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Why are so many people afraid of the truth?

afraid of truth

Learning about criminal elites that control the world can be so disturbing that some people respond with “cognitive dissonance” or the "Semmelweis effect": they hide their head in the sand. What is being revealed is simply too upsetting.

What is happening in the world today is unprecedented, and it offers great hope for the future: hundreds of millions of people are beginning to understand, for the first time in their life, that most governments are puppet theaters controlled by concealed financial entities, who use them to further their own criminal goals of enriching themselves, while enslaving the public to their systems of control.

This has been happening for centuries, and for the most part, all of humanity was oblivious to it, since these criminal power structures strategically operate behind the scenes, making sure nobody is aware of their operations. That’s why they are called Deep StateShadow Governments, and Secret Societies. 

They make sure to remain unseen by the public, operating entirely from the shadows, while fully controlling everything that happens on the visible scene.

The fact that this is being exposed on such a worldwide scale is unique in history, and it means the tide is turning. Their greatest weapon is obscurity, and being exposed is their greatest fear, since it will mean their downfall. Everything they do depends on the ignorance of the population. Once the people know what is going on, they will no longer play along this nefarious game, and will begin to resist.

Already we see millions of people rising up, using the laws and constitution of their nation, exposing how elections are being rigged, confronting their criminal oppressors in many different ways. 

Our World Freedom Directory has over 1000 organizations from around the world standing up for the rights of humanity. Countless doctors, scientists, lawyers and experts from every imaginable field speak out loud and clear.

And this is only the beginning of the greatest movement of awakening since the beginning of time. The dark veil of complete ignorance of humanity is being lifted, and the eyes of hundreds of millions are starting to open up.

Being afraid of the truth

Yet, the majority of humanity is still largely unaware. Although in many nations a silent majority does feel something is “off”, many are not ready yet to see what is truly happening. The confrontation with reality is simply too shocking for them.

Learning about criminal elites that control the world can be so disturbing that some people respond with “cognitive dissonance”.

"Cognitive dissonance" is a psychological reaction to new information that we perceive as threatening. We feel safer by denying it. It's the proverbial "hiding your head in the sand". A similar psychological reaction is the "Semmelweis effect". This is the reflex-like tendency to reject evidence or knowledge when it contradicts established norms, beliefs, or paradigms.

I encourage everyone to be aware of these mental survival mechanisms. The fact that we are not yet aware of certain realities doesn’t make them less true. Our ignorance does not determine reality.

World leading experts

One key event in our time that exposes what is going on in our world is the Grand Jury organized by the world-renowned attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. As most of us know, hundreds of the world's leading scientists, as well as officials from the WHO, United Nations, military, CDC, Pfizer, etc. have all testified before a Grand Jury about the plan to submit all of humanity to a totalitarian system of suffocating control, which is executed under the guise of "health care", "climate change", and other manufactured crises.

The revelations from the first sessions in the Grand Jury were summarized into an easy-to-read document, called Grand Jury Evidence 1, which has been distributed freely through Stop World Control.

Grand Jury Evidence 1

As the editor of the Grand Jury Evidence, I want to stress that this document does not contain any unfounded “theories”. Everything presented is fact - historical, geopolitical, scientific, and medical fact - backed by data and confirmed by all the experts participating in this Grand Jury, as well as thousands of other experts we are connected with around the world.

I hold a master's degree from the University of Science and Arts in Belgium in the area of media and communication, and I received the very rare permanent visa into the United States for “exceptional ability”.

This kind of visa is exclusively granted to top experts who are recognized as world leaders and innovators in their field of expertise.

In the past decades, I have worked with television, newspapers, book publishers, and other forms of media. Being a professional media expert, I know exactly how media is being used to control what the public thinks.

It is from this professional background and decades of experience that I want to encourage all readers to step beyond the initial reflex of denying information that may be new and intimidating.

The fact that mainstream media is not talking about this does not mean it isn't true. On the contrary.

Consider the people who are presenting this information. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich has been filing successful lawsuits against large fraudulent corporations for almost three decades, and is a world leader in this field. He has listened to more than 150 leading experts in all fields of science from around the world - and has gathered nothing but evidence.

He is joined by 10 other lawyers and a judge, who similarly have been conducting in-depth quality research - something that is being suppressed in our current culture, in which unquestioning obedience is expected, intelligent investigation is warned against, and the results of true scientific research are often censored.

Be aware when the intelligent part of humanity is silenced

History has always fascinated me, and I devoured large numbers of books in my youth. If there is one thing I have learned from my inquiry, it is the following:

Whenever the intelligent part of humanity is suppressed, and rulers demand unquestioning obedience from an uninformed population, you can be sure something nefarious is at work.

Although it may be challenging to read the kind of information that you will see in the Grand Jury Evidence, it isn't helpful for anyone to choose the path of denial. Closing our eyes doesn’t make any of this go away, but, in fact, enforces it.

The criminals who threaten our world thrive on the ignorance of the public, which is why they censor and discredit all information that has the ability to accurately educate the people. Fact checkers are trained and deployed by them to suppress the massive worldwide exposure of truth.

Interestingly, these fact checkers will never challenge the proven false narrative of the mainstream media, showing clearly the agenda they are serving.

The criminal financial entities know fully well that their game is over once humanity stops playing along. That's why our mission is to break through the thick veil of deception that has been placed over the minds of humanity, and liberate the people with truth. Once people see what is going on in our world, they shift from brainless compliance to intelligent resistance.

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