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Please don’t be a news junky, with no eyes for humanity

Many people tell me they they only want to receive ‘new’ information and when they receive something they have seen before, they respond in frustration:

‘Hey, that’s old news. I already know that!’ 

It is great if we know a lot already of what is going on in the world. That shows how humanity is beginning to wake up. But still, when people respond with ‘I already know this!’, it kinda breaks my heart. Why?

Because it shows me that so many of us don't look beyond our own interests to the world in need.

Yes, you may know something already... but 80% of humanity is still blind. The vast majority of our world is still locked up in a dark prison of complete blindness. Why don't we see how we can use this information to save their life by waking them up? We are the ones who can share these truths to many other people, to help save our world.

The greatest threat 
to humanity of all time

Never before in the existence of our world, has there been such a severe threat to the very existence of humanity as in our time, where the criminal rulers not only want to steal all our rights, freedoms and possessions - they now have the technological ability to forever eradicate even the human ability to think for ourselves. And they are actively working towards implementing this in society. As the president from Chile said on national TV:

‘5G will not only read your thoughts, it will insert thoughts and feelings. And we will make sure it reaches every home in the country.’

That’s not a joke. These insane psychopaths are literally working towards controlling the minds of humanity 24/7, with the new technologies that can manipulate what people are able to think or feel. This opens a whole new realm of tyranny for humanity, that previous criminal dictators could only dream of.

I am preparing a documentary about this that will shock you, as it will show how this has been prepared for decades. We are in the final stages of this plan, before it will be rolled out. For evidence, see the references in my post on Smart Cities.

While the world was focused on the health crisis, governments planted hundreds of thousands of 5G towers across the world, even in the most remote areas, so they would be able to start controlling the minds of even the farmers.

There is a threat to our world that none of us could ever even imagine. It’s real, it’s being activated worldwide, and because of how far advanced they are with their plans, they no longer hide it.

If there ever was a time where we desperately need to wake up and rise up to protect humanity, it is today. We cannot afford to remain in an attitude of selfishness and stupidity, unwilling to become part of the worldwide operation to protect our world from this insane tyranny. Please shift from thinking: 'I know this already' to: 'How can I spread this to the 80% of humanity that need to wake up?"

Tools to help save the world

My mission is not to be a news agency that shoots out countless messages with the ‘hottest’ and ‘the latest’, to entertain news junkies who crave the next thrill of ‘the news’.

Stop World Control is a resource with tools to awaken humanity. I send you these tools so you can use them to change the world.

Use the tools that you receive - the reports, emails, articles, interviews, documentaries - to open the eyes of the people around you in any way possible. Spread our content around to key people in your community, so they will begin to see the truth.

Be an effective world changer

Become a focused, effective, and powerful world changer. Think about how you can do something to truly transform your community. Collect all the email addresses online for influential people in your city, county or even nation, and learn how to send them short, clean, polite and respectful letters to point them to and other great resources of truth.

Come together with like minded people and organize actions where you spread tens of thousands of flyers.

Fund highway billboards that point millions of drivers to or other great resources. Contact us if you want to sponsor this. Be creative and find ways to shake the world wide awake. And if you want to help us create even better tools for worldwide awakening, then please support us.

Thank you!

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