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Does humanity need another pandemic, for our own good?

This may sound horrific, but the first pandemic is the best thing that ever happened to the human race. Why? Because for the very first time since the existence of mankind, millions - and even hundreds of millions - of people stopped living superficial lives, in utter ignorance of what happens around them, and they began paying at least some attention to the real events in our world. 

For people who have a natural inclination to seek truth, this was a pleasant shock. “What? Regular folks are actually willing to listen to truth? How is this possible?”

Besides that, another spectacular thing happened: millions of people ditched their silly differences and divisive opinions and - finally - realized the importance of uniting against our common enemy.

Sadly, much of this seems to have worn off already, as I observe that many have fallen back into the old patterns of being upset with everybody who thinks something else about some topic. We are back to being a chaotic, divided bunch of egos who fight one another all day long, instead of focusing our energy on the battle against the satanic criminals. 

Also, many people who were once awake, seem to have fallen back asleep, going back to lives of superficiality and distraction. 

Let me ask a dead honest question: how many who read this, can sincerely say that you are actively involved in making sure the monsters who brought us the first pandemic will not be able to do it again? How many of us are actually doing anything at all, that is useful in putting an end to this wickedness, that has killed millions of people?

It seems as if most people who were once aware of the crimes of our government, have returned to life as usual, pretending like nothing is happening. “The pandemic is over, let’s all go back to silly lives, with no meaning”. It sounds offensive, but it is the truth.

Meanwhile the enemies of mankind are preparing attacks a thousand times worse than anything we have seen so far. 

We desperately need one another

If I am honest, then I am afraid we might need another shockwave, and one that will rock us much deeper than before. As Christine Anderson, the brave freedom fighter in the European Parliament, stated:

‘Covid was just a test balloon. They are gearing up for the real thing.’ 

Tedros, Schwab and Gates all say the next biological weapon will be at least twenty times deadlier. I don’t know if it will happen, and pray it won’t. But at the same time I realize: the world is still largely asleep, largely divided, largely operating in silly behavior. Even many so called "good" and "awakened" people are fighting more amongst eachother, instead of defeating the monsters that are out to destroy all of us.

Very little is done that is truly effective. Controlled opposition "alternative" news media is distracting us all day long, so we would never have time or energy to do something that indeed makes a difference. We run around in circles, all the time, instead of waking up our fellow humans. 

I am sharing this from the bottom of my heart, pleading for a change. A true, deep, and permanent change.

We need to wake up and grow up.

Stop behaving like spoiled kids that demand to have their way.

We need one another, more than ever.

Stand as one. Defend one another.

Swallow our pride and offense.

Ignore our ego.

And learn to love one another.

Because, I am telling you, we will need each other far more, than we have ever thought. What came our way, is nothing compared to what is being prepared.

We have a choice. Please choose against your ego and pride, and choose humility and unity, so we can be stronger than ever to defeat these dark tyrants.

You don't need to be religious to simply ask the Giver of all love and life to change your heart.

I ask this every day. Help me. Fill me. Teach me. Mold me. Change me. Guide me. I want to be a vessel of healing, not one of destruction. 

May the true love that can fill all our hearts, be stronger than any divisive strategy.

May be we one in a common love for this world, the people and the children.

Then we are invincible.

David Sorensen

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