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Strategic infiltration of the minds of one third of humanity

After fifteen years of intense research, I would like to present to you an in depth evidence report that reveals how severely one third of humanity has been infiltrated by the elites, to make sure they would not oppose the planned world tyranny. In the 19th century the financial elites (Rothschild & co) began strategizing for world domination, and decided they had to make sure that all of Christianity - almost one third of the world population - would not oppose them.

What better way, than to convince them that the globalist reign of evil is prophesied in the Bible?

They hired a criminal, convicted lawyer, who spent six months in prison for fraud and forgery, and lived in exile for the same reason. This expert manipulator, called Cyrus Scofield, was financed to create a Study Bible with the purpose of hijacking Christianity.

For centuries true Christians had been the main force of positive transformation in the world. They had put an end to public slavery, public demon worship, public human sacrifice, and forced all these practices into the shadows. Instead they established the first schools, hospitals, social justice, orphanages, science, honest wages for workers, democratic elections, health insurance, and more.

Everywhere the Christians came, they abolished the hellish culture of demon worship, and established previously unknown prosperity.

The satanic elites understood all too well, they first had to tackle this massive worldwide army of believers, before they could be successful with their world domination plans. Christianity had to be infiltrated, in order to sabotage their influence.

Those who improve the world, had to be turned into those who ignore the world.

The globalists succeeded. The Scofield Study Bible successfully hijacked Christianity, and a new theology went mainstream. This new faith system says the world is doomed to be ruled by evil, and there is nothing Christians can do to prevent it. As a result hundreds of millions of Christians today don't do anything to prevent world tyranny, because they think its the fulfillment of Bible prophecy...  

This is not the book of Revelation,
it is far, far worse

As we saw in this previous post, the book of Revelation was directly written to the first Churches in Asia, to prepare those early believers for events they would soon experience in their world. Roman emperor Nero was considered the leader of the world, he was called the beast, his name calculated to 666, and all who worshipped him were marked.

That was the biblical mark of the beast,
in scriptural and historical context.

In our time the cabal is desperately trying to mimic what happened in the first century, to make sure we would think this is the end of the world, and there is nothing we can do prevent their plans. They call their mega computer in Europe The Beast, their illuminating injections Luciferase, a Bill Gates patent is called W0/2020/060606, the statue in front of the United Nations resembles the beast of Revelation, digital currency technology goes into the hand, and so on. It's one massive mind control game!

They know that, if the billions of Christians can be fooled into believing all this is predicted in the Bible, they will not prevent the globalist agenda.

In reality the agenda of the elites today is a thousand times worse than what happened in the first century. Today they are planning to totally replace humanity with A.I. and cyborgs. They are changing the DNA of humanity, and commit worldwide genocide. They want to insert thoughts and feelings into everyone, record our dreams, monitor our every step, and so much more.

This is the book of Revelation - on steroids!

It is imperative that we shake off all confusion, become accurate in our perception, and discern what is truly happening. The good news is that it's not prophesied, it's not the end of the world, it's not inevitable, and humanity is waking up as never before. So there's hope! Humanity is not doomed, but hundreds of millions are waking up...

But the billions of Christians must break free from the brainwashing of the cabal, and understand their mission to save this world.

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After studying this topic for fifteen years, I have made a highly revealing evidence report that reveals in detail how the Church has been lied to, in order to mind control us into unconsciously collaborating with the agenda of the criminal globalists. It reveals what the Bible truly says about the topic of the end times, rapture, return of Christ, antichrist, mark of the beast etc. It takes some time to go through it, but is worth every second of your time.

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