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An unstoppable tidal wave of awakening is flooding the world

We are at the beginning of something that is unstoppable, and which will flood the entire world.

A historically unprecedented worldwide awakening is happening, in which hundreds of millions of people are beginning to see how their governments, media and health organizations are indescribably corrupt, and are lying to them in ways nobody could have ever imagined in their worst nightmares. As a result, innumerable people in every nation no longer blindly submit themselves to the criminal plans of their overlords, but they have begun to rise up and take action to build a better world.

The magnitude of this worldwide awakening is beyond anyone's comprehension. Nothing like this has ever occurred since the beginning of time.

Still, it is only just beginning, and is nothing compared to what the world is about to witness soon. As vaccine adverse events get worse worldwide, as healthy and innocent people are rounded up in quarantine camps, as vaccine passports are required to participate in society, and so many more insane things are happening, this current awakening will evolve into something we cannot even imagine...


Who could have imagined what we are seeing now already?  In past decades, only a minority of medical experts were aware of the dangers of vaccines.  And they fought a hard and seemingly impossible war to wake up an uninterested world. A world that was more engaged in watching stupid movies and silly TV programs than hearing about the dangers of vaccines.

Now... all of a sudden, hundreds of millions worldwide know how incredibly devastating vaccines can be.

Even in the most liberal state of the USA - California, over 30% of all law enforcement, firefighters and nurses are standing up against the vaccine mandates. It is estimated that at least half of all physicians in America are refusing the vaccine tyranny. Medical organizations that resist the plan to forcefully inject experimental, untested and highly toxic substances into the entire world population are being formed in every nation of the world.

In our World Freedom Directory you can find over six hundred organizations worldwide that say ‘NO!’ to this criminal tyranny. 

Six hundred organizations, yet our brand-new directory only shows a fraction of what is happening worldwide. Who could have imagined?  Yet this is only the early beginning of the worldwide resistance...


For the past century, the media has had a monopoly on the mind of mankind, strictly determining what the world was allowed to think, believe or do, without anybody having the slightest clue how they were being manipulated by the news.

Now... a rapidly increasing percentage of humanity no longer trusts the media.

I see an explosion coming that will be far greater than what we have seen so far. Let the wicked increase the tyranny. Let them put healthy humans in quarantine camps for no reason whatsoever. Let them impose mandates that are so ridiculous that only the very stupid will fall for them. They are digging their own grave. They will fall in the traps they are putting out for humanity.


The following may pose somewhat of a challenge for some readers.  Still, it's worth mentioning because it's very encouraging. At the start of this plandemic, I received one specific statement from the Bible several times from different people. That rarely happens, and when it does, I know I should pay attention. This is the verse several people - out of the blue - sent me:

‘The ungodly are sunk down in the pit that they made: in the net which they hid is their own foot taken. The Lord is known by the judgment which he executes: the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands.’ (Psalms 9:15-16)

A simplified paraphrase could read: 'The Lord is well known for the fact that he judges the wicked by causing them to fall into their own traps.' In a Dutch Bible translation (I migrated to the USA from The Netherlands), it is even more clear: 'God became famous for defeating his enemies with their own weapons.'  I thought about it, and suddenly I realized how true it is. Here are a few examples:

Facebook was - believe it or not - created by military intelligence agencies as a tool for spying on and controlling all of humanity. 

However, millions used it to spread truth to their friends, and soon hundreds of millions discovered critical truths that the government and criminal agencies desperately wanted to hide from the world.  When Facebook saw this, they panicked and began censoring, but… they were too late. A vast portion of humanity had already seen the truth, and is now spreading it far and wide, outside of Facebook.

While Facebook was designed to be a tool to enslave the world, it has been used to open the eyes of humanity.

YouTube is the same story. Tens of thousands of truth-revealing videos informed hundreds of millions of formerly ignorant people before the owners of YouTube realized they had better start censoring. They also were too late. The lid has been blown off and the steam has already filled the room.

Even the internet itself was created to be a system that would eventually control the world. But... it is instead being used to liberate mankind. The number of websites revealing truth is innumerable!

Another example: the toxic medical experiments incorrectly called ‘vaccines’ are intended to enslave every soul to a never-ending series of booster shots.  Yet they are alerting hundreds of millions - and soon billions - to the criminal nature of governments, health agencies and the pharmaceutical industry.

While the vast majority of the world population has never questioned the integrity of the pharmaceutical industry, they are now seeing how mind-blowingly evil it is, by its demands to inject every child every few months again and again with untested medical experiments that are proving to kill millions and permanently disable hundreds of millions. The documented evidence for this can be seen in our Vaccine Death Report. 

Even in the USA, we are seeing how the Biden administration, intended to enslave the American people to communist China, is waking up even large numbers of hard-core liberals, because Biden is pushing things way too far.

Intelligent humans all over the world are waking up to the criminal plan to enslave humanity to the tyranny of an evil elite.

truth explosion

Every scientist they silence wakes up an entire scientific community surrounding that scientist. Every medical doctor they shut down for speaking truth is observed by an entire medical community, which as a result is awakened, because they witness with their own eyes how a sincere and good medical colleague is being silenced.

America’s Frontline Doctors was censored on all social media, and even their website was taken down. As a result of that persecution, they now have almost a million members, and they have become a worldwide movement for freedom.

Censorship tries to silence the voice of scientists and physicians, but it is causing volcanoes of truth to erupt.

In short: every plan these psychopaths are plotting is massively turning against them and will lead to the exact opposite of what they are hoping. Instead of total slavery of all of humanity, it is causing the greatest mass deliverance of all time.

The eyes have been opened and there’s no shutting a truly awakened mind. The veil of deception is being lifted and nobody will be able to put it back. 

The wicked elites think the world is full of fools, but they forget how many millions of wise, brave, and good people there are, that they will soon wish they’d never messed with.  So I want to encourage you... the awakening is truly only just beginning.  We will see things we cannot even imagine.  Really.  We cannot imagine it.

Meta Madness

virtual reality

Another attempt to alienate humanity from true joy and abundant life has been launched by these psychopaths. Facebook has now announced META, a life-less artificial dimension that will inflict even more mental illness, relational conflict, loneliness, depression and other disasters on the human soul than ever before. Science has established how Facebook, and social media in general, have severely increased levels of depression, loneliness and mental illness, resulting in a rise of suicide. Now they intend to ramp it up to a whole other level of destroying countless lives, by enticing everyone into a realm that is 100% fake. Although it will prove intensely thrilling, it will cause deep inner conflict and confusion. 

None of us is created to live in a fake digital world, that only exists when we press a button in our brain, and that alienates us from reality. 

We are born to enjoy the REAL world - with true friendships, genuine relationships, and heart to heart interaction with other humans.  We are born to experience deep love that fills, strengthens and establishes our soul.  We are made to hug one another, to feel one another, to see each other’s eyes, and to touch the soul of the ones we love with our deepest inner being - so we feel connected, valued, safe and cherished.

We were not born to become addicted to the exaggerated sensations of intense surreal experiences that only exist in projections on our mind. We are born to sense the fresh air, breathe in the breeze, enjoy the cool of the night and be thrilled by the blazing sunlight.

Nobody is born to live in a world of lies, deception, mind control and virtual 'reality'.

There is nothing real about virtual reality. Just like there is nothing social about social distancing. These criminals are wizards at deceiving the public with cunning word plays. Saying ‘virtual reality’ is the same as saying ‘ice fire’, or ‘loving hatred’. It’s total nonsense. They play the same trick with the words ‘social distancing’. There is nothing social about distancing yourself from other human beings. It’s destroying everything social! But with these word games, they easily fool people who don’t think a little deeper.

Virtual reality is 100% fake - the opposite of reality. A world of lies that sucks people in and steals reality from them.

Millions are addicted to video games because they yearn for more than the dead, meaningless city life that is offered to them. Always being locked into their stone prisons called ‘homes’, they find no meaning, no adventure, no challenge. But man wasn’t born to be a couch potato enclosed by stone walls in concrete cities devoid of life.

Man is born to be surrounded by life, animals, seasons, challenges, adventures and everything that fills our soul with sheer LIFE.

META is the new virtual reality of Mark Zuckerberg and the insane criminals behind him.  It is intended to enslave humanity even more deeply to the death grip of suffocating technology that steals from us true joy, true intimacy, true relationships and true life, by offering instead a fake realm, fake experiences, fake environments, fake friends and fake interactions. All made out of digital code instead of living atoms.

But real flowers can never be replaced by fake digital images. Butterflies, birds, even the buzzing of the bugs, will never be replaced by the dead, fake lies of a virtual world, where nothing is real.

Escaping a purposeless existence to seek meaning in even more fakery will never satisfy humanity. 


I believe that at the end of the day, all of this will increasingly lead to humanity yearning within the depth of their soul for the real thing. Conscious and good people will turn back to the roots of nature.

Ultimately, META will kickstart the opposite of what it is intended for. 

Just as the tyrannically imposed toxic injections are opening the eyes of people to the criminal nature of the so-called ‘health agencies’ and ‘caring governments’, META will show the world how we need to return to basic, organic, true, genuine, God-given life.

We are also now seeing how the criminally centralized power in every part of our world is inspiring people around the globe to return to building small, local communities. Being slaves of a consumer-oriented, city-based system kills the life in us, and will lead innumerable people to shift back to a more basic, God-made form of life, where we grow our own food, help our neighbors, serve our communities, and share love with one another.

Remember this: humans were not created in a big city. The Book of Origins - Genesis - shows that man was created in a beautiful, lush garden and was given the authority to make the whole earth a fruitful paradise.

Farmers - the good ones who don’t destroy the earth, but cherish it and cause it to flourish - are the closest to the first created man. Humans were made for the earth, to learn, discover, value, cherish, love and protect the earth, so that it is a source of LIFE for all who dwell on it.

The wicked have stolen most of that, and have caused humans to be disconnected from the world we are born in, by focusing us on fake movies, lying media, poisonous ‘health’ care, and toxic food, that has caused more disease in our time than ever before.

But I see a change coming - where the basics of true life will be valued again. The more dead, fake, empty illusions that are created, the more people will return to that which is alive, real and fulfilling.


This current crisis offers tremendous opportunity to ALL OF US who are awake - we can learn so much that will benefit us, our children, friends and communities. We are the first of a new breed that will no longer say ‘YES’ to the crimes of governments and wicked agencies claiming twe co ‘help’ us.

The warriors of the GOOD SIDE are rising - more than ever - and this cannot be stopped, as it is being led by the Great and Higher Force that is far above all else.

Throughout the coming ages, I believe we will see more and more awakening, healing, restoration and a better world. It will, however, not be easy. Sometimes we have to walk through darkness in order to see the light. We need to see evil expressed in its fullness, before we can understand how badly we need to return to what is GOOD.

Our world has been on a steep slope toward perversion and wickedness for the past decades.  Only a crisis like this is able to shake us wide awake and turn us back to the Source of love, light and truth, which we all need so desperately, instead of filling our lives with the nonsense that is constantly on offer to us from the dark side.

This has nothing to do with religion, but it’s the very essence of our existence: do we choose the LIGHT or do we prefer darkness?

The World Economic Forum and its criminal allies at the United Nations and other globalist entities say this world crisis is a unique window of opportunity to seize total control over every aspect of the world, and to enslave humanity - all in the name of ‘sustainability’. They use beautiful words to hide their true intentions. But they are right about one thing: this crisis offers tremendous opportunity.

Let’s use it to wake up and see how evil is terrorizing our world and our loved ones.  Let’s shift back to the Source of all life, goodness and hope, so we become cleansed and empowered to stop this flood of wickedness and build a better world. A world founded on principles that create life, goodness and true sustainability.

Our fight for the freedom of the world is against multi-billionaires and trillionaires, who own all the mainstream media, and who bribe government officials, control health agencies, and so on. I cannot do this alone. If you would like to help protect humanity from these criminals, then please support Stop World Control. We need your help. 

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