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How returning to the Giver of Life empowers us to overcome evil

Hundreds of millions of people have recently discovered how a worldwide network exists that uses bribery, blackmailing, and brainwashing to gain influence in every sphere of human society, to execute a nefarious agenda of world domination, beyond the awareness of the public.

We learned how they serve the forces of darkness, which involves worldwide human trafficking, in order to provide the victims for ritual abuse and sacrifice. In return for these evil practices they receive astronomical financial power from the dark dimensions. 

Seeing the reality of this widespread and highly organized evil, is terrifying, and can inflict despair onto us. How can we ever put an end to this kind of evil, that is so powerful and controls every aspect of human existence on earth, from governments, media, health care, to the police, military, and education?

There is however hope. We must understand that aside from these dark forces, there is also a Creator who is the giver and origin of all that is good, who is on the side of humanity, to deliver us from evil.
In the past decades, there has been a worldwide, strategic mind control operation against the people of this world, to steer the vast majority away from the Source of all life. For example the severely anti-scientific theory of evolution - which radically contradicts every aspect of true science - has been aggressively pushed into our societies as the only acceptable explanation for the origin of humanity and all the wonders of nature. This fooled billions of people into believing that our lives are meaningless, because we are all the result of accidental natural occurrences.

"We are dressed up monkeys, who accidentally started to think, walk, talk, invent, compose music, create art, and engineer."

The term "science" has been abused viciously to convince the unquestioning population that acknowledging the existence of a Creator is nonsense. 

This has been done strategically, in order to pave the way for the evil elites, to execute their agenda for world domination. When people are disconnected from God, who alone is greater than the realm of evil, they are easier to control and enslave. Spiritually ignorant people are powerless. On the other hand, when people are truly and deeply connected to the one force that is much more powerful than the realms of darkness, they can overcome evil, and deliver humanity.

That's why atheism first had to be promoted massively, before the agenda for world domination could be rolled out.

Universities, schools, news media and the entertainment industry were heavily infiltrated to brainwash humanity, so everyone would step away from the Source of all that is good, and be left without spiritual strength, direction or discernment. 

Return to the Creator

It is imperative that we wake up from this brainwashed state of induced spiritual blindness and return to the Giver of all life, who can empower and guide us to deliver humanity from the forces of darkness. 

This has nothing to do with "religion", but is as basic to our existence as 1+1=2. 

The denial of a Creator is an unnatural phenomenon that was only recently introduced. When we look at history, we see that the vast majority of the world population has always been fully aware of the spiritual dimensions. Closing the eyes of humanity for this most essential foundation of our existence, has been an effective method of the cabal, to gain power over us.

I invite you to have a change of heart and mind, and turn back to the Creator who gave us true love, genuine friendship, beautiful nature, humor, arts, and so much more.

Without the empowerment of the Origin of goodness, we stand no chance against the forces of evil.

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