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How can we see a new world emerge, where good reigns, instead of evil? Is it enough to arrest the wicked entities that currently rule humanity? Although that would make a big difference, the change we need is much greater. 

For many centuries our world has been secretly run by deeply dark entities, who hide behind the facade of governments, so they can execute their operations unhindered by public opinion. These hidden rulers, also called the Deep State, Cabal, Shadow Governments, Elites, Luciferians, etc. are beginning to be exposed as never before, which will ultimately lead to their downfall. No longer can they reman in hiding, as the light of truth is increasingly shining, all over the world. The veil is being lifted, and hundreds of millions of people are beginning to understand the nefarious nature of those who pull the strings of our world.

Although seeing the darkness at work in our world, compels us to cry out for justice and deliverance, we have to understand that the true solution to this crisis, lies deeper. It is found inside of you and me. 

Humanity as a whole has to change, in order to make sure that once these evil rulers are removed, they will not simply be replaced by the next generation of wicked entities. 

In other words: if mankind doesn't learn critical lessons, nothing will ever change. It's like mopping the floor with the tap wide open. The water you absorb, is replaced by new floods of water. We need to shut off the valve altogether. Put an end to the flow of evil into this world.

If we don't shut the gates of hell, demons will keep entering our world, for all eternity.

Many have been led to believe that this wil happen by a sovereign supernatural intervention from heaven, more specifically when Christ will return physically to the earth. Years of research have shown me that this is a misconception, strategically injected into the religions of the world, to prevent the true solution from becoming reality. When the people are told to wait for a supernatural salvation, they will never rise to become who they are called to be, and stop evil.

It keeps the good people in perpetual immaturity, weakness, and ineffectiveness. Always waiting for this supernatural event, never rising to obey who they are called to become.

This is exactly what has allowed the tsunami of evil into our world: the devastating incompetence of the good people, whose unfruitful mindset has prevented them from expelling evil from this world. We are not here to wait to be saved. The true message is that we are all called to return wholeheartedly to the Giver of Life, and from that restored connection we can rise in power, love, wisdom and courage to expel the forces of darkness and restore this world to a place where children are safe, marriages flourish, sickness is eradicated, and abundance flows freely to all.

We are called to turn back to our Creator, and receive His help to make this world a better place.

Strategic mind control infiltration into the religions of the world has caused billions to think that we have to wait for an external salvation to fix all our problems. The true message of the Scriptures is the opposite:

we are born to be world changers who heal the wounded, put an end to injustice, cast out demonic entities, and bring the dimension of heaven everywhere we go. Not wait to escape this world, but become heroes who save humanity. 

That requires a far greater transformation that demanding the immediate arrest of a few super villains. It means removing all selfishness, dishonesty, perversion and other forms of unfruitful influences from our own lives, by turning to the One who is pure life, love and truth, and learn to bring that dimension into this world. Just like the wicked serve the dark realm, and transmit that dimension in our world.

We can't remain neutral in this war. We can't use the silly excuse that we "don't do religion". This has nothing whatsoever to do with any kind of religion. This is the very essence of our existence: do we serve the dark realm, or do we serve what is good? 

The entities that suppress, enslave, torture and annihilate humanity are deeply spiritual, to the core, and they are all involved in a myriad of dark spiritual practices, in order to become empowered by that realm, to execute their nefarious works on earth.

We are not dealing with agnostics here. These are entities - both human and from other dimensions - who know very well there is a glorious, good, loving Creator, but who have chosen to rebel against Him, and who wholeheartedly serve the opposite realm. They sacrifice children, in return for supernatural power that enables them to rule this world. This is thoroughly documented by this evidence report.

The true transformation of our world does not lie outside of us. It is within us. When we begin to disconnect from all that is dark, evil, perverse, wicked, and return with our entire heart, mind and soul to the One who is pure goodness, truth, and love, then this world will truly become a better place. Because then this world will be filled with carriers of the majesty of heaven, which will drive out the forces of darkness.

If we remain connected to the dark realm, in our own personal, hidden ways, then we feed those powers. No external removal of villains will save humanity. We must look deeper.

I have a vision in my heart for the future. What I see is countless people worldwide who no longer serve the dark realm. They don't watch the filthy movies, don't listen to the dark music, they don't feed their mind with the perversion from Hollywood. They love something entirely different and they have set their soul to become a carrier of heaven. 

They don't live for their own profit, but their hearts are burning with a passion to see humanity and all of creation flourish. They have a burning fire inside to reclaim every aspect of human existence, and establish truthful news media, truly caring health care, righteous judiciary, wholesome agriculture, honest business, truthful politics, and so on.

They don't suppress the weak and vulnerable for their own gain, but like true knights they protect the broken, and lift up the fallen.

These are the children of the Light. Not the selfish, proud, rebellious imitators who claim to present the Light, but who live for themselves. I am talking about those whose hearts have been broken by the compassion of the One who gave His very own life for all of us. They have a passion to see humanity be restored to its glorious destiny. And they are willing to suffer for this purpose. 

Once this happens, this world will truly become a better place. Because once the sons and daughters of heaven arise, there is nothing the trolls from hell can do.

If you doubt whether a Creator of life actually exists, this post can help you find clarity. Give it some quality time, as this is a profound question that deserves our attention. 

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