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Do you dare to dream about a wonderful future?

It will be a stormy ride. Darkness will go all out to win. They know they have lost and it is the end of the line for them. But they won’t give in.

They will expose themselves more than ever before. Humanity will see their folly. The time of their cleverness is over. They will no longer have the power to hold the world at their feet. Everything they do is an expression of their folly.

Laugh at it. Mock them. See how ridiculous they are.

Don’t be discouraged by their foolish attempts to dominate the world. They are people who have no touch with reality. They live in a pure illusion. A make-believe world they have created for themselves. Think they can rule the world, but they have no sense of reality. From their ivory towers they will fall down. Hard. And forever.

Let them indulge their folly. It will open humanity’s eyes.

There will be a reversal you did not expect. A great change. Have faith in that. It will not go the way you think. It will still be very stormy. For many it will be the last phase of their lives. There will be many who will lose their existence on earth.

But the future is brighter than it seems now. The storm will pass. Then a new era will dawn. A time of hope and restoration. Keep your heart set on that.

When you lose loved ones, realize that there is more than earthly existence. Realize that it is not the end. Man enters the next phase, beyond this life.

There will be a time of tremendous exposure. Everything will come to light. Nothing will remain hidden. Hold on to that. The darkness has had its time. Soon will come the time of good.

Hold your heart in that realization. Don’t give in to despair when it gets fierce. The storm will be severe. But stand strong in the certainty that it will pass and a new day will dawn.

This is a time of tremendous confrontation between good and evil. A great great clash between light and darkness. Make sure you are on the right side.

A new world is coming, right through the fire. A world more beautiful than you can imagine now.

Dare to dream. Shake off the darkness of the past and soar like an eagle that flies very high and sees very far. He sees the new world, beyond the dark storm clouds.

Dream of it. Visualize it in your mind. And thank the Almighty for all the great things that will come.

Have vision. Have expectation. Have dreams.

Fantasize about what will happen. For it will become reality. Even the most beautiful thing you can imagine is not yet how it will be in the long run.

Sow seeds in your heart of the future. For the seed will rise and become a magnificent tree.

Dare to dream and expect.

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