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One of the most critical needs of humanity today is health. The vast majority of health issues we suffer from in today's world didn’t even exist 50 years ago! Humanity has never been weaker or more tired or unhealthy than in our time.

Our agricultural fields are sprayed with millions of gallons of some of the worst toxins man has ever created. And then we put them on our food!1 Did you know most fruits and vegetables contain many different pesticides?2 I remember seeing a report in Europe showing how one grape contained 19 different pesticides! And it’s even worse in the USA.

Have you ever heard the term “Empty Harvest”?  This refers to all the big and beautiful produce we see in the supermarkets which, in spite of its appearance, is devoid of nutrients.3 This is caused by multiple factors:

1) Commercial farm soils are gravely abused by growing the same crops year after year, causing them to be totally depleted. Yet the farmers keep planting crops. The only reason anything grows is because of aggressive chemical fertilization.

2) Because of the aggressive chemical fertilization, the produce grows much too fast. It has far less time to absorb sunlight or whatever’s left of nutrients from the soil. Not to mention that the synthetic chemicals are toxic to our bodies.

3) Many vegetables are now grown inside buildings, without sunlight. One of the major secrets to nutrient rich veggies is abundant sunshine for photosynthesis. Indoor veggies are also grown in water instead of rich natural soil, further leading to the empty harvest.

4) Most seeds used today are genetically modified, which reduces the natural quality of the seeds, resulting in weaker, more unhealthy produce.

5) The produce only looks good because all the attention goes to genetic modification for better looks. But unfortunately it's a shiny coat over an empty shell.

Lack of healthy soil, lack of time, lack of sunlight, lack of quality seeds… these are just some of the factors that cause the empty harvest. Agriculture today is based on greed, without care for humanity or the earth. Result? A weaker, sicker world population than ever before. People today consider it normal to go to the doctor and the pharmacy all the time.  Yet, since the dawn of our world, this was never a necessity in the past. Only in recent years has it become a phenomenon.

In addition to "Empty Harvest" fruits and veggies, most people regularly consume highly processed food products that are even more devoid of anything remotely nutritional.

When food is processed in factories, everything that’s alive is removed from it, and you are left with a literal waste product that consists of nothing but dead material.4 No life. No energy. No anything. Just a dead waste product. When we consume this dead material, it not only doesn’t build our body, but requires minerals from our body in order to break down this waste product.

As a result, instead of making us strong, these processed food products weaken us and damage our cells. The only temporary rush of energy we may get from them is from the processed sugar they contain.

The bulk of food products we buy in supermarkets do more damage than good to our bodies. Look around in the megastores - do you see any really healthy people there? Most people are visibly unhealthy and have to drag themselves around. And they think the pills from the pharmacy will fix their depleted, toxic bodies. It’s a disaster beyond description. Talk about crimes against humanity…

Take a look at the table below. It is featured in a book written by a Dutch naturopathic health practitioner, Dr. Hans Moolenburgh, who was still giving lectures at the age of 91! It shows the difference in nutrients between industrial agriculture (i.e., chemically fertilized and sprayed) and, on the other hand, high quality organic production. Please ignore the Dutch language and just look at the figures... 

hans moolenburgh tabel

Some examples: organic tomato has a value of 68 for magnesium, 1938 for iron and 53 for copper. Industrial tomato is 1, 1, and 0. Organic spinach has a value of 117 magnesium, 1585 iron and 32 copper, while industrial spinach is 1, 19, and 0.5. Organic lettuce is 169 magnesium, 516 iron and 60 copper, while industrial is 1, 9 and 3.

Wow. The difference is truly disturbing. It explains the widespread phenomenon of “Hidden Hunger” caused by the Empty Harvest: consumption of food that is devoid of essential nutrients can only lead to a dangerous depletion of our bodies.

Humanity today eats more food than ever in history, yet people are more nutritionally depleted than ever.

The criminal supplement industry

vitamin supplements

But there’s a solution to this crisis, right? We are advised to take a wide range of food supplements that will solve this lack of nutrients. Although the concept is theoretically sound, there is something wicked going on here as well. Researcher Brian R. Clement, PhD, has exposed the supplement industry as criminal to the core. Here is some of what he has uncovered:6

✔︎ Most supplements are synthetic, alien to the human body, hard to absorb, and have almost no effect

✔︎ The capsules are filled with toxic, unhealthy additives 

✔︎ Even the "natural" supplements use harmful fillers 

✔︎ As a result, 90% of supplements do more harm than good

The problem is that the vast majority of manufacturers of vitamin supplements are essentially money driven, causing them to cut corners on all sides, and to choose the fastest production processes with minimal cost and maximum profit. Their green labels and claims of being “all natural” are just marketing gimmicks that mean nothing. That’s why most of us never feel a significant improvement when we take supplements.  

There is hope on the horizon

There is, however, hope on the horizon. A few months ago, I met a man named Paul Gebbink, who previously was a physical therapist for Olympic athletes in The Netherlands, Europe.7 Paul was responsible for the physical well-being of these national top athletes. He noticed that the vitamin supplements they were taking weren't doing them any good. Paul sent the supplements to labs for analysis and was shocked to learn how toxic these supplements are, due to the contaminated sources of the ingredients and the harmful fillers and capsules that are used. 

paul gebbink - Beyuna supplementen

Paul started looking for better alternatives but couldn’t find them. He even traveled to the USA and around the world, but was disappointed at what he found. Every so-called natural and organic supplement he reviewed contained the same harmful fillers and additives.

Paul decided to take matters into his own hands. If he wanted to make his athletes stronger and healthier, he had to revolutionize supplements. He spent years researching thousands of scientific studies and began looking for the very best soil in the world. Not organic land, but much better! Organic certification only requires that the land has not been sprayed for three years8. But Paul wanted soil that had never been sprayed - ever!

Pure, undefiled soil, exploding with riches. A treasure trove full of nutrients to go into the plants, fruits and vegetables he would grow there for his own supplements.

For his vitamin C, Paul grew Amla berries that are little bombs of truly natural vitamin C.9 This form of C is far superior to ascorbic acid, a synthetic vitamin C10 derived from a toxic fungus, which is used by the vast majority of supplement manufacturers because it's cheap, easy and quick.

For capsules and fillers, Paul found natural alternatives that have zero toxicity and in fact contain a wealth of nutrients, such as barley grass, alfalfa, seaweed extract, etc. So instead of making the “healthy” supplements toxic by adding cheap and harmful fillers (as everyone else does), Paul uses healthy fillers that add to the potency of the other ingredients.

It took him years of learning, finding and sourcing all of this, and he had to constantly battle resistance from regulators, who are paid by Big Pharma and other criminal entities to prevent these kinds of truly healthy developments. Big Pharma is not interested in the health of humanity, since they make their obscene trillions of dollars from sick people. That's why they oppose these kinds of initiatives that truly improve the well-being of people without side effects. But Paul never gave up, and finally was able to release a series of “better world” supplements that truly help humanity. He named them BEYUNA, which derives from the Japanese word 'yuna', meaning powerful. Beyuna literally means "Be powerful"!

And it all started because a physical therapist wanted to help his Olympic athletes...

A potential source of income

Because of the much longer production process, which is key to achieving this unique quality, the prices are of course higher than the cheap, quick, “cut all corners” products you find everywhere. However, Paul has found a way to help out here as well: anyone can become a distributor of these supplements and earn 15 - 35% on the sales. This is yet another way that Paul's business is in stark contrast with everyone else's. Affiliate rewards with other products and services typically pay anywhere from 2% to a maximum of 10%.

Paul has decided to do things differently in this area as well, giving everyone who distributes his products a generous 15-35% (depending on sales volume), plus an additional 10% when your own customers also become distributors.

His passion behind this decision is that he wants to redistribute wealth among the people. The profit from Beyuna doesn’t flow to the top of some mega-wealthy corporation - it is distributed among the people. Paul purposely chose this because he is fully aware of what is going on in our world, with criminal corporations suffocating the people. Since long before I met him, Paul has been an avid reader of Stop World Control, and he wants to do his part in creating a better world.

So, with Paul's plan, anyone who cannot afford expensive high-quality supplements can share them with others and use the profit from those sales to purchase their own supplements. This can also become a good business for those who lost everything as a result of vaccine mandates.

If you want to know more about this opportunity, send me an email.

Paul did share with me that he doesn’t want people to get involved just for the financial benefits. "This is a mission to help humanity", he says. He asked me several times, “Do you have a good feeling about this? Do you want to do it because you have the same heart for the people? Are you passionate about a better world, with better health?” Now I want to ask you these same questions. Please don't apply to become a distributor if your sole interest is money. We want and need good people with a heart for humanity to become part of this wonderful project. 

May Beyuna's mission truly help millions worldwide to become stronger and healthier.

To humanity's health and empowerment!

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