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Something powerful is about to happen in our world

Understanding the spiritual nature of the worldwide battle of tyranny against liberty, is key to our victory. Denying this, is guarantee for failure.

Our enemies at the highest level are all involved in Satanism, or Luciferianism. That is the religion of most world leaders, be it world leaders in finance, government or any other realm. At the top level the world leaders are all involved in Satanism. It's the only way anyone can climb the ladder to those elusive exalted positions of world leadership. Only who participates in this dark spiritual practice, is granted access to those supreme levels of power and wealth. You find proof for that in this report.

That's why the only way humanity can ever win from them, is if we have a Greater Power on our side. The power of the Almighty, the Creator of all life. I hope you understand this fundamental reality. This has nothing whatsoever to do with religion, but it is the most basic principle of all human existence. Either we side with evil, or we side with good.

Light and darkness, life and death, love and hate, truth and deception,... those are the two opposing realms. 

The idea that this is 'religion' is one of the most destructive lies in human society. As if love, truth, goodness and joy are a 'religion'. Com' on! It is the very essence of our existence. Without the help of God we cannot overcome the forces of evil. Keep that in mind when you read our posts that go deeper into this profound foundation of our existence. If this dimension is new to you, then don't oppose it, but have the courage to learn. 

The Elites Have Blinded Humanity For Our Creator

The elites have gone to great lengths to blind humanity for the Creator, by claiming 'science has proven God doesn't exist'. That is just as true as when those same entities said 'vaccines are safe and effective' and 'we must save the world from climate change' or 'you can fully trust the news media' or 'a child can choose its own gender', or 'mankind has accidentally evolved from monkeys', etc. 

The people who told us those lies, are the very ones who told us 'science shows there is no God'.

Before they could launch their agenda for world domination, they first had to disconnect humanity from God, so we would be spiritually blind, confused, disconnected and disempowered. A power cord that is unplugged from the socket, is still a power cord, but it has no power. That's what happened:

mankind became unplugged from the Creator, leaving us vulnerable to the forces that hate creation and want to destroy us.

In order to unplug humanity from the Source of all life, they launched worldwide mass mind control operations to push atheism as the only acceptable philosophy, especially amongst educated members of humanity. The radically anti-scientific and extremely irrational and utterly ridiculous theory of evolution, which says that all wonders in nature are the result of random genetic errors, was pushed as the only acceptable explanation for the existence of this world, the same way they pushed the narrative that 'vaccines are the only acceptable way to protect against illness'. They used the same techniques.

As a result the majority of mankind has drifted away from the Only One who could protect us against the evil agenda of the wicked.

The core element needed in the freedom, truth and awakening movement is to reconnect to the Origin of all that is good, the Creator of all life, the Giver of pure love, the One who can empower us again to be overcomers and dragon slayers.

That's why I would like to announce a powerful conference that will take place in California, this month. As I said in a previous post, I experienced a series of impressive supernatural events that showed me there is about to happen a significant spiritual awakening in California. Typically this is referred to as a 'revival', which means that large numbers of people return to God, and are revived with the eternal force of pure life, love and truth, resulting in transformation of society.

It is exciting to see how, after receiving this divine message about a coming revival in California (which will impact the world), I was invited to be a speaker at a Christian Freedom Conference on the 28th-29th of June, in San Diego, California. The title of this conference is:


I want to invite you to come and join this Christian Freedom Conference, no matter where you are from. All the speakers are wide awake and have been at the forefront of the fight for freedom. So you will meet some of the generals in the worldwide awakened community as well.

This has nothing to do
with religion

Again, this is not about a religion, this is about restoring the human race to the most important reality of our existence: the Origin of all that is pure, the Source of life and love, the Giver of everything that makes us whole, He who inspires beautiful dreams and who guides us to do wonderful things, to bring change in this world and restore all that is broken.

This is about the One who is greater than all the evil in this world. The One who can heal humanity and release us into a future of such goodness and joy that we cannot even begin to imagine it.

This is about restoring our hearts back to the love and truth, that we long for with every vessel of our being. It’s about coming home. It’s about finding purpose, destiny, identity, and fulfillment.

It’s about not being lost in the chaos and confusion of this world, but knowing how precious we are, how much we are cared for, and what divine purpose we have.

It’s about re-aligning ourselves with the Creator of all life, who has dreams of wonderful restoration for our lives and the world. It’s about siding with the one army that is so much more powerful than the forces of evil.

Break through the Obstacles
and come

If you want to experience this beauty and love, then I invite you to come and be changed at this conference. You find the information below.

It’s time to come home in the embrace of a power, love and goodness so wonderful, the forces of evil have gone to all lengths to hide it from us.

Break through the resistance and obstructions that you might experience, and do everything in your ability to come. The Almighty will meet you and bring healing and restoration.

Much love,
David Sorensen

Be Part Of The New Wave

June 28-29
Friday 6-10pm / Saturday 9am - 10pm

Faith Chapel
9400 Campo Road, San Diego, CA

Free admission
VIP PASS $77 before June 15
(Includes Premium Seating and Meeting the Speakers)

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