in the hands of the same network of globalist elites who are in the service of the forces of deep darkness. 

See, for example, this brilliant film about how the United Nations is a platform for criminals to enslave mankind...  be sure to watch it!

This means that nothing we see in our current world is normal. Everything that we have become accustomed to is utterly abnormal.

Agriculture that poisons both soil and people; weather modification that sprays trillions of gallons of toxic chemicals in the skies; television that is nothing but mind control and dumbing down of the human spirit; education that hides true knowledge and pushes lies and deception onto unsuspecting little ones; sexuality that destroys so many through transgenderism and pornography; architecture that is so ugly it literally causes depression; healthcare that is more toxic than beneficial; fake, toxic food that is the #1 cause of most health problems; the promotion of pedophilia as a "natural" sexual orientation, etc. 

None of this is natural. A strong evil force was needed to make our world the way it is today. 

When this driving power of wickedness is removed and nature can take its course, we will see a world that is incredibly more beautiful - naturally - because our world was created from good, by a good Creator, to be a place of goodness for all who dwell in it. Keep these realities in mind when you consider these visions for the future.

Please have the courage and heart to share this. Our world is in dire need of a fresh vision for a better future. Things are not destined to get worse and worse. Once all good people stand up and do what it takes, the wicked will have nothing to say anymore. 

All it takes is for good people to take up their mandate and exert their authority, instead of watching from the sidelines. 

Let us rise up NOW and restore the Earth!

A word for Christians

The elites have hijacked Christianity in the 19th century, and brainwashed billions of believers that we should not do any of this, and instead wait for a rapture and return of Christ. Then everything will be fixed automatically, without the involvement of the billions of children of God, here on Earth.

All believers must do, is wait for Christ to come
and he will then do it all for us. 

That is the exact opposite of literally EVERYTHING Christ always said, who constantly instructed his followers to cast out evil, heal the sick, end injustice, and establish the kingdom of heaven on Earth. He said we are the light of the world, we are his body and he works through us, we are his temple where he dwells and from where he reaches out to heal humanity, and so on.

Christians desperately need to wake up,
shake off the brainwashing of the cabal,
and rise up to become those
who bring healing to humanity.

Please share this. The world needs hope!

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