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Have you heard about the greatest movement in all of human history?

Welcome to the greatest movement of all time, where hundreds of millions - and soon billions - of people, from every nation on earth, are waking up to what is truly going on in the world. Nothing like this has ever happened since the dawn of time, where countless sincere, intelligence, conscious and caring individuals from every culture, are simultaneously opening their eyes to see truth, and begin to work together towards a better world.

What is going on?

For centuries our world has been ruled by astronomically wealthy families, called the “royals”, the “elites”, the “1%”, the “upper class”, “nobility” and so on. Only a few centuries ago they ruled out in the open, as they lived luxuriously in their high and exalted castles, while the rest of the people were poor, and worked hard on their farms, to further enrich these “noble” families.

With the emergence of democracy and elections, the tyrants had to change their strategy to maintain their grip on humanity. They moved into the shadows of society, from where they continued their operations of controlling the world. This time however, the majority of the population is no longer aware of it, as all they can see is so called “democratic” governments. Little does the average Joe know that their “democratically elected” governments are nothing but a puppet theatre for the public, while the true rulers never show their faces on television.

In essence nothing has changed. Obviously the bloodlines who always reigned on the earth, never gave up their power to “peasants” like you and me.

They designed refined methods of election manipulation, to position their puppets in the supposedly "democratic" governments. This way they could remain in power, while the people think they live in democracies.

These rulers also focussed on obtaining full control over the mainstream news media, in order to manipulate the flow of information to keep the masses in total ignorance, concerning the real situation of our world. As long as they can convince humanity that all is well, they can keep playing their game.

The year everything
began to change…

planned pandemic protest berlin

In 2020 something happened, that heralded the dawn of a new era. Most of you know how the pandemic was not a natural occurrence but a strategically orchestrated operation. The purpose was to implement new systems of surveillance and control, destroy the middle class through lockdowns, so all wealth would be transferred to the mega corporations that remained open during the lockdowns.

The purpose of the lockdowns was to further establish the dominance of the rulers, who own the mega corporations, while wiping out the middle class, that was becoming a threat to their monopoly. That's why big supermarkets remained open, while every small grocery store had to close. Millions of small businesses went bankrupt, while trillions of dollars were earned by the large corporations, during the lockdowns.

But their criminal operation didn't go unnoticed. In fact it ignited the greatest awakening of all time, which would announce the beginning of their end.

Thousands of the world's finest scientists, physicians, lawyers, business leaders and intelligent citizens saw the fraud that was taking place. They observed how every treatment for covid was being suppressed, how all good physicians who didn’t play along with the game were being censored, how the media was constantly pushing insane hysteria, and how governments were lying all day long. Baseless mandates like destructive lockdowns, harmful masks, anti-social distancing, and forced injections with untested toxic substances, forced hundreds of millions of people to open their eyes, and begin to see what is going on in our world.

censored covid-19

When true science is suppressed, and anti-scientific propaganda is pushed, every intelligent individual knows evil is at work.

Hundreds of millions of people are now aware that there are criminal power structures in place in our world, that inflict unspeakable suffering on humanity, in order to increase their own power and wealth.

Many of us also observed how the least popular political candidates in our nations won massively from the most popular candidates. Those with a handful of supporters during their few rallies, supposedly won from candidates who gather millions during their many rallies. This blatant election fraud shook many of us awake even more, as we realized democracy doesn’t exist, and puppets of criminal entities are positioned to rule our nations.

In short: an explosively increasing number of people worldwide begin to see what is really going on in our world, and are taking action to put an end to these criminal operations.

A worldwide awakening
that turns the tide was set up to be a platform for the furthering of this awakening. We give the floor to world leading scientists, lawyers, physicians, and all kinds of top experts, who have not sold their soul for money, but who remained true to their calling to serve humanity.

Besides exposing the evil mechanisms, we also offer hope for the future, by revealing promising developments that are emerging, which will replace the corrupt systems. Liberating methods for energy, health, banking, agriculture, and so on. We want to promote those developments that are being created by good people who dream of a world that is not ruled by tyrants.

Secrets of the United Nations

Our first production that is available in your language is SECRETS OF THE UNITED NATIONS. This eye-opening documentary shows how the UN is in fact a criminal organization, used by power hungry oligarchs to rob humanity.

This is a must see for everyone. It explains why there is so much poverty, war, suffering, and debt in our world, and who is behind all of this. is not a news platform, that will show you news every day. We are a time-independent resource for humanity, to show you the most critical truths that will open your eyes, and empower you to become part of a better world. Our request to you is to please use our resources as a tool to wake up other people. When you see information that you know already, don’t think “That’s old news.” No, it’s not old. 80% of humanity is still completely oblivious, and we need your help to reach them.

Understand that what you will receive from us, is an effective tool to open the eyes of others. So please share it widely.

The ignorance of the public is the key to the success of the tyrants. Once people become aware of the real situation of our world, they shift from blind obedience, to intelligent resistance. That’s why the tyrants are terrified of truth. Once a critical number of people is aware of the worldwide system of corruption, the tyrants will lose their power. Therefore, please share our productions.

Our goal is to equip you to become a world changer, who will be a part of the greatest transformation of all time.

The dark era of centuries of suppression of humanity by wealthy tyrannical families is coming to an end, and we all play a part in this worldwide transformation. The power will go back to the people who have the courage to stand up, and build a world where children are safe, families flourish, governments are held accountable, judges are just, and wealth is equally distributed. It can happen, if we all do our part.

I encourage you to watch SECRETS OF THE UNITED NATIONS, if you haven’t done so yet, and send it to your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues.

Especially send it to local authorities, as they are the ones who need to wake up the most. Use this link to watch, and share this signature film far and wide:

PS: unlike the criminal news media, we are not funded by multibillionaires to deceive humanity. We rely on the support of people like you, who want to help us reveal truth that liberates the people. Please consider becoming a partner of this great worldwide mission. Use this link to become a partner of Stop World Control.

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