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This destroyed my life, and I am forever thankful…

Many people from around the world, along with many leaders and alternative media authorities, have reached out to compliment me for the film "THE MYSTERY OF ISRAEL". I was interviewed about the film by several prominent truth channels like Natural News, Zeee Media, and many others. The film hit hard and opened the eyes of millions worldwide, in dozens of languages. But the following comment touches me in a special way... 

"Your presentation on the "Mystery of Israel" is excellent, clearly presented with the best documented and referenced information that I've ever seen or heard from anyone. Concise, clear, and easy to understand.

Being one of those deceived Christians for most of my life, the cognitive dissonance it created, eventually completely destroyed me and my entire life.

I am always grateful and thankful for the absolute destruction of my previous life, as my new life in Truth is well worth the inconceivable pain and suffering I survived.

You present the Truth so very well.

Thank you.

Much Love, Mr. Sorensen, and my prayers,

(Name undisclosed). 

Breaking loose from
chains of deception

This sums up what hundreds of millions of people around the world are experiencing during this unprecedented time, when inconceivable amounts of truth are washing over the earth as never before. 

Our old lives in deep deception, darkness and utter blindness are being shattered. This results initially in great pain, shock, disillusionment and a sense of horror. Everything we believed to be true, everything we thought was good and godly, everything we were told is trustworthy, is systematically being dismantled and exposed as the exact opposite. 

We have all been living in a realm of lies and deception that none of us could ever imagine in our worst nightmares. How is this possible at all?

But when we have the humility, sincerity and courage to allow the terribly bright light of blazing truth to rip our false mindsets and wicked beliefs to shreds, and we begin to take our first steps into the real world, where we understand how things truly are, we begin to realize that this is like being born all over again. 

No longer are we slaves of satanic forces that present themselves as truth. No more are we subjects to powers that direct our every step, control our every thought and use us to enrich themselves. 

How deception steals 
everything from us

As a simple example of how deception has been robbing us blind, while we are blind to it: did you know that millions of Christians have been sending all their resources to the world's #1 terrorist state, erected by none other than the worldwide heads of satanism, who established it for the sole purose of enslaving humanity to the evil rule of a diabolical one world government with its headquarters in Jerusalem?

Every single day millions of dollars flow from the pockets of unsuspecting people in America and worldwide to Israel. 

Christians have unknowingly been the main source of support for the single most evil project in all of human history, as Israel was being structured by the global elites to be the world's center of mass mind control through the Mossad, Israel's intelligence agency. People like Jeffrey Epstein were trained by the Israel secret services to lure countless influential people into the trap of sexual crimes with youngsters, so they could be blackmailed for the rest of their life. 

The same Mossad is behind many corrupt political world leaders. They have trained most "right wing freedom leaders" in governments around the world to play the role of "opposition" in those nations, while steering the public into the claws of the demons of the Cabal. 

Israel also pulls the strings of most psychological operations of mass mind control, so mankind will dance to their every tune. In its short existence, Israel has become the world's center of many operations to execute the criminal agendas of the financial elites. 

No wonder most CEOs of the vaccine manufacturers, as well as Vanguard, BlackRock, the central banks, etc., are all Israeli citizens. Israel is everywhere the elites are. 

Yet billions of religious people have been tricked into giving all their funds to this state, so they could build their world empire of mass mind control through the global news media they own, the governments they direct, the health care they manipulate and the wars they organize. 

One could say that Israel is the most successful project to date of the CIA and their patrons in the Vatican, City of London, Bazel, etc. 

The glory of a world
that is waking up

When we learn this for the first time, it's like waking up in a nightmare. But this feeling of terror and betrayal, along with an indescribable fear and realization of the omnipresence of evil, gradually paves the way for hope, as we understand there is a glorious reason why we are all waking up in this torment of all- encompassing deceit. 

We begin to realize what a blessing it is that the veil of sorcery is being lifted from our minds, and the spiderweb of bewitchment being wiped from before our eyes. 

This is the Great Awakening! This is the most beautiful time in all of human history, when ancient cloaks of enchantment are being removed from the human race, and we have the chance to liberate ourselves from the chains of darkness. This means the earth will soon breathe freely again, people will open their eyes, and the actual truth will liberate all of creation.

But we must pay a price. The price of admitting how wrong we were. Incredibly, deadly and terribly wrong, as we were all tricked into supporting the most central operations of satanists worldwide with all our hearts. 

And we fought viciously against those trying to warn us. We cursed them in the name of God Himself. We expelled them from our midst, calling them liars and deceivers, while we have actually been the ones living in horrendous darkness.

Who can be so humble as to admit this? Who can be so honest as to acknowledge this? Certainly not everyone. Many run and hide into even deeper darkness, from where they keep cursing the messengers of truth. But others choose to bow down and beat their chest, like the person who emailed me this morning, and turn from their old lives of unspeakable falsehoods. They understand we have all been hoodwinked, and now are being offered the kind opportunity to choose a different path.

Returning to the true Israel,
which is pure love

The Christians among us are beginning to understand that the essence of the Christian faith is that every single promise of the Most High was fulfilled in Jesus Christ - who fiercely rejected the concept of a military and political Kingdom of God, but who said His kingdom - the true Israel - is the heavenly rule of God's love in our hearts, where all people become brothers and sisters, and wars come to an end. 

We were never called to support endless wars, the torturing of Palestinian children in Israeli prisons, the raping of thousands of women, and the stealing of land of ancient Hebrew families who have been living in the land of Palestine for thousands of years.

None of us is mandated by the Creator to support the worst hatred and division on earth, and to cheer on the slaughtering of tens of thousands of children in Gaza, where millions of formerly happy families have been locked up in a true hell on earth. Hamas claimed to defend and represent them, but it has now been profoundly proven that Hamas is funded by Israel to play the game of controlled opposition, so the millions of families could easily be controlled and annihilated.

Jesus Christ is not a mass murderer, nor is He a rapist or torturer. He is not the worst racist of all time, who prefers one race over another: the Scriptures state loud and clear that there is no semblance of division or supremacy in Christ, who made all people equal. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and all equally need forgiveness and repentance. It couldn’t be more clear.

Yet, many reject this and vehemently defend the racism, hatred, violence, division and slaughter. They wave the Bible, utterly unaware of how they haven’t the slightest clue what the Scriptures actually say: the exact opposite of what they defend so fiercely.

Love among all men. Unity between the people. Peace among enemies. All are one in Christ. There is no supreme Jewish race.

The definition of a Jew, according to the Bible, is a person wo faithfully walks with God, just like Abraham did. That’s it. This goes for all races and all breeds, anywhere in the world. Africans, Europeans, Asians, Americans - all can be Jews in the true sense of the word, according to the Scriptures, when they love the Creator and love their neighbor. 

May we all wake up from the mind control of the Mossad, CIA, MK6 and other intelligence agencies, who are the workforce of the satanic elites to brainwash every single soul on the face of the earth, so we will support their evil practices and oppose the works of love and truth. 

May we all become fierce warriors of love, who unite the people of the world, instead of dividing them even more. May we all allow the true compassion of a God of intense mercy to change our hearts from being spiteful towards learning real love for the oppressed.

If you haven’t watched THE MYSTERY OF ISRAEL yet, then please do so. And in the name of truth, love and goodness, I ask you to share it. 

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