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The Unique Ministry of David & Renate Sorensen: Hope and Healing for All!

david renate sorensen

David and Renate Sorensen are sold out to the Lord Jesus Christ and His glorious Kingdom. At a very young age, David had dramatic heavenly encounters, where he was taken to heaven and met with the Almighty and His council. David also had angelic experiences, and received visions of the worship in heaven. He felt a call to be a servant of the Most High God, when he was seven years old.

Years of trauma in his family, and a crippling accident that robbed him of his speech, inflicted such trauma on David, that he turned away from God as a teenager. For several years he explored the realms of the ungodly world, where he lived the life of a prodigal son. After an overdose of drugs he was hospitalized, but after he returned home, the Spirit of God came over David with great power. He returned to the heavenly Father more than ever before.

Weeks after his conversion David was praying and the ceiling of his room seemed to open up. He beheld the eternal majesty of the Almighty, a glory indescribable. Out of this unfathomable splendor two hands reached down and lifted David up, the way a Father embraces his child. David came back home in such a profound way, that his friends said: “David, you have changed from a devil into an angel”.

Inspired by his encounters with God, David made Christian art, like the artwork below:

Overwhelming - Christian Art by David Sorensen

Jesus Christ Speaks With A Loud, Audible Voice

David kept having encounters with the Lord, that deeply formed his inner life. During one such experience Jesus spoke to David with a loud, audible voice, and said: “You will be My prophet!” For years David denied this calling, but it came upon him with such force, that church pastors and ministry leaders told him, time and again: “You are a true prophet”.

David, however, had a problem: he suffered from a severe stutter. 

Sometimes he couldn’t speak at all. No speech therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist could help him. But the Lord gave David a promise: “I will fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with joy”.

When David was invited to minister for the first time, he trembled with fear, as he had no ability to speak. But the glory of God came on him, and the words flowed from his mouth as a river. The presence of the Lord filled the room and many lives were changed.

Wherever David was asked to minister, people started openly confessing their sins, prodigals came home, healing miracles took place and the demonized were set free.

Below is a short clip of a man who was bound to a wheelchair for years. During Davids preaching the man suddenly stood up and walked to the platform. His nurse joined him and explained he hadn't been able to walk for years. The presence of the Lord Jesus touched him, without anybody praying for the man. These are the kinds of miracles that take place during the ministry of David and Renate Sorensen.

Ministering under the strong anointing of Jesus Christ eventually healed Davids speech. Not being able to speak however taught David to be totally dependent on the Spirit of God, whenever he ministered. David ministered at the Missions School of Ronald and Heidi Baker, in Mozambique, where young missionaries were powerfully touched by the power of God.

Everywhere David came, in his weakness and inability, the glory of God flowed freely with many transformed lives as a result.

In the year 2,000 David met his wife Renate through a series of supernatural events. Renate had a powerful encounter with God, and joined David in his ministry, even though she lacked experience. Together they surrendered themselves in every meeting to the Lord, no songs or sermons prepared, but allowing the Spirit of God to do whatever He wants. The results were mighty manifestations of the glory of God. People saw angels, Jesus Christ became manifest, and significant signs and wonders occurred, like the visible glory cloud. The most important however, is the deliverance of precious children of God, who were set free from forces of darkness. Several new ministries were born in the presence of the Lord.

During one conference a drunken man, who wandered in from the street, wanted to be baptized. He expressed a desire to come back to Jesus. David didn’t refuse him and baptized him immediately. The next day the man suffered a dangerous delirium, and was suffocating in his own vomit. He was found in his bedroom at the conference center. Blood flowed from his eyes, nose and ears and the death rattle came from his bleeding mouth. David knelt down with him and the power of the Lord Jesus Christ started working, as David spoke the words: “You will live and not die, and declare the mighty works of God”.

The dying man opened his eyes, came by and sat on a chair. That same night there was an explosion of miracles in the conference and fifty people testified of healing and deliverance.

The signature of the ministry of David and Renate is that in their own weakness and surrender the Lord can become mightily manifested. They learned to lay it all down for the King of glory, and let Him minister to the people. They love the abandonment of Heidi Baker: “More of You and less of me.”

Jesus Christ Speaks With A Loud, Audible Voice

This radical surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ caused a severe attack on their life, from the realm of darkness. David and Renate came in touch with people who posed as a wonderful revival, prophetic and deliverance ministry, but who later turned out to be satanists, who infiltrated the Church with the purpose of causing destruction. The witchcraft was so perfected and refined, and the people played their role so well, that at first David and Renate couldn’t discern it. Especially David found it hard to believe, because they acted as the most passionate lovers of Jesus, who were full of the love of the heavenly Father. But they were operating in satanic witchcraft, disguised as the working of the Spirit of God. By the time David and Renate had been able to see through the satanic masquerade, they had come under demonic attack. 

One night the Lord spoke with a loud, thundering voice to David, to finally expose this infiltration of satanism in the Church.

This attack resulted in many years of illness of Renate, where she almost died. But during these years the Lord proved faithful, as He continually spoke to Renate and sang to her songs of healing, deliverance and a beautiful future. He used this attack to teach David and Renate critical insights on the hidden strategies of the forces of darkness, who attack every ministry and church, often without the children of God being aware of it.

The result is sickness, death, divorce, church splits, adultery, ministries dying, and so on. 

The Spirit of God spoke to David and Renate about the need for sharp discernment, and apostolic authority, to unmask infiltration. When the hidden invasions of the enemy in the Church are exposed, mighty deliverance and breakthrough is the result.

After years of persevering, and walking through the valley of the shadow of death with the Lord (see Psalm 23), Renate began to recover. This extended season of severe testing has matured David and Renate profoundly, making them ready for the greater works the Lord has in store for His people worldwide.

Jesus could have intervened easily, but He chose not to, because very profound lessons needed to be learned, in order to be able to walk in the majesty of the Lord, that he is planning for His people.

David and Renate have a deep conviction of the Lord that the future is not dark and demonic, but bright and beautiful, as the Kingdom of God will become more and more manifest, and the sons of God will rise up as never before, taking up their divine mandate to reign with Christ. The Church has become paralyzed, confused and crippled by unbiblical end time beliefs, that disempower the soldiers of Christ and turn victorious conquerors of the Kingdom into terrified escapists, who want to flee from the Earth.

The Lord has called David to expose these false beliefs and turn the Church back to its royal mandate to reign with the King of kings and Lord of lords, to deliver the world from evil and establish the rule of Christ as the foundation of human society. 

We are not waiting for the Lord to return, but we live in His presence, which is the very core of the New Covenant: He dwells in our midst, we are His temple, and from within our midst the Lord brings his deliverance and restoration to all of creation.

David is writing a book that will ignite a highly needed reformation in the Church to stop waiting for an escape and start embracing His presence with us, and work with the Almighty to bring His redemption to people worldwide.

No Agenda But Total Surrender To The Almighty

Because David couldn’t speak for many years, and could only preach or minister through total surrender to the Spirit of God, he learned not to have an agenda for a meeting, and allow the Lord Jesus and the Father to speak what is truly in their heart. The result is always dramatic impact on the lives of people.

During one meeting the Lord can give an outpouring of healing, at another time He can come with intense love to heal the hearts, and on other occasions He comes with a purifying fire to circumcise the hearts of the people with His sword.

There is not telling what the Lord will do, beforehand, as we learn to lay down our own plans, step back and allow God to truly be God in our midst.

Mighty healing miracles have taken place during these meetings, like a young boy whose face was covered in warts. Nobody prayed for him, but the Lord touched the boy, and all the warts vanished, resulting in a new skin as pure as from a baby. During several meetings pastors came running to the front, openly confessing their sins, like addiction to pornography. Powerful deliverance takes place, as the angels of heaven minister alongside David to set people free, and give them new life.

As a child David had several significant encountered with angels, and he is very sensitive to the activity of angels during his ministry. There have been times where he felt their presence so strong, that he fell down and started weeping, overcome by a feeling of being homesick, as the angels remind him of where he comes from, his heavenly home.

The greatest desire of David and Renate Sorensen is that people will truly return to God, not in a religious way, but with all their heart. 

They have tasted the manifest glory of God, where angels sing, the glory cloud becomes visible, demons flee from people, healings occur, sins are removed, and new destinies are being revealed.

To get in touch with David and Renate Sorensen, send an email to: [email protected]

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