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What nobody told you about the real cause of suffering

cause human suffering

Humanity suffers tremendously from wars, pandemics, financial collapse, social unrest, sexual confusion, natural disasters, mental problems, food shortages, and countless other crises. We are told that suffering in our world is an inevitable part of our human existence, and there is little or nothing we can do about it. We are doomed to endure lifelong misery until we die.

What nobody told us is that most suffering is not naturally occurring, but is created with a purpose.  

In the past years, overwhelming evidence has surfaced that a worldwide network of criminals exists, who inflict unspeakable pain onto humanity for the purpose of keeping everyone under their control, while enriching themselves. Wars, pandemics, natural disasters, financial crises, energy crises, unhealthy food, toxic medicines, poverty, poisoning of the soil, water and air... 

Thousands of experts are revealing how all this is caused by evil people who profit from human suffering. 

Some have been led to believe this is a conspiracy theory, but if we look at history, we see that there have always been tyrants who desired to rule the world. Throughout the ages, humanity saw the rise and fall of numerous world empires: the Chinese, Byzantine, Greek, Roman, Spanish and British world empires, etc. All throughout history, there has always been a dark lust in the hearts of powerful entities to submit mankind to their tyranny. That is not a conspiracy theory, but basic human history.

Exposing criminal networks

In the coming emails, and in our online evidence reports, you will learn the identity of the present day tyrants who cause most of the misery on earth. Their strategy is to conceal themselves and give humanity the impression that the crises in our world are either our own fault, are caused by natural circumstances, or are orchestrated by vague spiritual forces. This strategy allows them to stay out of the picture and continue their dark operations unchecked. is dedicated to exposing these networks of organized crime that are the direct cause of most of the pain in our world. 

Once humanity becomes aware of the criminal entities who are causing the hardships we endure, we can resist their schemes and bring them to justice. This is the start of building a better world.

When reality is too scary

Learning about a worldwide system of organized evil is challenging for many people, and some respond with what is called “cognitive dissonance”, also known as the “Semmelweis effect”. These are subconscious psychological reflexes that cause us to reject information that challenges our current beliefs. 

When certain information is too shocking, we feel safer by denying it. We hide our head in the sand.

That is a dangerous reaction, as our choice to remain ignorant makes us defenseless against any kind of evil that is out to harm us. I encourage you to choose the better option, which is to have the courage to see what is going on in our world so you can do something about it. 

Knowledge empowers us; ignorance cripples us. 

No sick patient will ever recover from cancer by denying the massive lump in his belly. We need to admit humanity is in trouble, and have the courage to see what is causing our world to be critically ill. Then we can start to make it better. 

May we all have the courage to open our eyes and become part of building a better world. 

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